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rated people for one. there's loads of them. basically, the job is posted, you buy the lead and then try and quote for the work. bloody parasites.
is that the only one you no rated people I'm not going down them lines but wouldnt mind having a nose just for curiosity
I would not go too far with them, some people find it works, but paying to get customers kind of defeats the object, I feel.
I was fairly annoyed that voltimum posted this information about how to get a good trader, even though they list the better ones it is still encouraging these middlemen to gain profit from your work.
Some possible options
Find local recommended tradesmen - ratedpeople.com
Find Trusted Traders and Local Tradesmen
Find Local Rated Tradesmen | My Local Trader
Checkatrade: Find a tradesperson you can trust
Find a Tradesman or Handyman For Any Job - For Free!
MyBuilder.com - Find trusted builders and tradesmen
FindAGoodOne.com: Good local tradesmen, rated & reviewed.
Good Builder Guide- Find a tradesman.
FindaTrade.com - Find recommended builders and tradesmen

TrustMark Tradesmen | Government endorsed standards
In my singular,isolated opinion...if you need those sites,the tin you are bailing with,is too small for your leak....

I know it seems to be the "modern way",but these schemes to feed off desperation,from both the customer and the contractor,are indeed,parasitic.

I think i have posted before,regarding business practices which were once frowned on,now being acceptable,here is an example...

A Director,of a company i did a fair bit with,told me that if a business employed a debt factoring company,it meant cash flow issues,and the end was nigh.... 5 years later,an not a trace of irony apparent,he said they now used one,and explained how it made sense...

Oh,and the same outfit went suckle-valve up,for £600.000,earlier this year...Go figure :38:

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