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  1. C

    EDF meter change fault

    Hello guys EDF came out to a flat and attempted to replace the meter. I have been called out to investigate there comments which are “unsafe to remove meter, possible borrowed neutral, voltage at meter even with fuse removed (dropped neutral test)” First off i am currently on site, I removed...
  2. A

    NICEIC Certification Scheme NICEIC approved contractor first visit

    Info for anyone currently looking to join, Whilst I was very nervous the night before, there is no need to be, as long as you know how to test and your upto date with the regs, then this is a breeze, Inspector arrived 9am, Quick meeting explaining about the scheme. Went through the office...
  3. ye oldie sparks

    Annual NIC visit this week

    Well the dreaded day came this week with my annual visit, all was going along nicely, paper work in order, meters all calibrated, regs book and other guidance notes in place etc. Then when he asked to see my completed certificates and what installations we are going to see, it all fell apart at...
  4. A

    ELECSA Certification Scheme Want to get ELECSA but.......

    Hi all. Ive recently gone self employed and looking to get ELECSA but looking on website i need a site visit. Obviously as ive only just gone self employed i havent got many jobs at the moment. Do i really need to go ELECSA before doing any work in a bathroom, kitchen or outside? As this is...
  5. M

    Personalised workwear

    Hi Do any of you find that company name on clothing apart from looking profesional actually generates any work, difficult to judge i know but anyone had any definite results from this sort of advertising.
  6. happyhippydad

    Stroma Certification Scheme Registration fees with Stroma!!!!!

    I have just had an e-mail from Stroma saying that it will cost £576 (inc VAT) for my annual membership! They plan a site vist. Do the other schemes charge this much? I've quickly checked out the NICEIC website and it is £444 (inc VAT) for the annual fee. Would this include a site visit or would...
  7. A

    NICEIC Surveillance visit

    Hi all, got my NICIEC surveillance visit tomorrow, transferred from ELECSA reluctantly, only because a few builders dont recognise ELECSA! Havent received any sort of 'Welcome' pack or checklist etc from the NICEIC and the transfer of registration has generally be a right pain as they seem to be...
  8. S

    annual assessment

    its that time of yr again! Had a letter recently saying QUOTE:- "with regards to your continued enrolment with the approved contractor scam scheme, " we would NOW like to proceed with your periodic assessment visit. " the last bit sounds a bit like oh we had your money 2 months ago but...
  9. S

    Pricing via point?

    Hi guys, i have brought this up before but now have a bit more experience! Basically i am pricing a firm who do conservatories and they want price per point, basically some can be done in one visit but a lot are 2 visit jobs after plasterer has been and done his bit!. Basically i have come up...
  10. E

    MCS annual Visit

    on your Second MCS visit Is this based still around the ONE solar pv job you will take the assessor to later in the day. IE Quotes/Sap - Contract - Surveys- Wind Cals - Roof Cals based around the single job????? or Will the assessor need access to all documents for all jobs you completed...
  11. timo1

    Early scheme fees....

    I passed my NICEIC inspection 29th of November last year and have just received a letter from them saying that on 28th of Aug my renewal fees are due. Is this normal? I would have thought that I would pay again in November as then I have used their services for a whole year. I'm going to give...
  12. E

    nic assessment....again

    can some one give me an idea of what to expect from the first visit from the nic man? i was told that the first visit is only to check my paper work is place. is this true and that i will need to fork out more money for the second vist. im only registering as a DI
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