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  1. 123

    Heating: Y-plan Cylinder Thermostat Installation And Replacement

    123 submitted a new resource: Heating: Y-plan cylinder thermostat installation and replacement - Heating: Y-plan cylinder thermostat installation and replacement Read more about this resource...
  2. M

    Nest 3rd Gen Thermostat

    Hi I have a Nest 3rd Gen Thermostat and am wanting to replace my old Danfoss T9000. I have remove the Danfoss from the wall however I have 4 Live and 3 Neutral wires plugged into that and can't work out where why or where they are supposed to go. Has anyone had anything similar or know what...
  3. D

    Under Floor Heating thermostat - Inside or Outside the Bathroom?

    Can someone with an understanding of the Regs help me with. I have had two electricians price up a job to install underfloor heating matts in my bathroom. One told me it is ok to have the thermostat and fuse spur in the bathroom and the other said it needs to be outside the bathroom. Ideally I...
  4. J

    Iboost and immersion heater thermostat

    Hi All, more by way of a query really, we had an Iboost (immersion heater proportional controller for diverting excess solar power) installed when our panels were put in last october and the thermostat recently failed on the immersion heater - in such as way as the Iboost keeps providing...
  5. A

    Install new R F Thermostat reciever.

    Hello I'm new to the forum and this is my first request for some help and advice please. I have a present a manual Honeywell room thermostat.. i am wanting to change this for a RF thermostat and reciever as I'm disabled and will save me having to go into another room to turn on the heating as...
  6. M

    Honeywell Thermostat Upgrade

    I - I am new here and tried a previous post by adding some attachments = that dont seem to have worked. My issue - no doubt. But I will try this once more if you could help please. I am hoping to replace an old thermostat with a new digital version and need help with the wiring please. If...
  7. M

    Thermostat Wiring (Honeywell)

    Hi All - Some advice please on replacing Thermostat and Wiring. System - Megaflo Water and Heating - Installed 2007. Original Thermostat - Dial type - Honeywell T6360B Wire Connections 3 BROWN Terminal 1 BLUE Terminal 2 BLACK Terminal 3 Above Thermostat replaced with Honeywell CM900 (Digital...
  8. I

    Nest Thermostat Installation

    Hello all New to this forum but hoping to get some great advise. I have purchased a nest version 3 thermostat with a heat link. My boiler is a potterton suprima 40, and has what seems to be a simple 3 wire programmer. There are only 3 connections for this programmer labeled CH out, DHW on, DWH...
  9. S

    Domestic Immersion Heater Thermostat scorching

    When I removed the cover from the immersion heater in order to adjust the thermostat I found the thermostat had very deep scorch marks and I could see sparks when I switched the power back on. However, both the thermostat and immersion heater still seemed to be functioning properly. I swapped...
  10. G

    Boss RF receiver portable thermostat heating controls

    Hi I had to get a new unit, my old one was a Honeywell where there was a flex from the boiler with 5 wires , three to one terminal and two to another. These are marked grey wire N brown wire L and brown L and other terminal is A brown B Grey and C no wire. The instructions are rubbish and I...
  11. J

    Wiring thermostat

    Would the wiring on this Sunvic cylinder thermostat Sunvic SA2452 Cylinder Thermostat 3KB Pic 1 be the same as this Sunvic 4KB Pic 2
  12. M

    Nest thermostat

    Hi I was wondering if anyone can help with, which wiring diagram I need to connect my best to my Worcester Bosch 15:19 heatslave? Thanks
  13. J

    Worcester Boiler and room thermostat

    Hi, I have a worcester oil boiler (danesmoor utility), it is run by a drayton lp522 timer and I have a room thermostat. The internal thermostat is set to the 3 (there are 5 positions). My question is; The boiler is firing and the radiators are getting pretty hot, but I have noticed on the...
  14. D

    thermostat & programmer wiring

    12 months a go I had a boiler replacement, I had an old ideal isar HE24 removed due to failure and an ideal mini 30 as a replacement. my old He24 boiler had a danfoss ts715-si programmer and a Honeywell r6660d wireless room stat . ever since the new boiler was fitted the engineer fitted it...
  15. amlu

    help needed - hive thermostat + vailant boiler connection

    Hello, boilers and thermostats are not my strong point. Can do following the manual, but unfortunately Hive model is not mentioned in the boiler manual... Been doing new electrics for a kitchen refurb, customer brought this new thing and I got a bit stuck on it. Got some pictures from both...
  16. V

    Heatmiser network Thermostat issues (EMI??)

    I have installed a networked heat miser fully zoned systems and getting a lot of EMI on the network which HM advise is causing me the issues I have (zones not wanting change tomp and the central controller not being able to adjust some zones at all, and the IPad app seeing 0 temp or the zones go...
  17. V

    worcester bosch WAVE thermostat on S-plan? is it possible?

    hi Just wondering if a worcester wave thermostat will work on a modern worcester bosch system boiler with a pressurised cylinder (1 x 2 port for heating, 1 x 2port for hot water/cylinder) I don't see how it will?, any help, thank you
  18. P

    Retofit Danfoss with Ecobee 3 thermostat

    Hi, I have a Danfoss programmable thermostat. I would like to retrofit this with a smart wifi thermostat; the Ecobee 3. Danfoss wiring manual: Page 5-10 Ecobee 3 wiring manual...
  19. D

    Room thermostat. Why?

    I am having my old boiler (hearing only not dhw) replaced with a supposedly more efficient modern one. The engineer insists that, according to regs, he cannot turn it on unless there is a room 'stat. Since each radiator has its own 'stat this seems superfluous. He has suggested that I mount...
  20. L

    Adjusting French/Eurpean immersion heater thermostats - type THERM CE BIPOL 370MM

    Hi putting a little information back into the forum here, hope it helps someone. We have a cottage we rent out that has a 200 litre vertical pressurised tank with a 2.4Kw 3 phase ceramic wire wound element (this is in France btw). 20 years old and still amazing on the heating and heat...
  21. P

    Santon fixed temp thermostat.

    Hi. Is it still possible to get the fixed temperature stats for Santon immersion heaters? 140f or 160f. Thanks...................Phredd.
  22. H

    Wiring thermostat to Honeywell 2 port valve for failsafe

    Hi, So I have a Vaillant system as per my previous thread and I have now got a Vaillant VR 10 sensor in place of the thermostat strapped to the hot water pipe that goes to the taps (Is that the correct location or should it be the flow/return to/from the boiler?). I have the existing cylinder...
  23. K

    Shocks when touching shower thermostat controller and bath taps

    Hi all I have a situation that I can't get my head around and hoping someone can help! A client reported receiving shocks from her shower. When I visited the property, and when wet if you touched the metal parts of the shower (which was not electric), and the bath taps at the same time you...
  24. C

    Valiant 831 Boiler - Wiring of thermostats and motorised valves?!

    Sorry in advance for the long thread! Just want to make sure i provided as much detail as possible. We are currently building an extension and whilst devastating the house have decided to install a new boiler, we have also opted for a John Guest UFH system to be installed in the new extension...
  25. P

    C/H thermostat

    Evening chaps, I have an old thermostat which controls our old central heating (picture link below as attachments don’t appear to work for me!). Where it is situated, the dial often gets knocked by coats etc causing the temperature to rise or fall dependent on how it is bashed. As the...
  26. D

    Internet controls with wires from boiler to thermostat

    Hi all. This is a question about internet controls for a replacement combi boiler in my own house. My existing ancient combi boiler is sited in an unheated utility room, next to an unheated kitchen, with an unheater stairwell through the wall behind it. The bathroom above has tiled floors that...
  27. W

    Wavin TP-83 room thermostat?

    I've just popped over from the other side, ( plumbers forum ), to ask if the above mentioned room stat is a type of intelligent stat, in other words can it be taught to know how long the system it's controlling takes to reach its preset temp, and to come on before it gets too low, ( hopefully...
  28. I

    Room Thermostat comes on and off too regulary

    I over the last few days and noted that the room thermostat,located in the hall,comes on between every 10-13 minutes and stays on for about 20-23mins and then this cycle constantly repeats throughoout the day. Room thermostat is a Honeywell T6360 with lamp and is set to 20c. I also have a wall...
  29. J

    Nest Thermostat

    Hi, hopefully one of you knowledgeable chaps can help me. Looking to think slightly out the box here. I already use nest thermostats and protects which work great and tick all the boxes for me. We are moving home soon and will be installing underfloor heating that Nest out the box doesn't...
  30. I

    danfoss thermostats

    Hi My wife and i have moved into a newbuild which has two thermostats. The first is a danfoss tp9000 and is located downstairs and the second is a smaller danfoss tp5000 model. The tp9000 has more controls and also handles the hot water. What i'm not sure about though is whether the tp5000 is...
  31. N

    Hot water thermostat problem

    We have what I'm guessing would be considered a 3 zone heating system: Zone 1 - downstairs radiators Zone 2 - upstairs radiators Zone 3 - hot water cylinder We have programmable wireless thermostats for zones 1 and 2 (1 each), a timer for the hot water and also a wireless thermostat for the hot...
  32. J

    Terminating unused blue wire at the thermostat

    Apologies if I'm posting in the wrong section! I hope to replace an old broken analog central heating thermostat with a digital one. Background: There are 4 wires coming into the box: yellow/green, blue, red and yellow. The yellow/green is tucked away, physically floating about. The other...
  33. G

    Help with room thermostat

    Hi not sure if this can be posted here but it wont let me post to the diy'er forum!! I have a ferroli domicondens f boiler which is volt free and i have a towerstat rf wireless thermostat to wire to it but am a little confused as how to wire it in!I have found the loop i need to wire to in the...
  34. M

    Devi touch thermostat

    Can the Devi touch be installed within a bathroom without being in a cupboard etc. thanks
  35. 1

    I was testing the thermostat

    and it was in a bit of a tight space the crocodile clip had lost it's grip a bit and kept slipping of the earth terminal so I was really trying to force it on. When I went and put the live and neutral probes on to the live and neutral (in) of the switch it went bang! Obviously I've learnt a...
  36. W

    Wall Thermostat in a flat with very old Dimplex Storage Heaters, what does it do?

    Hello everyone, This is my first post. We have just bought a new flat, which was built in the 60s. It has some really old brown Dimplex Storage Heater units (probably made in the 80s, if not even earlier), which we would want to replace. There is also what appears to be a bimetallic...
  37. S

    Quick Thermostat Question

    I want to replace this honeywell thermostat with this Salus one, and I cant work out which wires are meant to go into which, any help would be greatly appreciated On the Honeywell one I think the Live goes to number 1 (on the right) and the neutral into number 2 (second from the left) I am...
  38. T

    running more than one thermostat off one zone valve

    hello all im carrying out some work in a social housing building and they have problems with massive gas/electrical bills (£4000) a month, its a 3 storey building with 10 self contained bedrooms with en suit all with at lease one radiator in, they have recently had there boiler change by...
  39. P

    Wiring a thermostat to Baxi Combi boiler - is this the right way?

    Hi Guys, I've done a quick drawing of how I think I should be wiring in the thermostat. Can anyone take a look over it to see if i've got it right. Cheers
  40. kingeri

    Location of boiler thermostat

    So I'm gonna finally get around to installing a thermostat for my combi boiler tomorrow. The trouble is, I can't decide where to put it. My front door opens into the living room, where there is also a wood burner, so I can't put it in there. I don't have a hall. The kitchen is a no-no...
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