1. K

    USA Connection above or below terminal screw plate

    Does a wire attaching to a screw terminal on a standard receptacle outlet go over or under the little brass movable plate, please? Thanks
  2. E

    I would appreciate some advice on my little BT speaker project

    Hi, I'm new to this, and I need some advice with my first Bluetooth speaker project. I'm not sure if my plans on doing a portable Bluetooth speaker are correct (is it going to work?). I have 4 18650 batteries (one battery has 3.7V 30A) that I'm going to use for the project. Also I'm going to use...
  3. gazdkw82

    Tough times. A little help

    If anyone is local to Leicestershire and is struggling to buy eggs, feel free to message me. I have ducks and hens and will gladly help anyone who is struggling.
  4. S

    Have any novices gone down the security/fire root with little experience?

    Hello, I have been considering offering clients my services fire/security installs however I would consider myself a novice. I just wondered if any other sparkys had gone down this root with little experience as I imagine it's quite a learning curve getting to grips with control panels and...
  5. happyhippydad

    Question about the little giant dark horse ladder...

    I have just seen the little giant dark horse ladders (Little Giant 24 in 1 Ladders - and they look fantastic in all but one way.... What I like about my werner is that it has a built in tray at the top that just folds out with the...
  6. NDG Elecs

    Premier elite 24 little issues

    Hi folks and wishing you all a lovely festive break.. Fitted a premier elite 24 panel recently. Few teething issues. The user manuals are atrocious and I have found other answers from YouTube and forums - namely LeeSparklyKent for saying to input the eng code twice in a row to access the...
  7. B

    Solar Where to purchase 2 pole DC Contactors suitable for switching 20-25amp 600volt DC PV array preferably with 230volt AC coil.

    I am trying, with little success, to purchase 2 pole DC Contactors suitable for switching 20-25amp 600volt DC preferably with 230volt AC coil. I require these for switching the supply from PV array. If you are able to supply or suggest where I might be able to get them I would be most grateful...
  8. GBDamo

    Little Things Done Well

    As title, show us your little uns. Just remember the smaller it is the less chance of non-conformances.
  9. S

    Lovely little shower unit

    Found this whilst changing a board today. 2 x 32A MCB’s for a shower supply, one for live and one for neutral ! An arrangement I haven’t seen before...
  10. buzzlightyear

    poor little thing ,no food .

    I have a great customer who asked me to install her new free standing cooker , now their was a family moving out next door and their was a lot of kids running wild while the family was moving the stuff in the garden it was like Steptoe's junk yard . has I just connected the oven and tested it...
  11. N

    Just a little hello from Somerset

    Hey there. I just joined and look forward to viewing the forum and taking part where I can, and I'm sure there is lots of advice out there for me
  12. Automation ATO

    I'm a little sad I am just a new user

    I'm just a new user who has only been registered for a month. Some people commented that I'm a robert. I believe that this is a place to spread positive energy.:):boy:
  13. I

    Just a little help :?

    Hi I’m an apprentice looming for a little help understanding some wiring. Has anyone got a wiring diagram for a 2 gang 2 way switch?? If you are doing loop at switch, how does your feed go to the other side of the switch if that makes sense? Cheers
  14. I

    Prices for long standing cust and little jobs

    Hi, I have been trading for over 10 years but am having trouble with the people who gave me the chance long ago. I always did the small jobs and charged very little but prices have gone up and my time is more valuable now and am still asked for the same jobs and rate expected. Think I am too...
  15. happyhippydad

    I have to admit something..... and I'm a little embarrassed...

    I've just signed up to a DIY plumbing taster course! There, I've said it. I've gone through 2 customers water heating pipes over the years and the next time (arghh, tempting fate!) I'll fix the damn thing myself! I'm actually quite looking forward to it :)
  16. GBDamo

    Cheap nasty little LED holders.

    I'm trying to find a supplier for those white plastic holders for emergency light charge indicator LEDs. the ones that push into suspended ceiling tiles. Ceiling tile boys just cut off the old LEDs and threw the tile, holder and LED in the skip, bless their cotton socks. I'm usually pretty...
  17. alasdairp

    Handy little adapter - comments please!

    Another New Year post. Not a video this time! A really useful bit of old kit for 'old boys' like me... Used by me as a child and still useful at times this year. Is it legal or not? Starter for 10 points... Q1/. would it still be legal if it had never been unplugged? Q2/. Is is legal to use it /...
  18. FatAlan

    A little holiday reading. What a sad person am !

    Quite nice out here in Antigua though ;)
  19. PJElectricalSW

    I always wondered what the little holes are for!

    Found this on my travels today visiting my favourite customers. I hadn't noticed this previously and I can only assume this is the result of a recent 'solar PV service' the customer had last month. My customer asked for my opinion as she had also not noticed the wire previously, the words 'I...
  20. the pict

    And now a little puzzle

    If any one like me has to do the full 18th course on line version from the NICEIC or if not here is a sample of the Challenges A load of 750 watt 2 correction factors 1.03 and .65 what is the answer in Amps and how did you arrive at it, I will give my reasons later Pict
  21. B

    A little about me and what I’ve done

    morning folks, I’ve been an electrician for over 20 years in the RAF working on generators and associated equipment used to maintain aircraft. Essentially if it didn’t fly with the aircraft I fixed it. Alongside that I regularly set up Temporary Electrical Installations for various uses from...
  22. Ash_C

    Don't worry about this little guy

    Introducing myself, Ashley from Eastbourne hoping to transition back to the tools after a minor intermission in medical engineering. Hopeful to gain some of your knowledge and wisdom. Cheers
  23. Ash_C

    Returning Electrician with Little on-site experience.

    Hi everyone, I am after some advice, I qualified back in 2011 (NVQ Level 3 Electro technical Studies) and since then have not been 'an electrician' but a medical equipment engineer based on my apprenticeship being a shambles (I was a white goods installer for the majority of my 4 year term as...
  24. M

    Wanted to say hello to the community and a little about myself...

    As the title says, wanted to say hello to everyone :) I'm a mature student at college I completed C&G 2365 level 2 and started back last week studying for my level 3. Managed to get my cscs card as well. I've applied for the trainee forum access so hopefully see some of you in there :)...
  25. happyhippydad

    Does anyone else get a little nervous at assessment time?

    I was very happy to get a desk top assessment last year as it meant not missing a day of work and also I didn't have to 'prove' myself worthy to be registered. This year will be a normal visit. This Tuesday the inspector will call and I'm tidying up the office and getting all the paperwork...
  26. T

    Came across this little gem today, then got the sack!

    It may be a little hard to see but there is a Line and Neutral fuse in it. Advised Landlord it was potentially dangerous and needed upgrade advised contacting DNO for upgrade of cut-out. Landlord asked me to phone them which I did the DNO said they will be around as soon as possible to do a...
  27. 123

    Found this little beauty of and advert today, race to the bottom

    Ok, so it's from 2015, but seriously? Amazingly, the company still seems to be operating. @Risteard @Phil Thompson @Matthewd29 is this the kind of garbage prices we need to compete with? Company this advert is from is based in Lisburn.
  28. Iain Kay

    Just a little hello from me!

    Hey all, Just a little hello from me. No qualifications as of yet however I am studying for 18th Edition, but not actively working in the industry so I'm not sure I'll ever get the opportunity to get enough practical done to obtain the qual. I do have CUs on boards at home to practise with...
  29. T

    Just doing a little refurb on a commercial unit. This is what we are starting with /sigh

    Yeh so bit of a rewire in order. You may spot 25mm four core swa zipping across the vista, piggy backed onto with the fire cable. Not long been done the fire alarm stuff. So will be interesting sorting it out. I do love a challenge. Lovely!
  30. Reggie Trevvett

    Little Giant Dark Horse Ladders

    Looking to purchase a set of Little Giant Dark Horse ladders in the North Yorkshire area - happy to collect - anyone got a set that they're looking to sell? Cheers
  31. Just4MeDad

    Just a little hello and welcome

    This will sound mercinary, but I've signed up on behalf of my Dad, he's not very 'good' on this type of thing. He's been a sparky all his life but is now semi retired, in his 70's he deserves it! He has some Megger testing equipment that he wants to sell, so I've joined up to access you guys and...
  32. G

    A little help please?

    Good afternoon all, I was hoping for a little guidance from you all if you wouldnt mind helping? Im replacing a light fixing in my kitchen and Im concerned that the new light only has live and neutral connectors, ommitting the earth contact. I have all 3 coming through the ceiling though. I...
  33. MFS Electrical

    Little hoover ? 20 characters

    Been looking for a little hoover to take into smaller domestic jobs with me as my good one is just too big to drag in when your only going to make a little mess, anyone recommend any good little hoovers probably preferably 240v rather than battery as I have enough things to remember to charge at...
  34. sjhall

    Little giant dark horse ladders

    4 rung Like New, cheapest I can find them on line is £350 £250 collected Merseyside area Cheers
  35. DrewGil

    A little help for a new trainee!!

    hi guys, I'm having trouble understanding a question in my course book. "State the current ratings of the following ring final circuit components and accessories." 1. circuit protective device 2. socket outlet 3. fused connection unit As I understand it, a final ring is on a 30amp...
  36. B

    A little introduction.

    Happy new year everyone, My names Ben, I am 30 years old and I live in a small town called Darwen which is in Lancashire. I have an interest in electrical work and have an NVQ Level 2 in Electrical installation. I am however looking to gain more experience in the industry as a sparks...
  37. C

    Advice on this little number! Power and lighting in same switch?

    Hello all! So this is not something I've ever come across and wanted your opinions. (Refurbishment project) So in the garden area there are 2 external wall lights and a water feature in the garden. Clients wants to be able to switch both items on at the wall by the French doors at normal switch...
  38. J

    A little help please?

    Hey new to this so please bare with me. I completed a city and guilds level 3 electricians course and had been practising for over a year before the urge to travel took me to the far east for 6months! Whilst out there I spoke to a guy who is a PTS lecy and have thought about taking it up. I am...
  39. G

    My first big job, made up of lots of little jobs, please help with pricing!

    Hi all, The title says it all really, I have been asked to do a series of jobs in a 2 bed flat based in South West London. He's a really nice man and want to charge a fair price. Historically, I have only completed individual jobs at a time so am a bit stumped of how to charge for what he...
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