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  1. S

    Mr Nagy,s earth rod video.

    Just wondered if anyone has used this method with the earth wire in flexi conduit going to a plastic end box flat on the pavement outside the front door with the earth rod coming up thro centre of the box. Looks like a trip hazard to me. Regards,S
  2. Dan

    InStyle LED Introduction Video - LED Lighting by the experts

    InStyle LED Introduction Video @john watts
  3. Litoral

    Domestic Video and simple comparison between the shortest and longest day of the year

    To explain easily the difference in power generation from winter to summer. Might be useful, I hope it helps
  4. Diver233

    2391-3 website or video clip

    Does anyone know a good website or video that goes through the whole practical test of 2391?. Loads do bits of it. But any all in the correct order
  5. P

    Video Intercom for Flats

    Hi All, I have been asked to quote on installing an intercom system in a block of 12 flats but instead of the usual audio only kit I have installed in the past they have asked for a video system. There are obviously loads of suppliers out there for such things but the one other thing they have...
  6. Gavin John Hyde

    Interesting video for smart meter fitting

    Came across this video online, its one of the training videos they give to smart meter fitters at the training shed. not sure about the way they go about polarity testing, testing a couple sockets can give a mixed outcome, 2 sockets doesn't mean the rest is okay. what about other circuits?
  7. Moley

    Close enough to Xmas for this video

    Well, now that we are well into December it's time to play this video. Does contain some naughty words :eek::D:D
  8. Daniel Oake

    18th Edition main Changes, Domestic installer video.

    A video I stumbled upon for the main changes a domestic installer has outlined. Question: Can someone clarify, plastic Rawl plugs are not to be used now, due to fire regulations. What would you use in exchange for your day to day fixings now?
  9. UKMeterman

    A short video on why following proceedures matter

    Have a watch,
  10. Steve Harris

    Access control / video entry

    Hi all, Is there a dedicated area for conversations about access control and notably video entry? Thanks Steve
  11. Gavin John Hyde

    The worse electrical bodge video i have seen yet!

    A mate sent me a link to this video on youtube. have to say it is arguably the worse sorry excuse for electrical work i have seen on youtube, Lets be honest youtube has some awful attempts on it aswell! its posted by a guy called thomas nagy, who thankfully didnt install it but is highlighting...

    Christmas wishes and our latest video tutorial

    The Modecsoft Team would like to let you know it is our privilege to do business with you and we appreciate the trust and confidence you have placed in us. 2017 has been another year of significant progress for Modecsoft and we couldn’t have done it without your support, so a big thank you to...

    ElectricalOM Software Video - How to create a domestic consumer unit

    Watch how you can model a domestic consumer unit in ElectricalOM Design Software
  14. S

    My E30 used for a music video around Kings Cross

    towards the end a couple shots........ £150 about 2 hours work, just like Pimlico........
  15. E

    DIY electrical device-im going to use this device the same way as shown in the video

    Hello.How can i make this device as shown in this video?What DIY tools do i need?The device is shown in this youtube video:
  16. Leesparkykent

    Wireless video doorbell

    Any one know of anything out there? They seem to be as rare as rocking horse **** for what I'm after. Wireless video doorbell, internal monitor in white, both indoor and outdoor unit to run off batteries, doesn't need lock feature and would be handy if it was wifi enabled but not a must. Any...
  17. S

    See though RCD video

    One for pete
  18. T

    Sh*tty customers video on fb

    Just came across this video on fb
  19. Andy-1960

    Socket outlets with built in USB

    Not a great fan of these for the reasons mentioned in the video, but what this guy highlights regarding the earth is more than a bit worrying. The video goes on a bit but just a warning that these things are on the market!
  20. Pete999

    Pete's Videos Not as good as DelBoy

  21. Pete999

    Pete's Videos WTF

    What is he poking around in there with?
  22. J

    video entry

    Evening chaps hope your all having as fun as a Friday night as me! quoting for 3 flats in 1 building -they want vid entry any recommendations of a kit that is decent but not the world! seen prices range from £100-1000 would need 1x 3way buzzer then 3 phones/screens guessing the actually lock...
  23. Pete999

    Pete's Videos Oh my

    Barnaby @ Home: Trim Work | Klein Tradesman Club - https://www.kleintradesmanclub.com/video/barnaby-home-trim-work 2nd fix has a new name Trim work
  24. B

    Christmas adverts

    Well we get new ones every year anyone remember "ticker ticker timex la la la" Well it aint christmas till the coca cola advert comes on itv. Well now we have an english version by cadburys! Well we would have but cadburys is owned by Mondelez (kraft foods an american company) Does this look...
  25. Pete999

    Pete's Videos Say it like it is Mate

  26. B

    extreme road rage on m62

    A driver and passenger in a lorry had a slight accident and hit a pickup they stopped to exchange details with the other driver and a fight broke out. The lorry driver and the passenger returned to the lorry and locked themselves in but the other driver came with a spade and smashed the window...
  27. A

    Urgent Question about fire risk following leak

    hello, Our bathroom was installed professionally 4 weeks ago in a 1st floor flat, tonight our neighbour from the flat below came upstairs and advised us that water was leaking through 3 of his light fittings. I've captured it on video. The plumber came out and fixed the leak, however, we are...
  28. Pete999

    Pete's Videos Street lighting 10000V wow

    Watch it all to get the picture
  29. Pete999

    Safe Isolation part 2

    Barnaby @ Home: Verifying Power (part 2) | Klein Tradesman Club - https://www.kleintradesmanclub.com/video/barnaby-home-verifying-power-part-2 I'm sorry for all the Vid posted just thought you may be amused.
  30. J

    hdmi or cat5 at 10m length?

    will a 7.5/10m hmdi cable to tv be ok to use or will I hve to use cat5/6 how is the lata done?
  31. darkwood

    Throw that switch there!!! ... Yes that on DOH!!!!!!!!

    http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=b87_1459097394 Makes me cringe that he tries extinguishing the remaining fire with handfulls of snow... :38:
  32. M

    cat s60 phone with thermal camera!!

    been told it comes out in may https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G7yfUXIJP8k would be a pretty cool thing too ad to your testing gear. opinions?
  33. H

    How RCDs prevent fire

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=210&v=qYmAstpg4FY Cool video.

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