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  1. Gavin John Hyde

    Socket failed after a month...

    I had a customer ring me a moment ago, I fitted a double socket directly into consumer unit in the meter cupboard, joined into the same breaker as the downstairs ring. she says one side of the socket works, but the other side has stopped! it has no power! given its fed by just one cable as a...
  2. SWD

    One month to go + 1 day.....

    March the 14th, get in there the once a year treat..........
  3. Liam fenwick

    New member am2 exam end of month

    hey I'm a new member to the site I've been doing electrical work for about 1 year and a half now and was an audio visual installer before hand. I completed my level 2 and 3 2330 city and guilds electrical course straight out of school but never found an apprenticeship in electrics bu ended up...
  4. J

    employing 'casual labourer'

    Any sparks on here care to share any advice/past experience Needing the odd hand now I am getting little busier- can't see it being more than 5 days a month if that and not month in month out. laborer/mate is self employed (actually has his own business- but not as busy as me) wouldn't be...
  5. Dan

    New Job Of The Month Contest - 11/2016

    New Job Of The Month Contest - 11/2016 advice reviews and feedback 2017 Dear members, A new Job Of The Month 11/2016 contest just started, you can submit your medias on the dedicated album... New Job Of The Month Contest - 11/2016 Are you a DIYer? find a free diy advice websitehere. Plumber...
  6. Dan

    Top Poster Of The Month Winner October 2016!

    @westward10 hit the highest post count for October. @Leesparkykent came 2nd, and @telectrix 3rd. Well done to all. @Pat H is just in front of him this month so far. Well done westward and thanks for your contributions to the forum! View the score board here, if you're not on it, you suck...
  7. sparkdog

    Domestic ELECSA price

    Just got a letter from ELECSA , their price is going up from £39 a month to £41 a month about £490 per year now. I thought they might have come down with Stroma being only £280.
  8. C

    Which? Electricians Accreditation

    Hi everyone is anybody on here accredited with which and does it bring in the work. Craig
  9. L

    Visonic powerMax express alarm

    Hi all I have just bought the above alarm for a job and the customer has asked for the alarm to contact her when the alarm is set off, so I have bought the gsm pack for it. Just going ring through the pack and there's a SIM card slot but no SIM card in the package? What do I do,just buy a...
  10. H


    How much does insurance cost for new electrical business?
  11. B

    Megger 1730

    Any one interested in a Megger 1730? Never been used i bought it a month before i went to Egypt. Any reasonable offer will be considered.
  12. I

    van insurance

    anyone know any cheap van insurance company's tried money supermarket , prices seem a bit steep
  13. C

    2394 Pass

    Just found out yesterday that I passed the 2394!!Only took the city and guilds 3 and a bit months to let me know tho loll!!!! Well happy considering the first 5 ???s were pretty vague!!the practical and online test were pretty easy and if any 1 sitting the exam i wouldn't really worry 2 much...
  14. B

    Testing a Sub Meter

    Hi Wonder if any one can provide any advise? Working in a factory which they have sub let to a number of smaller businesses. Each is feed from a sub main and has a sub meter. Now one of these outlets a cafe, is complaining to the landlord about the size of the bills (over £1000 a month). Now...
  15. M

    Web sites do they work

    Hi guys im mark ive been popping in and out of here for sometime now but have never joined in the chat/banter Anyway im thinking of building a website (or having one built) what are your views on them do they work for you ie getting enquires and leads for work
  16. R


    Any one on here build website can give me a roughy idea on how much to build on for me as I'd like my own web site Before any one goes on I no I can build on for free or a small fee but I'm not very good with computers so would just be a headache I don't need So easier to pay to have on...
  17. keniff

    Phone number

    Ha anyone got a landline number that goes straight to your mobile? How do I got about setting one up?

    Check a Trade

    Hi Guys and Gals, Do any of you lot use "Check a Trade" as a business tool. They have approached me to schedule a meeting and I was wondering if they are any good. From what they say they only advertise Accredited Tradespeople and they vet the companies they list. If they are any good is it...
  19. F

    IWC Insurance - Any other cheaper companies?

    I am currently with IWA (Independent warranty association) to give insurance backed warranties on domestic installations. They require a minimum of 4 certificates to be purchased a month at £50 each, regardless if you have 4 jobs lined up or not... With the way the market is going, is there...
  20. Waterhouse1989

    Do I have to work away

    Ive just been asked by my boss to work away mon-fri. There has been no info about what were doin or where we're stopping or anything. We don't ever work away and when I started asking him about it he didn't answer my questions and was moaning at me. Do I have to go and can he make me go or can I...
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