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  1. Midwest

    New iPhone September 2018

    My iPhone has gone Pete Tong, so I'm gonna have to get a replacement. And before anyone suggests it, the replacement has got to be an iPhone for various reasons, primarily is I know how to use these ones :oops: I'm led to believe there are going to be some new model iPhones realised this...
  2. M

    Domestic mild tingling in certain scenarios

    Maybe I can pick the brains of some of you who actually understand electrical stuff - this is over my head and I am keen to identify the problem asap. I initially thought I'd identified a problem with my guitar amp. Last night, when plugged in and playing through the amp connected to the mains...
  3. O

    Got a new laptop with Outlook 2010 - want to sync calender with iphone...

    Ok all I've got a new laptop with Outlook 2010 - want to sync calender with my iphone but I don't want to use itunes... I have been using an app called sync 2 which is a hang over from my Android phone which syncs between outlook 2007 and the google calender which is OK but not 100% reliable...
  4. rolyberkin

    New Phone Opinions

    My Iphone 5s is coming to the end of its life (I am bored with it) and I fancy a change to android, do I get. a) Cat Phone S60 with flir camera £499 b) Cubot Panther £149 c) Another iphone d) Something different Interested in peoples views, always had iphones, my mate has a cheap cubot and it...
  5. P

    Help with re-wiring an iPhone cable

    HI, I have an extension cable my Dad made years back that looks like this: How can I attach this to my iPad charger which looks like this:
  6. Dan

    Google Pixelphone?

    Google Pixel phone launched to take on iPhone - New phone by google announced. Seems pricey for an android.
  7. A

    Domestic Dimmable retractive switch

    Does anyone know if there are any manufactures out there that do a brushed steel (or similar) centre pivot retractive light switch that can be used to dim led downlights. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. M

    Materials management software

    Hi guys, Looking to upgrade our software for booking our materials. I need software that we can put items in an inventory and book it out as we take it for jobs. When the job is complete we can see how much materials/labour we used, and the cost to actually do the job. Anyone know of anything...
  9. P

    Bonding non-protective conductor conduit

    Recently qualified and started working for a company that don't put a fly lead from socket outlets to back boxes and ceiling roses to conduit boxes etc. The engineer says you don't need them because the circuit has its own CPC and the conduit isn't being used as an earth. My understanding was...
  10. D

    LED Downloghts

    So re doing my kitchen electrician but mainly ins and not done before, What makes do people recommend want good quality easy to fit not a cheapo make. Thanks ppl Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Gazthesparky

    Van security

    I have a new van or should I say a new to me transit I'm needing to kit it out roof rack and internal stuff which is fine but I'm looking at fitting extra locks to increase security so just looking for some opinions suggestions from people So what have people gone for I'm thinking just dead...
  12. I

    Subcontract works

    Hi does anybody know how to subcontract to British Gas or help link at all tryed emailing and ringing them Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. M

    Portable iPhone charger

    Evening all! I want to make myself a charger unit for iPhone / iPad? I'm thinking a 22ah battery, charge level indicator, and usb sockets on the output? Does anyone have any experience, advice, or recommendations, that they think may be of use please? Thanks in advance!
  14. uksparks

    FLIR One for iPhone

    Hi, Check this out: FLIR ONE? personal thermal imager by FLIR® - See the Heat° I think im going to get one for the hell of it, its only a couple of hundred and looks cool, ok ill never use it, but how cool is it eh!
  15. B

    iphone is08

    Seems theres a website WITH FALSE INFO SO DONT TRY IT claiming that once you upgrade with is08 you can charge your iphone in a microwave for 1.5 mins Its called wave technology and someone has already tried it with bad results see...
  16. Tiny Spark

    Recomendations for a Iphone 5S case?

    As above really, What are you guys using to protect your moby? Just brought a new 5S and want to protect it with a decent case from the rigors of work heh.
  17. i=p/u

    Opening files on iPhone

    I was sending my cv off for maintenance job today in Scotland from email. When I tryed to store my updated cv to my homepage it's say bad error . I sent the cv from mac book in PDF , should my iPhone open these or do I need a PDF opener or something.. if you can help thx. Ps I can open them...
  18. applemac

    exploding apple iPhone charger

    good reason to switch off chargers after use!
  19. M

    any circuit keeps tripping

    Hi Guys I hate being beaten but this has got me scratching my head. Got a lighting circuit thats tripping the mcb (6A 1.5mm t&e), RCD doesnt trip so has to be overload ("has to be" is taken with pinch of salt please!) All bulbs out - trips SELV disconencted - trips all switches unwired - trips...
  20. S

    Solar PV Apps

    Hi does any one have any good Apps they use for Android or Ipad? Have tried a few free ones butnot much good. Thanks in advance Paul
  21. A

    Anyone after the new iPhone 5?

    I've had delivered today my new iPhone 5 16gb black, direct from apple store. But ive decided not to keep it, too shiney for work! It hasn't been used at all. im looking for £580 inc special delivery cheers ash
  22. A

    Iphone 5

    Just seen the new iphone and some specs looks pretty cool! anyone else watching the real time apple blog! CNET's Apple event live blog (Wednesday, September 12) | CNET
  23. E

    call forward notification on iphone

    I forward calls from my landline to iphone when im out and about. The only problem is it doesnt tell me its a diverted call. My nokia used to show a small symbol which told me i was recieving a diverted call. Any one else know anything bout this? Looked everywhere on google and nothing to...
  24. H

    Mobile site rubbish!!!

    I'm fed up of this mobile site it's bloody useless. I have the latest iPhone yet I can't get onto any other page than page 1 on all threads. How the hell do you go through the pages there is no numbers or links to go through pages. When is this going to be sorted?
  25. S

    On iphone

    Peeps can you get a copy of GN3 or on-site-guild for the iPhone
  26. telectrix

    what phone?

    due for an free upgrade next month. what should i get, iphone, smart phone, galaxy. don't want blackberry as fingers too big for the farty little keys. any advice welcome. cheers, Tel.
  27. E

    More tools for sale

    Finally cleared out the back of the van and have for sale: Lift N' Lock tool box Knipex 160mm Side Cutters (With 1.5 & 2.5 stripping holes built in) - New Fat Max Padsaw & Pouch - New Irwin Wood Chisel - New Irwin Knife (Stanly type) Bahco 325 large hacksaw Set of Irazola Teknoplus screwdrivers...
  28. T

    Toughbook laptop

    One for any computer gurus on here, just got my hands on a second hand Panasonic toughbook cf-28 laptop ex aa £113 delivered bargain considering retail price of these things brilliant bit of kit for carrying on site pretty much indestructible etc anyway it's got the built in sim card slot to...
  29. R

    Megger 1553 with iPad?

    I've just bought a Megger 1553 can I connect this via Bluetooth to my iPad? I don't think there is an app is there? Also is there a way to view this forum on an iPhone?
  30. B

    bit of an iphone genius

    hi all dont know if ur like me that since having an i phone it feels like its is now part of my toolbox of sorts .. anyways i came across this gem of an app some may know of it some may not anyway the app is called dropbox and it allows you to keep all documents pdf / word etc into a app that...
  31. T

    My iPhone charger went bang!!

    Working in a kitchen and 5 mins ago the customer went to unplug the coffee maker plugged into the same double socket as my iPhone charger, as he went to unplug the coffee maker my iPhone charger exploded the whole of the socket is now black, it had triped the MCB back at the CU, RCD still up...
  32. Y

    i phone apps

    Has anyone used the Solmetric for the iphone
  33. P

    For Sale Bosch 36v Lithium compact sds, makita 18v lithium cordless

    I have for sale a Bosch 36v lithium compact sds drill, its has 3 small batteries and 1 big battery, can take pictures tomorow £250 I have makita 18v lithium (black and white anniversary) 2 speed drill in aluminium case, 1 battery £100 Obviously cash on collection, im off the Afghan end of...
  34. H

    solar calc app

    anyone use any of the apps, on iphone to aid calculation?if so which one?
  35. keniff

    iPhone 4

    Hey just wondered who has an iPhone 4 and if so what covers do u use?
  36. a12jpm

    Anyway to do Certs on iphone

    As the title says, looking to do certs on iphone but can't find anyone who does a bit of software. Failing that is their a way of editing a .pdf on it. Cheers.
  37. A

    flash and iphone - how big an issue

    How much has the lack of flash support affect the iphone users out there? What sites have you tried to get to that you find you cant?
  38. G

    Which phone....

    How do. So, I been waiting what seems like forever for an ip4 to arrive and am still being messed about. Been looking at the Blackberry Torch as an alternative, does anyone have any comments on this handset in comparison to the ip4??, or any other models that do the same kind kind of thing...
  39. F

    iPhone users

    Has anyone else being effected by apples incompetence? I woke up late again! It's a massive slap in the face the third time since the iPhone 4's release! In order of appearance: 1. Reception issues (Aerial fault) 2. Phone lock (Can be bypassed) 3. Alarm clock (Not updated) The way to fix...
  40. T

    Paperwork storage

    Hi Little off topic but lately seen likes of bt and gas vans with some kind of document storage pocket thing fitted to the bulkhead behind seats, seen on likes of eBay on the vans for sale on there, anyone know where I could get such a thing, i do alot of service works so plenty of job pads...
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