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  1. G

    Domestic Loose Fill Asbestos

    Any one with extensive knowledge of lose fill asbestos that could give me and idea of I should be getting this tested?
  2. Pete999


    Hope this is in the right area: An old work colleague gas recently passed away, I won't say work Mate because I hated the Bloke, he was about a year or 2 older than me and we were Apprentices at the same time. Part of our Apprenticeship all the Lads would spend some time repairing Appliances...
  3. A

    Asbestos check before fixed wire test

    Hello all. I'm starting to do more fixed wire testing at my company and wondering about asbestos checks. The last company I worked for (was an apprentice at the time) didn't check any asbestos register before starting the test so just wondering where to stand with it. These will be commercial...
  4. D

    Does any old wiring contain asbestos?

    Hi all, not an electrician by any means & know very little about it, hence why I’m asking for help if possible. Came across lots of old/dead wiring on a property recently and was wondering if it could possibly contain any form of asbestos? Was this something that was commonly used in wiring in...
  5. J

    USA Needs rewiring? Asbestos?

    Hello, thinking of buying a 1968 home. It has what looks like an old fuse box and a small electrical panel. Nephew (electrician) saw the pic and thought asbestos and needs all new wiring. It is a 1600 sq ft house. Any thoughts? We live out if state and can’t view it.
  6. K

    Storage heater Asbestos?

    Anyone know what model of simplex storage this is. I never got as far as taking the cover off yet to find a number inside. I have a suspicion it may contain asbestos. Hopefully someone on here might recognise it. Was thinking it might be a dsh or dsr model
  7. happyhippydad

    Can wallpaper (with an artex feel) on a ceiling contain asbestos

    As in the title? It's an old house, certainly pre 1980's.
  8. D

    Asbestos (AIB) behind light switches

    Hi, took off a light switch, saw something funny, stopped. Turns out it's AIB... brown asbetos, confirmed by asbetos chaps. It's a house built in 1968. Looked in other sockets and switches, can't see any there, alot are cemented in. These switches with the AIB are both on the joining wall of a...
  9. happyhippydad

    Is there any asbestos in meter boxes?

    I was contemplating cutting a hole in the bottom of a meter box and I decided to have a quick check on line. I have now used an existing hole albeit a harder route. How common are meter boxes with asbestos in them? Is there any way of knowing if it contains white asbestos?
  10. haptism

    Asbestos in loft, is it common

    Anyone know if that ancient green coloured itchy scratchy loft insulation that is rolled out (similarish to the modern yellow coloured rockwall), ever contain asbestos ? I know that loosefill is a particularly nasty form of asbestos, but in relation to the old green rolled out stuff in lofts...
  11. Jamie'

    Is this asbestos? Or Not?

    Hi all, just wondering what you all make of the insulation bellow? Is this asbestos? Never seen it before was changing a fuse board and loads of started coming through the ceiling.
  12. PJH2903

    Domestic Asbestos testing advice sought

    I am in the process of quoting for a full house rewire in a 1930’s 2 up 2 down property, currently unoccupied. Having been in the loft and generally looking round the property it is obvious no work has been done in a long time (lath and plaster ceilings, VIR cable etc). I have completed the...
  13. C

    Asbestos testing......

    Hi, wondering if we should get something tested to see if they are asbestos. Currently they (wall tiles) are considered as being, but life would be easier if they definitely weren’t and we were able to drill them. What sort of cost is getting them tested? Thanks.
  14. J

    Asbestos TPN board needs replacing

    Hi everyone, I did an EICR on a village hall last year and the tpn board appears to be one with asbestos fuse carriers (see image) I didn't disturb any of the fuses as they wanted it upgrading soon as funds were given. They now have funds and want this replacing. Have any of you replaced one...
  15. L

    Storage Heater- ASBESTOS????

    Hi, I’ve been asked to replace some old storage heaters from a flat - they seem very old and I’m a bit worried they contain asbestos. I couldn’t find any make or model numbers on them. I’ve attached photos , it’s a long shot but if any storage rad experts out there and knows please help.
  16. B

    Is this Asbestos? In an old Ceiling

    Is this asbestos? From an old house not sure very dated on the cieling
  17. D

    Electrical inspection and old boards with asbestos

    Hi Guys just been asked to carry out an inspection at a warehouse. Got there and first two boards I saw were the really ones with rewirable fuses asbestos flash tape and exposed bus bars. There are a couple of new boards as well My question is should I just carry out a visual and fail it...
  18. T

    My house was built in 1873 ish, what are the chances of asbestos being used.

    So especially on the covings. I ask because I am getting an en suite shower installed and the guys came through the coving and suggested I get rid of the mat at the front door as some dust came down on it. Is there any credence in this? Was asbestos invented then?
  19. Daniel Jones

    Asbestos cables????? Rewire periodic inspection

    Experts opinion required. Ask to add some addition fittings to a lighting circuit within a shop. Opened up the consumer unit to access the circuit. And noticed the tails from the service head to the meter and from the meter to the consumer unit look very suspicious. I have experience with...
  20. alexander jackson

    Asbestos exposure or not.

    Last week I had finished fitting a mains board inside a lighthouse and had started to clip the flex for a tubular heater. First bash of the hammer on the cable clip produced a large cloud of dusty debris that came outfrom behind the wood pannels onto which the flex was going to be held. I was...
  21. 0003djc

    BS3036 Asbestos Fuse Carrier??

    Hiya guys, been taking our tonnes of bs3036 Wylex boards recently and have noticed a little pad on the carrier for the fuse I presume is to be heat resistant when the wire melts, anyone know whether these are asbestos? I have attached a picture of the little piece in question! (It’s the little...
  22. C

    Does this look like asbestos

    Found this lining a cupboard containing a CCU. Property is central London Town house so very old. Just about to start drilling into and thought it looked suspicious? Fire retardant lining perhaps?? Any thoughts...
  23. rolyberkin

    Electricians Asbestos Training - Chelmsford, Essex

    Hi All I have been speaking to a local asbestos firm about the possibility of organising some bespoke electrician asbestos training. This would cover, Awareness Training, Sample Taking and Non Licensed Works. If you are interested than drop me a PM with your e mail address and I will add your...
  24. NDG Elecs

    Asbestos?? (Why 20 characters min????!!)

    Went to a customers house today to start first fixing after customer had done chasing out (as agreed). All seemed ok at first, ran cable around a few sockets thinking I wish all customers would do this prep work! But then when I got onto the internal walls I saw a wall composition I have never...
  25. B

    Red Spot/GEC Fuseboard, asbestos door seal/gaskets?

    Hi, I'm Ben and I work in various quarries around the Peak District where most of the gear is 70/80s. Asbestos reports on quarries are terrible and when you query things you just get told to not touch the gear. I have been doing testing and inspection of various small power items in the...
  26. SparkyChick

    Soffit Vent - Recommendations

    Hi all, Been asked to install an extractor fan in a bathroom and am looking to go down the soffit vent route. Having looked on-line, there are quite a few to choose from. Does anyone have any recommendations based on past experience? At the moment, my favourite is this:- Lambro Under Eave...
  27. L

    Asbestos removal

    Hi Guys, Has anyone ever witnessed asbestos removal from a textured (artex) ceiling. Currently installing extract fans in social housing where the ceilings are known to have asbestos present in the artex (Chrysotile). An asbestos removal crew come and scrape the ceilings where we...
  28. F

    asbestos covered cable removal from conduit

    Hi, I went to a commercial site recently to reconnect a motorised valve after replacement. There is something odd going on electrically as the black is live and red neutral but that's another issue. Connected to the terminals in the fused spur that feeds the actuator are 2 white cables covered...
  29. B

    EICR debate with client!

    Hi Chaps, Sorry its late but im after some advice from some maybe wiser men.... I have carried out a EICR on a multiple unit trading estate owned by a farmer. I have discovered that nearly all the 3 phase DB'd are corroded and have asbestos flash guards with bs3036 fuses. I have put the fuses...
  30. charlie76

    Domestic Asbestos light switch accessory boxes

    I've come across what I think are asbestos accessory boxes. 1938 wire VR. Just popped light switch off and came across this. What do you think?
  31. L

    Commercial Rusted Conduit

    Hi All Say you have conduit already installed in a building but has partly rusted and corroded over the years. Can it be reused on a rewire? If there is any treatment that can be done to the conduit it would be great! The conduit has not rusted through and is complete! Running new conduit is...
  32. happyhippydad

    Do these fuse linings contain asbestos?

    Evening... I have this fuse box to replace shortly but am unsure if these mem fuse carriers would have asbestos fuse linings. Would anyone be able to tell me? Also, are there any dangers involved in removing the fuse carriers from the board if they do contain asbestos? I may just remove the...
  33. V

    Domestic Metal conduit earthing System questions

    Hello Guys, I have a question for you on metal conduit earthing systems. I've been asked to upgrade the CCU on my wife's grandpa's 2 bed flat (bit of a love job so I want to keep costs down). On inspection I've discovered it's an old Imperial metal earth conduit system. All the EFLI values are...
  34. D

    Domestic asbestos in fuse carriers and tenants changing fuse wire

    Hi all, I have been quite for a while, but ive got a bit an issue that I would like the opinion or expertise of the masses on. went out to a tenanted flat today as tenant has said socket was no working, when e arrived there was no power on the braided 2.5 single T&E coming into the socket...
  35. Davehaywire

    Asbestos behind 3036 fuses solution needed?

    What coding would you be giving for old DBS with asbestos behind fuses? As its not affecting electrical safety? is there something you can put in place of the asbestos when removed, as its to hold in arcing or flashing when the fuse wire blows right? if you remove the asbestos does this then...
  36. M

    Softboard ceilings

    I've just had a look at pricing a rewire, house is probably over 100 years old and has rubber coated wiring in use from whenever it was modernised. The ceilings are boarded with a soft, cardboardy board that has a bumpy surface and the joins are taped (none of it skimmed) full room lengths in a...
  37. R

    Asbestos Awareness Training

    Just been on a job and they told me Asbestos Awareness Training Certificates are now only valid for 1 year because of new legislation. Mine was out of date by 1 month. I said I had not heard of this. I read the actual Government legislation of 2012 and I could find no remarks in there about it...
  38. N

    Customer rant

    Just spent two hours on a bank holiday going through work with a client and what they require, after explaining the benifits of not altering the existing cables to sockets on 3 bedrooms as they are not in a ring and are mainly made up of radials and spurs in my thinking it would be far easier to...
  39. G

    PIR on garage

    Completed a pir on a small block of garages. An old rewirable fuse board, with one lighting circuit and one radial socket circuit. one light and socket in each garage. The owner wants the garages up to spec his words. Now ive offered to change the distribution board. The wiring is singles in...
  40. H

    Should it be law all - ASBESTOS be removed from domestic properties?

    Should a law be passed that all killer ASBESTOS be stripped out of all UK RESEDENTDIAL property, so once and for all there is zero risk to tradesman & homeowners. I raise these concerns, because Artex painted walls/ ceilings containing ASBESTOS are regularlly skimmed over to achieve the current...
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