1. PMCyril

    UK Your number of phonecalls

    Hi there ! I'm looking for answers about the electrician industry in the UK in general for a service I'm developping. That'd be really nice if you could answer honestly : I need to know what's the average revenue per job for an electrician in the UK? How many phone calls and missed calls...
  2. R

    Cat 6 phone line help.

    I hope this is the right place for this. I have one phone line in my house and its a cat 6. I'm planning on adding a line in our kitchen, so my question is can I piggy back off the cat 6 phone jack to a new phone outlet? In this picture, the blue lines are the phone, can I pop a new set of wires...
  3. P

    Phone line SPD on budget

    Following the tragic tale from @telectrix about lightning damage to phones and modem leading to a serious loss of beer money I decided to take a look at an el-Chepo SPD from Amazon to see if it looks worth considering. This one: When it arrived the box...
  4. Moley

    Another scam phone call

    I've just spent 10 minutes on the phone talking to an Asian chap who says I'm registered with his company and my registration needs renewing. What does his company do? They block spam phone calls 🤣 He didn't know my name, who I get my phone through or where I live. I love spam calls. I love...
  5. R

    Different types of batteries have been commercialized over the last two years.

    What cell phone technologies use different types of batteries and have been commercialized over the last two years?
  6. westward10

    Dead phone.

    Now I only replace my phone when they need replacing but my old Samsung S7 kept freezing the other day then died. Took to a phone repair shop they said new battery so I left with them 24hrs later all working, the old battery all bulged out. Worked for a day then kept freezing, restarting and now...
  7. Calebp43

    Handy notes to keep in phone

    I have all the new brown books and other electrical books but I was thinking it might be a good idea to keep a note in my phone of things I'm probably gonna want to know/check frequently. I'm still an apprentice. Should be qualified this year... And I think this might be a good way to hammer...
  8. J

    Can I replace my old entry phone (bpt c200) with a bell 801.

    I have removed and looked at the old entry phone. It has 6 wires. Blue plus blue and white. Green plus green and white. Orange plus orange and white. Is it possible to put them into the IORTZ System on the new phone? Plz help it's driving me crazy
  9. C

    App for sending quotes from phone

    Hi fellow sparks I’ve decided to take the plunge and go self employed Any advice on a simple free quote app that can be easily edited to send a quote out quickly Any advice or recommendations greatly appreciated👍
  10. sibbits

    Colour code for virgin media in phone line .

    What colours do virgin use for phone lines... My cable is broken and I want to re connect
  11. S

    WiFi CCTV cameras & phone App. How to get on PC?

    Hi all. I have just set up a WiFi CCTV camera (SimShine Alloy 1S) which appears to be working as it should - very good image and sound quality, and a number of options on 'AI' detection, which also seem to work well. My only issue, really, is that it uses an 'App', which basically means I'm...
  12. littlespark

    Mobile phone prices

    Not really for work, more for Christmas. Does anyone know good prices for mobile phone handsets? I’m looking for iPhones, but not that important. I can get 2 as business expenses, but the kids want new ones as well. Any good refurbished stockists you know of?
  13. Sojournerjohn

    How to hard wire phone USB station to DC input

    Hi, This is for my yacht. Has DC power supply. I’m wanting to hard wire a phone /pad/tablet USB station to DC input. The unit currently is AC input with internal adapter.
  14. N

    Defibrillator Install in Phone Box

    Hi there, I'm looking for some advice on installing a defibrillator cabinet in an ex BT phone box. I have taken ownership of the phone box and have a Defibsafe2 cabinet. The defib cabinet itself is class 2. The supply I have into the phone box has no earth, it's just live and neutral into a...
  15. K

    Change bt master phone socket for metal face plate

    Hi all, Trying to change a facetted. Not sure how to do it. Got a bit master phone line with this layout A White B Orange 2 White 3 Green 4 Black 5 Orange I want to change it for a new metal face plate, which has 1 2 3 4 5 6 What do the cables do. Thanks for your help Cheers Tony
  16. Moley

    Just had an amusing spam phone call

    Just answered the phone to an Asian guy who told me he was from Microsoft. Apparently there's been a lot of problems reported from my computer. Now I've had these calls many times before and I've always played along with things, winding the caller up, but this time I went for a different...
  17. J

    UK Mobile phone voice and data repeater advice

    Hi I have a job where metal transport containers have been converted to luxury living spaces. There is great voice and data cell reception outside, but inside is non existent . I am looking for something to relay the 4g signal from out to in to enable the occupants to a access their normal...
  18. P

    How to connect old audio phone to new video entry panel ?

    Hello Can any one explain please how to connect Audio intercom phone ? Would it be possible?
  19. P

    How to connect my audio intercom phone to the new Home Video Intercom System ?

    Hello Can any one explain please how to connect Audio intercom phone ? Would it be possible or I need to buy video interface .
  20. U

    UK Question regarding Internet phone line

    Not sure if this is right place to ask, but anyway. Long story short, signed for BT and are getting the equipment delivered tomorrow. This building used to be a pub and has been converted into flats. BT have run their check and have said there’s definitely a line somewhere in the flat, however...


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