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    6 Inch Can Light Retrofit Bulb Wattage Advise

    Hello, We would like to update the lighting in our Great Room that measures 28' x 18'. The ceiling has two 6 inch can lights on a sloped ceiling above the fireplace that is 13 feet high. We are considering retrofit LED Gimbal replacements but are unsure about the bulb wattage. Does anyone...
  2. K

    Low wattage after overloading MWBC

    So this is a long one.. The other night my dehumidifier turned on and suddenly everything in 2/3rds of the house began cycling on/off and the lights that were on started strobing as well (led bulbs btw). I unplugged everything and reset the breakers, even though none were tripped. At this...
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    Domestic Wattage from a Power Extension

    Hello, I've damaged 2 power supplies for my computer, these were both new. It may just be a coincidence or I may have a faulty power extension which is an old 2 meter, 13 amp, 6 way, with surge protection (although the led indicator for this has dimmed over the years and is not visible when...
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    Wattage or Amperage of Transformer

    I have seen a transformer rated at 10,000 watts with input voltage of 110v and output voltage of 220v. Can input voltage of 110v and wattage of 100 watts produce the output of 10,000 watts? What determines the amperage or wattage output of a transformer? The voltage input/output formula is...
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    Problem with too much wattage.

    Hi everyone, Starting off; i'm new here, because I have a problem with a light sign I made. The sign has 15 25Watt lights, and burns very bright. I was looking to put a dimmer on there, but i cant seem to find a dimmer which can handle 375Watt. Also it burns way too bright on its own. So I was...
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    New member first post. load on dimmer leds flickering.

    hi guys. I e just
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    Domestic Jcc led7 lighting

    Hi Guys, im after some advise. I'm currently completing a job where I have installed a vast amount of Jcc led7 Downlights. The client got trailing edge dimmers which I have found out are made by varilight. The have minimum wattage of 40 watts which in some rooms is causing the light to turn off...
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    hmm.. builder needs help!

    Hi Forum, I have a question and my electrician is on his hols, wondered if anyone here could help. We need to ventilate an enclosed space within a kitchen island and I have chosen a small and extremely quiet 12v PC cooling fan as the ideal product to do the job, due to its low db rating. It...
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    Domestic under cupboard lighting help

    hi i am at ajob and the customer has already fitted the under cupboar lights all of which are different which is somewhat annoying. i have brought the transformers for them and the are the correct rating. i just dont have a clue how to fit them. this is the first time i have ever had to fit...
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    Underfloor heating

    Why can underfloor heating cable not be cut?
  11. D

    Low Voltage Light Question

    Hi all, Chum at work has 18 LV lights in the kitchen using the G4 5W halogen bulbs. Two bulbs failed but he could only get 10W replacements. Two questions 1. Will there be any detrimental affect having 2 of the 18 bulbs being 10W 2. If he replace all 18 bulbs with 10W, would this provide more...
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    correct fuse

    hello everyone, im new to the electrical world and would like to pick up as much helpful hints and tips as i can. like calculating the correct fuse size to put in a plug for different appliances. i know you should check the user manual but in some cases this is not posable. any hints and...
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