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  1. N

    New to forum from Gateshead, ex rigs

    Hi all, Just joined the forum to read up about peoples experiences of changing career at later life. I'm 47 and have been working on the rigs for the past 25 years, in a position that I would say is 50% technical and 50% physical, but just been made redundant recently. I've been toying with...
  2. L

    Having issues with this wiring set up that is in an older house.

    I have a 2 gang box in my dining room one of them is part of a three way switch to the main light. I also have three recessed lights in that room that I was trying to run to the other switch. With all of that going on I realized the switch also had more wires all tied in together. I removed a...
  3. stephanjs

    UK Where would I find the MPAN on a "Radio Telemeter Series K" meter? Unlike the older meters, this just has a serial number and tores code on it.

    Where can I find the MPAN on a "Radio Telemeter Series K" meter? Unlike the older meters, this just has a serial number and stores code on it. I have no way of getting past energy bills but doubt if that would help as the meter has been changed. ENA requires a 21 digit MPAN. The serial number...
  4. littlespark

    Aftermarket radio for older car

    I’m looking for a cheap radio for my daughters Kia picanto. It’s a 2010 and the radio only has a CD player. I’m looking for something with usb and Bluetooth so she can answer her phone safely. Are the under £40 android ones I see on eBay any good? (Although marked as “unbranded” possible carp)...
  5. T

    multiple circuits stopped getting power same time, replaced all, still no power??

    video explaining/showing problem View: https://youtu.be/VjtsPzzZYrQ this is a eaton cutler hammer circuit breaker. The house was built in 1969 but the breaker was upgraded to this eaton 9 years ago when i bought it. House uses mostly older outlets that are 2 prong, not 3 prong. HOuse does...
  6. D

    Possibly one for Pete (or other older tool tarts)

    What does the AF on an old spanner stand for ??
  7. N

    Fluorescent tubes for older fittings

    Although I am C & G qualified and fully trained as a spark I am donkeys years out of date and wish to ask this question. "I have a two 4 foot 40 watt fluorescent fittings in my kitchen which now need new tubes. There appears to have been changes in the size of tubes with which I am unfamilier...
  8. S

    Grounding advice on older property

    Hi, I’ve just been to look at a job to add a socket in a ex-mod (1960ish) domestic property. The cables are singles pulled through metal conduit in between the ground and first floor. The problem is that the sockets have no CPC conductor in the back box so I ‘assumed’ that the CPC was fed...
  9. Bubbler Bob

    Upgrading Older Style Wylex Type B MCB's to BS EN 60898

    hanks Hi new member here wishing some advise! I've a 6 Way Consumer Unit with Wylex Type B (WYB Series, BS3871) Push In/Pop Out style MCB's, which is working with no known faults. Utilising 2 x 5A MCB's re front & rear ceiling light circuits, and 2 x 30A MCB's re front & rear power socket...
  10. H

    Older house loft insulation and cables

    Hi, Wish to increase loft insulation from 100 to 300mm. At present lighting and power cables are clipped direct to ceiling joists barely covered by insulation. The depth of insulation planned will cover these cables and I seek a solution. Thanks.
  11. D

    DB keys for older boards

    Good morning We have many different makes of db’s on site and many different ages of bored, each dB have there make of lock fitted into the door, we are looking to get keys for all DBS but are struggling to find them, please can anyone send a link to a company that sells many different makes...
  12. B

    Our first property - seller says CU is older than 2005 - no cert required

    Hi all We're moving in to our first property - it's a 1950's build. The house has been bought buy a property developer who bought it from the previous owner so that they could purchase a new build (part ex). We had a survey done recently and one of the things that has come up is the lack of...
  13. Pete999

    Guilible older people

    You must have seen the case of a piece of filth who charged some poor OAP out of £74K for replacing a damaged tile on the roof of his/her house, a complete scrote and nonperson imo. In my recent capacity of a Charity Handy person, I was aske to help an old infirm Lady to repair a damage curtain...
  14. Pete999

    Older members, what do tou get up to?

    As the title suggests, for those of us who have retired, or cut back on their working practices, taking into account drinking smoking and unrelated activities. Myself I have become a volunteer for Age UK, although nothing much has come my way just yet, I have also expored the possibility of...
  15. T

    The fitting that I took down today

    I took down this 4ft fluorescent fitting today, it was still working fine. The date on the ballast is 1959!!
  16. AF2909

    Is this is spur from a newer 100A fuse into the older VIR & Bakelite fuse?

    Evening all, go gentle on my for my first post ;) I purchased a property in January, and we have planned to fit a downstairs toilet. Upon further inspection I believe that it appears that the DNO have fitted a 'newer' (I say newer as it's not new given that I had the old fuses removed from my...
  17. Pete999

    Looking cool back in the day, for the older guys

    Back in the days before poncy tool belts and work trousers with more ockets than there were trousers, many Sparkies including me would stick one handle of a pair of pliers or side cutters in the back pocket of our Levi 501s. Looked the Dogs doobries I can tell you, made you stand out on site as...
  18. FatAlan

    Old electric underfloor systems....one for the older farts on here!

    In the process of buying an old cottage. Apparently there is an old underfoor heating system that dates back to the sixties so just as old as me. Can you tell me what this is? See piccture attached. Is it some sort of transformer? What ever it is it makes a good humming noise.
  19. S

    Apprenticeship for an older guy?

    Hi, I'm 38, an IT guy, office based and kinda fell into it about 7 years ago. I'm a help desk guy doing desktop and server support. Not really loving it and not fulfilled. I worked on site about 8 years ago doing a bit of plumbing, gas fitting and general handyman type work all under...
  20. codger

    RCD operating times

    Hello. Just a quick query please lads. Operating times for RCDs, (non-delay) on 100% of rated residual tripping current. Is the maximum operating time 300 or 200ms? Guidance Note 3 states 300ms, but various other publications say 200ms. I was under the impression it was 200ms. Just trying to...
  21. W

    NICEIC Certification Scheme Help interpreting NICEIC report

    (Hi, first post, not an electrician, just looking for advice, I hope thats allowed but mods please let me know if it isn't) Looking to buy a place and our surveyor recommended we get the electrics checked. So the electrician has sent us his NICEIC test report. The summary is: "No earth...
  22. M

    Whats this mean on a rcd test

    I think i know but want to make sure
  23. carl9254

    MEM RCBO's

    Hello, Had a price of £80 for a new MEM rcbo from edmunsons. Anyone know of anywhere cheaper to get them or an alternative that will fit? Just after about 10 B32's for a domestic board. Thanks
  24. J

    private low voltage supply

    I was hoping someone could clarify an example of a private lv supply?
  25. J

    Square D RCBO's

    hi all, does anyone know if you can fit the new style rcbo into the old style board as i need to upgrade 2 mcb's to rcbo's many thanks
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