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  1. happyhippydad

    Which parts of a consumer unit are copper?

    I am getting into the habit of stripping fuse boxes and consumer units when I replace them. However I was wondering which parts of the CU are copper. Neutral and earth bars? The screws in the neutral and earth bars? The bit that the old BS3036 fuses push into? I enjoy pottering for a few...
  2. O

    EICR and non standard conductors

    Hi Guys, Just wondering what I write on an EICR when I come across different conductors, I have a job with what I think looks like multi-stranded 4mm tinned copper on a ring. Particularly in the schedule of test results, do I just say it's 4mm/2.5mm and then add it as an observation, is it even...
  3. driverman

    CCTV > Router Cat 5/6 solid copper cores

    Hi Guys, I have asked this question before in another thread that I was following, but can't find it. I've installed a CCTV system. What I'm after is a 10m x suitable Cat 5 or 6 cable complete with plug ends fitted. I believe it was suggested that copper solid 8 core cables are better. The cable...
  4. Marcus Vaughan

    How Old is Copper Clad Aluminium etc

    Hi All, I'm part way through testing an empty old house with all sorts of older wiring and a 3036 board in order to work out whats needed. First circuit is copper clad aluminium ring final. I measured one of the strands and have it as 7/036. Question - am I wrong to assume is imperial? I do...
  5. AlmondSauce

    Bonding outside copper pipe

    We have a copper pipe running along a wall outside in the garden - it's used to supply a sprinkler system. (Inside the house it's plastic, there's a join to copper just before it comes outside.) Should it be bonded? It's not at present. All my knowledge of bonding comes from pipework running...
  6. diyterry

    Domestic Earthing copper pipes .............

    While ripping the old bathroom fittings out I noticed that none of the pipework or fittings were earthed. Should they be earthed and if so what is the preferred method?
  7. D

    Cable plasticiser reacting with copper.

    Firstly no Ghostbusters jokes!! Was called out to a job yesterday where a light fitting had been 'buzzing', upon inspecting it I saw the terminals and cable were covered with a 'green slime'. After a quick Google I found out this is quite common and that it the plasticiser of the cable reacting...
  8. D

    copper equivalent of steel

    Does anyone have the copper equivalent of a two core 16mm SWA to hand? Or the minimum SWA 2 core CSA in which the steel would be equivalent to a 10mm copper conductor? Don't have the info to hand. Thanks.....
  9. J

    Domestic Earthing Copper Pipe Lamps Query

    Hi, I build lamps from copper piping and various other bits and bobs (including the occasional trumpet!!). The lamps are made from sections of copper pipe connected to elbow joints and other copper plumbing connectors. The lamp terminates at a brass lampholder at one end and a plastic clamp at...
  10. marconi


    EF readers may be interested in learning more about the electrons they skilfuly control on a daily basis. See: Copper and electricity. Drift velocity. -
  11. andysparkfree

    95mm 4core SWA, just trying to go definitive on the steel to copper calculation

    good afternoon guys I have a 95mm 4 core swa to this new office build , thats fed via a new exterior mains panel located next to a new sub station. now all feed cables on this project have been designed by an independent company, and i currently have flagged up that i believe that using just...
  12. S

    Tinned Copper cables ccc

    Evening, has anyone got the current carrying capacity for old Tinned copper cables. Im looking at using an existing cable that looks just under 6mm (Imperial size most likely) for a cooker circuit. IR etc tests out ok. Thanks in advance.....
  13. E

    Copper Pipe Lamp Earthing

    Hi all, Hopefully someone can help me. I am going to undertake a small project for my home which will be a copper pipe lamp for the living room. I bought a lampholder and wire and have a few questions before I start. The lamp holder is metal with a ceramic insert (see pictures). I have also...
  14. M

    Best copper stripping machine.

    Hi looking for a copper stripping machine (motorized) but open to manual ideas, any ideas whats the best one please. for domestic house hold cable.
  15. Midwest

    -Tinned copper cables

    Did a bathroom refurb' this week, where the lighting circuit I worked on had tinned copper cable, not sure if that's the correct terminology. Kept a piece of the cable, and looking at the markings, it's a BICC cable, with markings of 'Y Type' and 'H'. I've did some quick research, and read...
  16. H

    Tinned copper price

    What is the best tinned copper kg price in East London Essex?
  17. H

    Aluminium cables

    Ccc of what looks like 1.5mm single core aluminium cable also 7core 2.5mm aluminium does anyone no ? Ally only starts at 16mm I think in 7671 if I remember not got it with me,let me no what you think guys please if I remember a long time ago I read that it halfs? Correct me if I'm wrong cheers
  18. N

    Introduction & Advice wanted

    Good afternoon, I've currently got a metal and plastic recycling facility, we normally just take in plastics but are licensed for metals. We've recently recieved some transformers to be recycled, from what I know, 500KVA Dry transformers, they weigh about 1500kg each and I've got 3 with all...
  19. R

    Crimped copper pipe filled with grease from a stepdown transformer

    Hi. I'm 16 and studying electrical installations L2 at college. The stepdown transformers near my house recently got changed for new ones and I found a short piece of thick walled copper pipe underneath where the transformer is. The copper pipe has a relatively thick wall, filled with grease...
  20. B

    Belling out

    How to bell out 2 core MICC?
  21. M

    25mm armoured to 16mm earth conductor

    i have to send a 75meter run of a 3 core 25mm armoured from the meter to the fuse board. now due to the lenth i have to have a switched fuse and possibly a isolator on the otherside. due to the earth being 25mm i know alot of isolators only take 16mm. is the use of a helely block perfered to...
  22. D

    Commercial Drilling Through Copper Bus Bars

    I recently spent roughly an hour drilling through copper bus bars, surely there's an easier way to do it? :ack2:
  23. S

    Jib photo countersign

    Alrite lads, does anyone know if my supervisor can countersign my photo for my jib gold card? Cheers
  24. P

    New switch no COM connection

    Hi, I have a double switch in the hall, one switch turns the upstairs/landing lights on and off and the other switch turns the hall light on/off. Obviously there is a single switch upstairs to turn the upstairs landing lights on/off. I've bought a new switch but there is no COM connection in...
  25. L

    Main bonding at outbuilding

    Hi all, I have a commercial premises (school) that requires installation of main bonding at a block which is an outbuilding from the main school. Now the bonding in the main school is 50mm, however the cable feeding this outbuilding is just a 25mm 4core. So what size should I be using...
  26. M

    3 core t+e giving 45 volts when off

    I have a 3 core t+e on a 2 way switch and when it is turned off there is still 45 volts at the light. I have stripped this down to a 1 way switch and the voltage disappears. I then meggered the 3 core and it is clear. There is continuity through the conductors and no obvious fault with the...
  27. P

    Outbuilding Submain

    An outbuilding is fed from a separate single way board in the house and has a 2c 4mm SWA to the building of 7m. Its a TNS. This outbuilding has its own water main (albeit in plastic) which comes directly from the water meter not through the house. Testing between copper pipes below the sink and...
  28. I

    trunking earth links

    are copper earth links on trunking compulsory , or in the regs book
  29. W

    eicr flats bonding situation

    I am undertaking an eicr on 20 odd blocks of flats and would like people's opinion on this set up The blocks are separated be about 30-40 meters apart, each in a typical square shape with stairs in the centre Have external stairwell areas only, a ground floor and 2 other storys on top, each...
  30. P

    Circuit design - SWA R1+R2

    Hi all This has got me thinking. I am designing a circuit using 3 core 2.5mm SWA and using table 11 in the OSG on page 182. With an R1 of 2.5mm and the same for R2 I know what the milli ohms per metre is. That's all well and good but I also know from experience that when uisng the armour as an...
  31. Jay Sparks

    Trunking or seperate cpc???????

    Hi Guy & Gals, So, I was reading a very interesting thread earlier where the OP was asking whether to use SWA or singles in trunking/containment for a supply to a sub main. The responses the OP got were different to say the least!!!!!!! Anyway, some were saying SWA and some were saying singles...
  32. B

    Domestic Copper Surface Trunking

    Hi i have an old stone cottage. I need to do some surface re-wiring but I do not like plastic trunking. Could I use copper piping for the wires as I feel this would make a good feature. Would this be safe.?
  33. Amp David

    Antique ceiling rose and pendant

    Looked at a job today in an old house. Customer want to do away with the standard white rose and pendant and for something more in keeping with the house. I've seen old style switches advertised before but can't for the life of me remember. Anyone else fitted these before?
  34. B

    shower cable, copper pipe

    Evening Gents, I am going to do a homer with a plumber next week, the job involves putting in a new shower circuit. Got a "curveball" scenario thrown at me and it got me wondering. the shower pipes are to be mounted externally down the wall, consisting of a copper pipe or the water, and...
  35. imago

    Assessment on Friday.

    I've opted for the ever popular CU change at home for my assessment Friday. So I started with a Wylex rat's nest, changed it for a nice Hager which should do the job. Then blood sweat and tears getting the gas bonding through, during which I discovered some 'alternative' junction boxes under the...
  36. R

    Scrap 3 Phase Motors

    I have a few knackered 3 phase motors in my garage, anyone know what the going rate per kilo is for them at the scrappers?
  37. Had8Lives

    Galvanised Conduit screws

    Hi, Anyone know where you can buy M4 Galvanized screws for conduit box lids? Brass ones rust outside.
  38. F

    Learnin multiple trades ?

    As some of you know i want to become an Electrician. But is it worth learning another trade aswell to increase my opportunities ? Thanks.
  39. M

    Copper Testing.......What is it or has the relevant person got it wrong?

    Been offered a PTS shift this Sunday to do some copper testing at a small train station near where I live. The only thing I can find on copper testing is what the doctor checks Does anyone have any idea or give me a heads up of what to expect? Or has the bloke got it completely...
  40. A

    bonding to shower in pre-fab offices

    Hello all, Recently tested some office accomadation units for a building site (the type that come as individual bays with own db and then get bolted together to form an open plan office and all db's for each bay run back to a main db for each floor). One area had four showers supplied from...
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