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  1. D

    Domestic Meter Tails, recessed box

    Hi all, Waiting for a bashing here, but it's something I haven't had to do until now so looking for advice on the best way to approach this. I've been asked to replace a consumer unit for a customer but the existing meter box is recessed in the exterior wall - not uncommon I know, but not...
  2. J

    Anyone know of any manufactures of small recessed DB's or any other options?

    Hi all Have a job to replace 6 way recessed DB. Have looked extensively online but smallest can find is 10 way. Seems there's limited choice with these. Don't mind if have to chisel away abit to but need something preferably near the existing dimensions which are: Width 305, Height 180, Depth...
  3. J

    LED slim recessed round panel light

    So I am choosing my downlights and I was looking at the cylinder shaped fire rated downlights. The electrician mentioned look at LED slim recessed downlights as my new plasterboard ceiling would not be able to hold the weight of the standard fire rate downlights. One thing I didnt clarify - who...
  4. D

    Rec room/man cave recessed lighting help

    I just bought a house which has a rec room with recessing lighting. I put some pics below. It has 11 120v MR16 GU10 circle recessed light cups. All the bulbs were 50W Halogen bulbs and they were controlled by a single toggle dimmer switch. The first thing I did was to replace the the toggle...
  5. 4

    The home we own has 4 exterior light. We bought new fixtures to replace the original outside lights. It appears three of the fixtures have recessed ol

    What type of dremel oscillating blade should I use top notch out a recess in house brick, for a 31/2" electrical box?
  6. R

    USA Lockout for recessed 480 plug?

    Anybody ever come across a lockout device for recessed/flanged ac plugs? Looking for one that will work with 480v twist lock. Thanks
  7. T

    Recessed consumer units

    Does anyone know of a decent recessed consumer unit? Needs to be 6ways with a surge so 8ways total with a main switch
  8. Spike1947

    Ceiling recessed down lighters

    Hi can someone tell me what are the regs for fitting recessed down lighters into a ceiling , ie distance from joists etc , never fit them before ! . spike
  9. alban moffitt

    recessed downlights - recommendations?

    I am looking into fitting some sort of recessed spotlights in quite a contemporary home. Ideally i would like them to be integrated, with a trimless finish. they will also need to be compatible for dimming. anyone got any recommendations?
  10. A

    Installing Recessed Lighting

    Hi everyone, sorry if this seems like a stupid post. I have recently moved houses and want to install recessed lights in the bedroom. I have changed lighting fixtures were power is only sent to one fixture. Could I just simply send power to the first fixture and then daisy chain them using wire...
  11. D

    Alarm Recessed Ceiling PIR Detector

    Hi I am installing a Pyronix Euro 46 V10 Hybrid Alarm Panel. I want to use wired ceiling pir detectors with it. Pyronix do a flush mounted one, however I am looking for a recessed ceiling pir detector to install. Does anyone know of any I can use. Thanks Dave
  12. O

    Recessed MK boards ....

    Ok - being very lazy and could do with some input from the collective! Viewed a refurb the other day and the existing CU is one of these: So my question is - (I'm not a MK fan) is there an current product that would be an almost direct refit? Thanks
  13. D

    Replacing large recessed modular fitting??

    Hi, my company is in the processing of upgrading lighting from fluorescent to LED. I am having trouble sourcing 1800mm x 600mm recessed panel light fittings. Is there anywhere that still has these sizes as all I can seem to find is the 1200mm x 600mm? How should I replace these units? All...
  14. E

    recessed floor lights and idiots that install them

    yet another new installation ruined in less than 5 years due to terrible workmanship, -not a single drainage hole in 24 lights, -about 8 of them full to the brim with water as half of the lids werent even secure making the ip67 rating ip-zero -insulation stripped all the way to the copper on...
  15. Jay89

    Recessed ceiling bluetooth speakers

    Hi all, A customer is after some ‘affordable’ Recessed ceiling Bluetooth speakers suitable for a bathroom. I’ve never only ever installed customer supplied Bose and Sonos ones that are a small fortune. Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks, J
  16. B

    Recessed Patio Lights

    Hi, got a job coming up that will involve installing recessed lights into the patio. I'm trying to figure out the neatest and also compliant way of wiring these up. Generally I wouldn't bury any cable other than SWA, but I can't imagine these walk over lights are going to have provision for...
  17. L

    Domestic Recessed Light going out after 20ish seconds...

    I'm led to believe a failing recessed bathroom light I have is usually due to the thermal protector. However I see none in my lighting circuit; the bulb connects direct to an IBL 5002 50VA transformer. My question is then is it likely the transformer that is faulty and can I replace it with...
  18. J

    none fire rated recessed lighting!

    Why do people still make none fire rated down-lights? Got to do a quote for a new build where the client wants fittings that are not fire rated. Still waiting for quote from my wholesalers- but doubt they are cheap! Round Trimless Magnetic Downlight -...
  19. Dannyg8810

    For Sale Recessed fused desk sockets brand new

    x5 recessed desk sockets and leads all brand new These are approx £80 for the socket unit and £10 for the lead you need for them Need the space back so will sell cheap Any offers?
  20. B

    Recessed Fire Rated Down Lights

    Hi This maybe a daft question but I want to be 100% sure. Do fire rated recessed down lights require Insumescent covers? Or will a 200mm air gap surrounding the fitting suffice? Thanks in advance Regards Soapy
  21. P

    Recessed Lighting Bulb Change

    I've attached a picture of a recessed ceiling light. I can't get the fitting out of the ceiling to change the bulb. Does anyone have any tips? Thanks in advance for any help. Phil
  22. i=p/u

    9w led panel recessed light

    Hello, I have been giving 9w led panel downloghts to fit in a house, has any of you guys fitted these before and have a recommended spacing as these have 120 degree angle , 135mm cutout
  23. Andy78

    led extrusion/channel.

    Does anyone know of a good online supplier of recessed aluminium channel for led tape ? The numerous wholesalers round here all do not seem to carry it.
  24. A

    Bathroom Zone 1 to Zone 3 type fitting conversion and GU10 LED questions

    I am not an electrician, but before I go and call out fellows in the trade who charge by the hour just to give an opinion, I thought I'd ask you gentlefolk some questions: I have two bathrooms, one with a sliding-door shower alone, another with a bathtub with an over-bath shower. The first...
  25. A

    Are recessed sockets not BS1363 compliant?

    Just wondering why America are full of them but you cant buy them here in the UK. Not a single product in the market.
  26. S

    Led advice

    Hi all I'm working on a property with low ceilings and exposed beams. In the kitchen the customer would like some recessed led spot lights because of the head room but there just isn't enough room between the floor spacings, can anyone point me in the direction of some good shallow recessed led...
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