1. Dan

    This forum area is for American Electricians only!

    I have created an area for American Electricians only. Nobody else can see this area of the forum, or post in it. Those who have stipulated in their profile that they're American, can post in here. :) Let's see if this works. @Megawatt - perhaps one day we can make you moderator of this area...
  2. C

    American conduit

    Whenever I’m on Instagram, I always see posts from sparks in the good old US of A, and whenever you see a conduit system install, there are always loads of individual conduits running alongside each they not use trunking over the pond? Don’t get me wrong, it looks super impressive...
  3. Dan

    New badge for American members

    @Megawatt is the first to get it. Thanks again for being a member here. :) Click on his name at the start of his post to see the tags.
  4. Dan

    American Electrical Advice Forum

    I've created this forum category titled American Electrical Advice Forum for those that visit the forum from America and wish to seek electrical advice from fellow Americans. Please create a new thread in the American Electrical Advice Forum if you have a question you'd like answering. Anything...
  5. B

    Verifying your non contact voltage tester, the American way.

    I just saw this on r/electricians, which is an electricians subreddit but is populated mostly from guys from the US. I have to say, I appreciate Fluke's warnings : electricians - My mind...
  6. S

    Another post from the American Forum that you Might Enjoy.

    Note that this is in no way an electrician's forum: Read on for the advice he got: h ttps://boards.straightdope.c om/sdmb/showthread.php?t=860809
  7. R

    American wiring in UK

    Hi, My girlfriend and I moved to the UK this year. She works at a university and has a work visa, and I am an electrician from the us. I'm going to be getting a work visa soon and i was looking for information on how i can apply my trade here. I'm not sure if there is a test, or reciprocation...
  8. S

    American Electrical Problem

    I thought that some of you would find this amusing: Switch box shocks badly. - Straight Dope Message Board -
  9. O

    Installing American in Uk

    Im doing work on an American site in the U.K. and installing us socket outlets through a transformer. Does anyone know what I should install as far as rcds go and also the Zs readings I should expect. Also on another site the generate 100/208 60Hz. And im installing supply cables to a DB. Are...
  10. C

    Using American electrical item in UK

    Hi, I would firstly like to declare that my electrical knowledge is very limited and I would like to apologise in advance if I use the wrong terminology in my following description and questions. As Halloween approaches I decided to buy the bits to set up a lightning / storm effect.... I found...
  11. N

    American qualified, help needed!

    Hi, My husband is American, he's 29 and (to American standards) is a fully qualified electrician. They operate on a 'time served' system, everyone takes the equivalent to 17th edition to be up on the wiring regulations and then just learns on the job. He has 9 years experience, mainly in...
  12. Pete999

    Pete's Videos Now that's a Neon tester (American)

    Well would you do this?
  13. Andy-1960

    How to connect cables - The American way!

    No wonder they have so many fires!!
  14. Pete999

    Pete's Videos KIN WHAT

    There's something I never knew if you bend a wire it makes it hard for the electricity to get through OMG
  15. driverman

    American 3 phase Identification

    Hi guys, anyone of you guys know the American 3 Phase Identification? Terminals on Generator are marked UVW. Any info? Thanks
  16. S

    Forum Language

    @Dan Can you change the forum language to UK English, please. I don't like American 'English'. Or at least add the option English(UK) to the language button, bottom left corner.
  17. B

    Megger readings

    I am planning to Meg a 480 volt 3 phase motor leads to ground using 1000 volts DC. What are acceptable ohm values and when should I be concerned.
  18. Pete999

    IR testing

    Now that I'm a retired Electrician with nothing to do other than annoy Forum members with inane posts, and browse the net. I came across some American videos about MICC installations, and having worked in the states on many occasions I found 1 vid rather interesting, a guy "Russ La Blance code...
  19. E

    230v 3 Phase Help

    Hi Gents We have to install the following 230v L1 L2 L3 and earth, router/cutter controller 230v L1 L2 N and earth, router/cutter connector 230v L1 L2 L3 and earth 7.3kw Vacuum pump All of the above have US 3 phase connectors and the router/cutter itself is from the us I'm guessing we...
  20. B

    Anyone seen this light switch before ?

    Don't think much thought went into the actual position of the switch !
  21. M

    3 wire American hot tub with American instructions!

    Hi ive been asked to quote to install a second hand hot tub and it all seemed straight forward at first, the plate on the side said 16A so i done my quote and calculations based on it needing a 16A supply etc. Ive since looked into it and been sent some instructions which the customer thinks...
  22. T

    How to install USA sockets legally

    Hi, One of my clients want to install USA standart 110V sockets at his home. Maybe someone can advise how to do it legally. I think American sockets isn't a British Standard :( Very grateful for the advice.
  23. S

    size of conduit for #4AWG 5-core

    what would be the size of conduit for #4AWG 3-core? please provide chart/table. thank you.
  24. R

    Nailed it (funny).

    Just saw this entry on the American Failed Blog website... Nailed It! - There, I Fixed It - Redneck Repairs
  25. J

    Chinese workers build 15-story Hotel in Just 6 Days!!! I've got to say thats Very impressive and makes UK builders look Lazy lol although the Health & Safety on Chinese Construction sites looks non existent :p
  26. P

    Domestic New dryer

    Again, I'm hoping this is in the right forum. If not, please don't hesitate to say so... That said, the back story is that I just bought a new dryer. Because I'm an idiot, I didn't check the power cord before purchasing, and now that it's in my home I notice that it has a nema 14-30 plug. I...
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