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  1. D

    Screwdriver addict...

    View: now that’s some collection...
  2. B

    Electric screwdriver issue

    Hello, I asked a guy to do this for me: View: It almost works properly, but when I press the button fast or the screw is too tight not sure why but don’t rotate the head, feels like not enough power. What is the issue? Here is the video what I’m talking abo...
  3. S

    Blackfriday screwdriver kits.

    The iFixit screwdriver kits are 20% off with code blackfriday, its the cheapest I've ever seen them. I bought this set of drivers in a bundle with an electronics repair kit. I'm hoping I can fix my son's wii console with the tri-wing screw driver...
  4. D

    Draper / Wera screwdriver blades

    Does anyone know if the Wera screwdriver blades and Draper ergo blades will fit each others handle ??
  5. happyhippydad

    Any recommendations for a light weight electric screwdriver?

    I would like a lightweight electric implement for undoing and doing up screws on sockets, switches etc. It's really just for when I am doing EICR's as you take off quite a few faceplates. There are so many options out there that i'm getting a bit snowed under trying to narrow down my search...
  6. D

    electricians screwdriver from the U.S.A

    A friend of mine just came back from America and I asked him to bring me back something. He picked up this electricians screwdriver for $6 in an electrical hardware store. I notice it is non insulated but the packaging was marked as an 'electricians 6 in 1 screwdriver' Non insulated tools seem...
  7. Lister1987

    Entry Level / Getting Started Torque Screwdriver

    Anyone got any recommendations for one? I've got all manner of normal VDE screwdrivers but don't have anything like this yet. Any preferences? Ones to avoid? Bottom, mod, top end of spectrum?
  8. Pete999

    Glo in the dark screwdriver someone was asking about them

    CK TOOLS T49283PD VDE SLIM SCREWDRIVER SET 5 PIECE GLO IN THE DARK | eBay - CK dextro VDE slim glo, a while ago someone was enquiring about this item saw this in Mays PE
  9. Pete999

    WAGO screwdriverzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Anyone got one of these jobbies?
  10. BruvDunk

    Torque screwdriver !!!!!

    Anyone ever feel the need for one? Or been required to purchase one for an inspection.... Is it a world gone mad or are they worth it.
  11. L

    Recommend powertool kit, sds, impact, multitool etc.

    Hi, as the title suggest, can you recommend decent powertool set please. I want sds, impact tool, multitool.. what else would you guys recommend. Brands, recommendations. About £800 budget. thanks
  12. L

    Torque Screwdriver.....

    My elbow is out of calibration and i would like to use a torque screwdriver instead, its something ive been putting off but i have finally caved. What torque screwdriver is everyone using? A little review would also be helpful
  13. Gudoldtom

    Can anyone recommend any screwdriver sets??

    Hi I am looking to get together a set of tools. Can anyone recommend any good screwdriver sets for under £100? Or what to look for in a decent set & how much I should be paying (domestic installations only)? Many thanks
  14. edexlab

    Roofing bolt screwdriver

    Morning all , I've seen a few threads about roofing bolt screwdrivers and thought I'd share an idea I've been using, All it is , is a bit holder handle and a modified spade bit with hex /bit driver end this was a CK bit. ie cut to shape with a grinder
  15. telectrix


    dunno the quality, but at this price has to be worth a punt, maybe as an apprentice's first st? 7pcs Multi-purpose Electrican's Insulated Electrical Hand Screwdriver Tools Set | eBay -...
  16. Michaelwgroves

    Wera Rubbish Quality

    I was looking to treat myself to a new VDE screw driver set. I saw another thread on this forum put Wera at 30% of market. So I treated myself to the 16 Piece Kraftform Kompakt VDE Interchangeable Driver Set. I loved it. But then I started to use it, I don't do much electrical work, so I save my...
  17. D

    Draper VDE Torque screwdriver bit

    Hello fellow electricians I was wondering if any of you have seen a VDE bit that allows different screwdriver heads to be placed in the end (If that makes any sense to you) I dont really want to keep buying different type heads when I can just swap them out from my little socket set many thanks.
  18. Pete999

    Pete's Videos Neons

    So there has never been any recorded history of accidents, what about the bloke who wanted a new pair of underpants?
  19. C

    Which screwdrivers?

    I seem to get through so many 4mm slotted drivers. I currently use Irazola/Bahco. Is there anything tougher out there?
  20. Michaelwgroves

    Wera 247 Single-Pole voltage Tester screwdriver keeps breaking

    I purchased a Wera Kraftform Kompakt VDE 1 piece screwdriver set which I love. However, the 247 Single-Pole voltage Tester screwdriver keeps breaking. I'm now on my third replacement! My old voltage tester screwdriver I've had for over 25 years which was passed down to me by my father. I only...
  21. O

    Crazy guy testing screwdrivers!

    Just stumbled across this guy testing screwdrivers, hilarious. Killer Screwdriver - YouTubeKiller Screwdriver - YouTube
  22. T

    Tradesmen Problems!

    Is it just me or is every day another battle with other trades? This morning, I woke up extra early for a commercial job that required some lighting rigged up for the plumbers (who required it before 7am), only to be told when I arrived on site that they had delayed their work for another week...
  23. ses

    Brand new irazola screwdriver set for sale

    Brand new never used £25 plus postage
  24. J

    Domestic Why did my voltage tester just explode?

    Hi, I'm new to this forum, but it seemed like a good place to find out why my voltage tester (screwdriver type) basically just exploded when I tested it on a mains voltage supply (back-box of a fused spur switch). I was trying to check whether the fused spur is part of the main loop (it looks...
  25. G

    Domestic Live sockets

    Hi all, I'm new here, so please go easy :yes:. Would appreciate some assistance though. I've just been around to my mums and go a little buzzing type shock from the toaster. I only had my electrical testing screwdriver with me as i'm miles away from home. The screws are indeed live for this...
  26. S

    I worked out what a neon screwdriver is for

    Contrary to popular belief they are not fishing weights, neither are they a substitute padlock for the garden shed. No. A neon screwdriver is designed to be the perfect size to remove layers of paint from slotted screws so they can be removed with little or no swearing.
  27. A

    continuity of ring final circuit

    Hi Just doing end to end test line - line 0.51ohms seems fine cpc-cpc 0.91 ohms seems fine But N- N reading is coming up 1.46 Kilo ohms ??!!! any thoughts I am doing 2392-10 and am fairly gentle angus
  28. W

    Makita BHP453 18v 3.0ah Li Cordless Drill....Anyone got experience with one?

    Just ordered my first ever cordless drill (very newly qualified industrial sparky) and after much deliberation I decided to go for the Makita BHP453 18v 3.0ah Li. Has any fellow sparkys had this drill? If so, what is the performance like?? It seems like a good drill at a good price (£150). I...
  29. S

    Anyone uses a Yankee screwdriver in this trade

    Ive seen a few people using them and im wondering if its useful for the electricians. Any sparks here use them. If you dont know what im talking about, its the screwdriver which you push and it turns by itself, if you know what i mean.
  30. B

    My Circuit Test Screwdriver Melted!!

    I bought one of these a few weeks ago from an online company (who will remain unnamed for the time being) and i was using as normal to test a circuit and the handle started melting. The company have said they won't give me a refund, and will only exchange it for another one? But before i do...
  31. W

    Cables in attic, whats the best way to board / insulate over them?

    I'm looking to board out the middle of my attic and was wondering what to do about the cables. The majority of cables are placed around the edge of the attic in the eaves so are on top of the insulation and are not a problem, but there are still some down the middle for landing lights and...
  32. T

    testing live wires

    Hi guys, I'm after advise on checking live wires. Do I need a circuit tester or can I use the Electricians screwdriver I have, and if so how does it work. Many thanks
  33. Jurassic Sparks

    free cable guide kit

    working locally I had a problem with an overheated cut out and was unable to remove it to start work (emergency job) so I nipped the seals of the meter to remove the tails then dropped my screwdriver down the back of a panel !!!!!!! luckily Maplins is over the road, walked in and they do a...
  34. J

    Domestic Security screws???

    Greetings all, My friend asked me, the other day, to have a look at her vacuum cleaner, which is a VAX model, as the wire is loose. I unscrewed all the screws to the plastic base, but was unable to gain access to the motor, where the flex is connected. There are several screws which im...
  35. PJK

    Mains Tester screwdriver

    Hi I am hoping for some advice and to see if anyone is aware of this issue. I was using a mains 240volt mains tester screwdriver ( the clear type, no battery, you just put your finger on the end cap to see if the screwdriver lights up, indicating 240v present). I was getting an indication on...
  36. G

    what kind of screwdriver is this called? help!

    I am looking for the type of screwdriver you get for doing fuseboards, you know the kind that looks like 2 flat heads crossed like this + or looks like a star driver with the tip cut off, it fits into the screws used on consumer units perfectly, i have looked for them in local tool shops butt...
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