1. Lou

    Helpful Forum Links For Americans

    We have got some other sections of the forum that I thought might be useful to you guys! They are for all countries but we have new tags that you can select before your title to mark it as USA. So please get involved all over the forum! Electrical Tools Electrical Engineering Lighting Forum...
  2. M

    American Phase Colours

    Hi, Looking for advise on industrial phase colours.
  3. Mark Wright

    Twin and Earth American style

    Can anyone tell me more about Twin and Earth American style? What's it's full name? NM? Is it always flat? Do you add a sheath to the ground/earth cable? Thanks šŸ˜Š
  4. P

    American Christmas Lights

    Hi, I am hoping you can help me please. My wife purchased some American Christmas lights from a friend, it has a two pin American plug on them and an inbuilt 7amp fuse. I have attached a photo of the lights, did buy an adapter plugged the lights into it and then into wall socket and it blew...

    Boat and Yachts Conversion - European to American STANDARDS

    Good day, I am new on the site and I want to share knowledge with electricians specialized in conversions between European and American Electric practices, specially but not exclusive in boats, yachts and vessels applications. This is a particular area of the profession , because boats usually...
  6. D

    For Sale American MEGAPRO Screwdriver If interested please let me know and I will sell to any members direct and can do a deal on the price
  7. B

    Electrician wanted American voltage Kent UK

    I have a 5th wheel caravan. It has had a transformer fitted for UK electrics. The air con, microwave and fridge freezer have stopped working because they run off the lower voltage US electric box. I need an electrician who understands the American electrical system. The caravan is in Kent. Any...
  8. James

    Reported content: Post in thread 'Hard wiring American style dryer'

    Post in thread 'Hard wiring American style dryer' by Rhys91 has been reported by James. Reason given: Content being reported:
  9. R

    Hard wiring American style dryer

    Hi I'm about to purchase an American style tumble dryer - 4750 Watts. I know this needs hard wired. My question is, can this be hardwired into the ring final in the utility room? If replace the 20amp dryer switch with a cooker style switch. The kitchen and utility room have their own circuit...
  10. Doomed

    Picture from an american site I visit

  11. B

    European two wire 230 to American three wire 240

    Hi, I have a machine I am sending to Turkey and it operates on standard American single phase 240 vac. The problem is the place its going in Turkey can only supply single phase 230 which is one single hot wire and a Neautral/ Ground wire. Is there a transformer or converter of some sort that I...
  12. Dan

    This forum area is for American Electricians only!

    I have created an area for American Electricians only. Nobody else can see this area of the forum, or post in it. Those who have stipulated in their profile that they're American, can post in here. :) Let's see if this works. @Megawatt - perhaps one day we can make you moderator of this area...
  13. C

    American conduit

    Whenever Iā€™m on Instagram, I always see posts from sparks in the good old US of A, and whenever you see a conduit system install, there are always loads of individual conduits running alongside each they not use trunking over the pond? Donā€™t get me wrong, it looks super impressive...
  14. Dan

    New badge for American members

    @Megawatt is the first to get it. Thanks again for being a member here. :) Click on his name at the start of his post to see the tags.
  15. Dan

    American Electrical Advice Forum

    I've created this forum category titled American Electrical Advice Forum for those that visit the forum from America and wish to seek electrical advice from fellow Americans. Please create a new thread in the American Electrical Advice Forum if you have a question you'd like answering. Anything...
  16. T

    American FF tripping RCD

    hi I have a customer with an American Fridge freezer that trips the RCD every couple of hours. The FF is a couple of years old and cost Ā£2000 apparently , so the customer says replacing it is out of the question. Obviously all domestic circuits are to be RCD protected but is there a get out with...
  17. B

    Verifying your non contact voltage tester, the American way.

    I just saw this on r/electricians, which is an electricians subreddit but is populated mostly from guys from the US. I have to say, I appreciate Fluke's warnings : electricians - My mind...
  18. jackhammerJIM

    American You Tube electrics

    So i watch a few companies working on you tube and have stumbled across some American sparky channels and after watching have come to the conclusion that American electrics are untidy ,overcomplicated and 50 years out of date in comparison to Uk its laughable . The receptacles and switches...
  19. S

    Another post from the American Forum that you Might Enjoy.

    Note that this is in no way an electrician's forum: Read on for the advice he got: h ttps://boards.straightdope.c om/sdmb/showthread.php?t=860809
  20. R

    American wiring in UK

    Hi, My girlfriend and I moved to the UK this year. She works at a university and has a work visa, and I am an electrician from the us. I'm going to be getting a work visa soon and i was looking for information on how i can apply my trade here. I'm not sure if there is a test, or reciprocation...


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