1. C

    Device attached to Grid Pylon

    Hi guys, a couple of questions; 1. What is the cylindrical device attached to one of the pylon conductors, it appears to have a cable coming out of each side which is twisted around the HV conductor? 2. What is the silver rod running up the side of the pylon structure? Pictures attached...
  2. T

    Thanks to the person who first posted the attached

    Hi just to say thanks for the below PDF a couple of weeks ago. Can't find who posted it but anyway I am sure you know who you are. Thought I would post it again for anyone else who is going to sit the update/exam, a good resource. It was brilliant in the 18th Ed. exam. Really made getting to the...
  3. J

    Question about earth wire - photo attached

    An electrician noticed that the clamp on the earth wire in my house wasn't right while he was fixing an unrelated fault. He called the power company because they have a legal duty to fix it. I noticed that the guys from the power company have used tape instead of a clamp and wondered if this is...
  4. T

    Fitting a dimmer in my electric funhouse with extra orange/grey cables? Pics attached.

    Just moved to a new house with... interesting wiring to say the least. Friend came by to install a dimmer switch, the result being that the lights switch on, but at their lowest brightness, and don't go up or down from there. It's a double-dimmer. At first i thought maybe it was the bulbs, so I...
  5. D

    Scotland, Old style lighting JB, Will it pass an EICR, Photo attached

    Hi I have taken on a kitchen rewire, with a utility & bathroom addition too, In the loft there is an old style junction box for the lighting circuit, I've seen this method before in many old council houses, Its fed from a 10A mcb with 1.5mm t&e & it is a central point for lots of loop fed...
  6. S

    Attached bell wire to rendered external insulation

    Hi. I'm pricing up a job. I need to run bell wire up the outside of a newly rendered and externally insulated house. Never touched this before and I'm worried the clips won't fix in securely or will damage it. Is this the case? Any one got any experience /tips? Thanks.
  7. S

    I can't view attached photos (and I'm not in restricted areas)

    As per the thread title, I can't view attached photos in any forum - I get directed to the "Page not found" page. For example in the "dodgy trade pics for your amusement" thread in the General Electricians Talk Forum, I can't view any of the attached photos. I've had a search through the forums...
  8. J

    NVQ3 2017 HELP

    hi guys. I am currently doing my NVQ3 and am stuck on a unit. its 312 legislation outcome 3. they are asking for statements on various environmentally friendly systems, but I'm unsure what to write. I have the book which has unit 301 where all the info is supposedly found but there seems to be...
  9. Paul Dodds

    New multifunction tester

    Hi, I'm obviously new. I'm looking at buying a fluke 1663 but am concerned that when the new 18th edition comes in it will be obsolete. Would I be better off buying a used 1653b, + calibration, and then a new mf tester when the new regs come in? If this has been covered then please feel free to...
  10. M

    Is this an acceptable means of earthing ?

    Hello all, I am doing a consumer unit upgrade for a family member in a domestic household, However i am unsure if ther earthing arrangement is up to scratch, As it is, the main eartghing conductor is clamped onto the incoming supply conduits. Southern electric have been and installed a key...
  11. D

    Thermodare Night Storage - asbestos?

    I am concerned that the attached night storage heater may contain asbestos, would anyone know 100% based on the attached picture of the model and serial number? I've checked the lists posted online and it looks like it isn't listed but it's a bit confusing as there are so many listed
  12. S

    Home network Advise

    Hi Guys, not sure if this is the right place or not as it is a combination of systems. I am looking for some guidance to best equipment and how it should be installed as well. i am away to try create a Local Network for my house. Hard wire in my desk top computers in my Office room with 3...
  13. L

    Blown Fuse

    My UK fridge of 5 yrs stopped working. I was told the fridge had blown a fuse so I replaced it myself with a 13A fuse. The fridge started working again from a different socket but when I connected the plug back to the original socket per the photo attached it doesn’t work. Seems like something...
  14. S

    Grid Tie Inverter wiring to AC Distribution Board

    Hi all, First time poster here! I am looking for a wiring diagram for the connection of a SMA SB3600TL to the AC distribution board. Could anybody point me in the direction of one? Thanks in advance, StudentX
  15. M

    Inverter and Battery Combo

    Hi all, Long time. I was wondering if anyone on here knows of any combo unit that is an inverter from 12v - 230v that is rated at 600W continuous BUT has a battery attached as part of it. I suspect such a thing doesn't exist at this rating having done some searching already as you'd need a...
  16. P

    Latest on-line scam to watch out for

    Had this in my inbox today - something else to watch out for: +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Dear Sir/Madam! We have prepared your annual kWh usage report for the year 2013. We have to inform you that your electricity consumption limit has been exceeded. If you wish to use a discounted...
  17. sythai

    VW Transporter 2008 45,000miles *many extras* for sale

    Selling my van if anyone is looking..... have attached PDF with full spec, please click here ======> VW T5 swb 2008 45,000 miles Reflex silver Many extras (No pictures just yet as in process of de-sign writing it and full valet being done) Cheers Sy :tank:
  18. richy3333

    Socket type

    Hi. Please could someone tell me what sort of socket this is? Customer has purchased a 'chop saw' and says this is attached to the end of the cable. Many thanks
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