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  1. U

    UK Question regarding Internet phone line

    Not sure if this is right place to ask, but anyway. Long story short, signed for BT and are getting the equipment delivered tomorrow. This building used to be a pub and has been converted into flats. BT have run their check and have said there’s definitely a line somewhere in the flat, however...
  2. M

    POW CCTV set. Mobile phone view.

    Hi. What suppliers you using to purchase CCTV set (4 cams) with POE system. I do not mean the cheapest but also not too expensive (up to £400 ? ) . I do not know the market yet. I had some leaflets from Q system company and this looks not too bad, but would like to know more options. Please...
  3. R

    Connection to phone line

    I'm looking to connect a Visonic alarm to the phone line. Do I need a microfilter or can I just connect from the master socket into the panel? Thanks in advance
  4. Dan

    Awesome Neosmart (Ring Killer) 12 Second Clips for Free - Night Vision, Phone Alerts, Free Recordings, Motion Sensor Camera for £20!!!

    I have had a bunch of camera, I'm trying to find a camera I can leave and it alerts me when it's found somebody. I don't want DVRs and cables running everywhere, so Wifi (and strong connection) was a must. Three years into my researching and testing and moving cameras around on the outside of...
  5. littlespark

    phone charger for use in a bathroom. Is there such a thing?

    Just thinking. I use a fitbit, and I got into the habit of charging it every few days when I had a shower. (charging it every few days, not having a shower every few days!:rolleyes:) Is there something i can use inside the bathroom to give me a standard 5v USB socket? Of course you can get a...
  6. R

    UK Anyone use a dual sim phone?

    And any problems or limitations?
  7. Dan

    UK How to create a directory listing and make it rank well in Search Engines and get phone calls coming from it!

    Hi everybody, I've setup the new tilers directory and started to transfer old listings over to it. But it's doing my head in now. So I'll show you how to do it instead. Do it in these stages and you should get traffic to your listing from the forum and whatnot. The listings I've done on...
  8. Dan

    Mobile Phone Emojis Wont Load On The Forum! - Use the forum emojis instead

    Just to let you know, I forgot to mention this on EF but have on the other forums. My bad. When you're using a mobile phone or tablet to access the forum, and you use your keyboard / keypad on your device to insert a smilie face (emoji) into your post, it looks like it has inserted, but the...
  9. ThePatrician

    Domestic Phone next to pool?

    Guys, I'm desperate for your help and ready to rip my face off. So here's the situation: one of my co-workers is tasked with installing a phone in a weatherproof box next to the owner's pool. It's a residence, and the exterior wall of the residence is 8 feet from the pool. There is no other...
  10. Charlie_

    I Phone or Android

    Which is best? Currently have an iPhone and thinking of jumping ship.. Who else has made the switch? Pros and cons, is it still possible to use the cloud and access all the data?
  11. F

    Conversion of phone box for defibrillator

    Has anyone undertaken the conversion of an adopted phone box to house a defib? Our village has adopted the phone box and if we apply through Community Heart Trust, we can continue to use the electrical supply. This is purely for a light and small fan/heater to keep the AED at an ambient...
  12. telectrix

    email fail on galaxy phone.

    as says last synched a few days ago.only way to get emails is to delete the email account, then re-install it.then the emails come in, but the after the current ones, no more come in and i have to delete the account again and re-install. any geeks got any ideas???
  13. telectrix

    email, failure on samsung phone

    galaxy S6. was fine with emails till back in august last year, it stopped receiving emails. also i can't send. the email account works perfectly on laptop, but no traffic to/from phone. i have not altered any settings. anyone have a scooby?
  14. E

    Phone line/Bt cable Help!

    So i had a call out from a customer saying her phone point incoming into her property (straight off the telephone pole) had come off the wall so i went and had a look. When i got there all the cores were disconnected completely and the actual point was on the floor. Does anyone know how to...
  15. G

    Bell 801 Entry Phone System Wiring help

    Morning all, Hope you’re all well. I have replaced my entry phone system for the same one just a fresher one as have been decorating. However, the dummy I am, I didn’t take a pic of where the wires go and now I’m lost. I’ve got the sound working when someone pushes the buzzer downstairs, but...
  16. D

    Texecom Premier24 sharing a BT phone line with a Tunstall ‘Lifeline’ alarm.

    I have a Texecom Premier24 alarm with Com2400 connected to our PSTN line to send SMS messages after an alarm. I have recently installed a Tunstall ‘Lifeline’ alarm which also uses the BT line, so I have ‘daisy-chained’ the two alarms with the Premier24 lines connected directly to the BT Master...
  17. chribonn

    How Mobile Phone Signal Boosters Work

    Hello, I cannot fully comprehend the logic of mobile phone signal boosters. Basically all claim that you have an antenna on your roof that will communicate with the cell tower. An amplifier boosts the signal that is transmitted within your house. No one says that your transmissions to the cell...
  18. S

    Strange crimp connector for BT phone power

    I have an adapter which plugs into the mains and on the other end has what looks like an RJ11 crimp connector, but the clip is oriented to the left rather than the middle. I want to shorten the cable as it is far too long and had anticipated simply cutting the appropriate amount of the lead and...
  19. O

    Paying in cheques using your smart phone ....

    Anyone tried this? What a great invention! My business account is with Lloyds FWIW
  20. M

    Help! Phone line assistance needed.

    Hi folks. Looking for a little DIY phone help if possible. Hope this is the right place, but it's the only likely forum I could find. We moved into our flat about a year ago. It has only one working landline socket, in the living room, and another, disconnected, in the spare room. I want to...
  21. T

    Nokia 6310i Phone (2012) Not Charging

    Have tried 2 different transformers but cannot get the charging signal (increasing line of blocks) to appear in the LCD. Also tried a spare battery but still no indication of juice going in. What could the fault / remedy be? Thanks.
  22. R

    Phone calls asking if I want to sell/know value of my Business

    Hi all, I`ve been trading for the last 8 years, in the last 8ish months I`ve been getting calls from firms asking if I would be interested in selling my business. Also getting calls saying that they have clients that want to invest in the area and would I sell or when I say no they ask whether I...
  23. T

    mobile phone antenna interference

    I've been asked to install an LED flood light on a roof of a high rise building, only problem is it will be situated within about a foot of a mobile phone antenna. Would this be something to worry about? will it cause interference?
  24. S

    Help please... phone and internet extension

    This is not my area so any help with a solution to this would be appreciated.. I have two lines coming into my house both coming into the front of the house. Line A is my house/business line and also has the broad band on it. Line B is my wife business line. The internet router (BT) is in the...
  25. S

    Domestic phone line / water issue .. recommendations / help needed

    hello, in a rental property we have. the tenant has told us that the internet stopped working so called in BT, there was water in the socket, unit replaced. 6 months later the issue reappeared again .. we had damp proofing course done 10 years ago .. company gone bust so no warranty .aahhhh...
  26. Sim Electrical Solutions

    Phone Line not working but broadband active

    Hi, I am looking for a bit of help. Don't normally touch Phone lines but been carrying out a large renovation and customer wanted a Phone socket face plate changed. Had a look and it was only 4 wire connected so didn't think it would cause much harm. House has had everything disconnected in...
  27. NDG Elecs

    Schneider GET phone point terminals

    Hi folks, I have a Schneider GET ultimate flat plate phone point to install tomorrow. I had a quick look at the face plate today when I picked it up and am befuddled. The terminals are not screw type nor insulation displacement type either. They look to be some kind of push fit akin to Wagos...
  28. T

    aerial advice for block of flats.

    Got a block of 6 flats to do. What is the standard set up for Aerials? Wire all points back to Center point, or take an aerial to each flat, and use a booster? Tom
  29. GMES

    Anybody got one of these I bought the above yesterday from Amazon, purely because my phone runs out of charge...
  30. Pete999

    Stupid Bosses

    Me and another Sparky got sent oversea to do some maintenance, which included replacing some A/C units, we had been there about 2 weeks, anxious to get home, last job was replacing the A/C units, now the bloke in charge was a right pillock, everything by the book, it got so bad that every time...
  31. GMES

    Samsung Fast charging Pad

    Have any of you lads got one of these The reason I bought it was that I'm sick of charger wires everywhere and part of...
  32. rolyberkin

    New Phone Opinions

    My Iphone 5s is coming to the end of its life (I am bored with it) and I fancy a change to android, do I get. a) Cat Phone S60 with flir camera £499 b) Cubot Panther £149 c) Another iphone d) Something different Interested in peoples views, always had iphones, my mate has a cheap cubot and it...
  33. Gazthesparky

    Invoicing/ paperwork on site

    Hey Looking for ideas / suggestions of how people deal with attending jobs straite away and dealing with paperwork I.e. Say someone phones up asking to change a socket that day. I tell them my prices verbally over the phone and then go to site. I then have a callout form which I hand write...
  34. KennyKen

    Info on Pre Paid WiFi units for Online Gaming

    Hi Guys I'm currently working on a Project in Darwin Australia. After work I stay on camp. The camp facilities are great but there's too many people using these facilities. So to pass time I've brought an Xbox One with Battlefield 1. Phone Reception is ok on camp but individual rooms do not...
  35. sparksburnout

    The "NEW" banner

    Now, I know I am easily upset, but I find the "new" banner, which covers over some of the text in postings, just ever so slightly irritating. I keep trying to scroll across to see whats under it, is it just me?
  36. O

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) Are The Jib Real?

    I was just wondering if the JIB are real or not? I have been trying for the last week to contact them but I just get put from recorded message, to ring tone, to "there is nobody here, please try again later". Have they gone out of business or are they a wind up that I have fallen for? I have...
  37. D

    Too many calls!

    I was wandering what people do when they're busy as hell and have phone call after phone call from potential customers. Do you stop what your doing, answer every call possible and arrange visits for quotes until all your evenings are booked up for the next few weeks? not to mention all the time...
  38. Dan

    Which card readers do you use for taking payment?

    Wondering which card readers you guys use for taking payment at the customers door etc. I think some people/banks can take payments via mobile phone and whatnot now can't they? Using the phone number or something?? What sort of charges apply?
  39. Dan

    Google Pixelphone?

    Google Pixel phone launched to take on iPhone - New phone by google announced. Seems pricey for an android.
  40. H

    Domestic Pulling the Main Fuse (Poll)

    So, anonymous poll - who pulls the main fuse when required (ie CU change) and who get's the DNO/supplier/whoever in to sort it?
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