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  1. Electrical2go

    Electrical2Go Halloween Offers

    Our Halloween offers are here! Click below to see six of our current offers, which are available till Sunday midnight! *Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers
  2. Electrical2go

    Electrical2Go now stocks eVolo!

    Electrical2Go is proud to announce that we now stock eVolo EV charge points. eVolo is the new sustainability brand by Deta Electrical. These EV charge points are fitted with cutting-edge technology, offering charging solutions for both residential and commercial parking. There are currently 2...
  3. Lou

    Take Electrical2Go Survey To Enter Prize Draw!

    View in web browser Complete Our 5 Minute Survey To Enter a Prizedraw To Win a £50 Amazon Voucher! At E2GO, we are dedicated to continuous improvement and highly value our customers' opinions. That's why we are reaching out to hear your thoughts on how...
  4. Electrical2go

    Electrical2Go are now selling Priority and Non-Priority EV Boards from Garo

    ENHANCED PROTECTION FOR MODERN POWER DEMANDS Innovative, Protective & Efficient Effective and easy to install solutions to safely manage the load between multiple electric showers or an electric shower & EV Charger. Protect your main incoming supply with GAROs Priority & Non-Priority Boards...
  5. Electrical2go

    Electrical2Go December 2020 Newsletter - Bestsellers

    ??? So we're only two weeks away from Christmas and here are our bestselling categories of 2020. We've worked really hard this year on making sure we stock the items you need the most. Did you know that if we don't stock the item you are needing we can get it added to our website in 1 -2...
  6. Lou

    Electrical2Go Still Open 5% Discount for members!

    Just a note on behalf of @Electrical2go to say that they are still very much open for business and are giving forum members 5% off your orders with them. www.Electrical2go.co.uk They wish you all the best and hope you are all staying safe throughout these strange times. If you have any...
  7. Electrical2go

    Click GridPro available now at Electrical2Go

    Available now on Electrical2go.co.uk, and be sure you use your forum discount for 5% off. Get in touch if you haven't got yours yet, and we'll get your discount activated for you for all future pruchases with Electrical2Go.
  8. Electrical2go

    NEW Industrial Control Products @ Electrical2Go

    Don't forget, you get 5% off of all purchases as a member of Electricians Forum. If you don't already have your code, message us and we'll get your automatic discount set up.
  9. Electrical2go

    SALE*** See How Much Electrical2Go Can Save You - PLUS your 5% Discount

    Don't forgot to save extra £££s with your forum discount :) Not using yours yet? o_O Message us for your discount code!
  10. Electrical2go

    AIRFLOW Aria Quiet Axial Fans from Electrical2Go

    Don't forget to use your discount code for Electrician's Forum when signing up. If you don't have your 5% discount code pop us a message and we'll send it over. Remember it is a code to be used when creating an account, so if you already have an account, let us know and we'll update your...
  11. Electrical2go

    Aurora AOne Now Available at Electrical2Go.co.uk

    Don't forget to get in touch for your 5% discount code. Available to all members Remember you only enter the code once upon sign up, and the discount is applied automatically at checkout each and every time you order. So if you have an account already on Electrical2Go and you aren't yet...
  12. Electrical2go

    UK Merry Christmas from Electrical2Go

    :christmastree::christmastree:We're back on the 2nd January 2020 :christmastree::christmastree: Merry Christmas All ??
  13. Electrical2go

    Keep Your Cool! Sales on Airmaster Fans at Electrical2Go

  14. Electrical2go

    OLEV Grant switching to SMART Charging

    All government funded home chargepoints for electric vehicles must use innovative ‘smart’ technology from July 2019, the government announced on 14 December 2018, fulfilling the commitment in the Road to Zero Strategy published in 2018. This means chargepoints must be able to be remotely...
  15. Electrical2go

    NEW Products added to Electrical2Go - SANGAMO has arrived

    Sangamo Products added to Electrical2Go Available Now Time Switches and Heating Controls Don't forget EF Members get 5% off all products at Electrical2Go.co.uk if you don't have your code yet, message us!
  16. Electrical2go

    GIVEAWAY - Win an ESP NightHawk LED Floodlight with Electrical2Go - COMPETITION - FREE

    Win an ESP NightHawk Low Energy LED Floodlight (NH-150) Worth £38.54 We are giving away 2 ESP NightHawks to fellow electriciansforums members, who kindly share with us any products that YOU feel we should sell at www.Electrical2Go.co.uk We want to make sure we are providing electricians with...
  17. rolyberkin

    Give electrical2go a try

    Credit where credit is due, I have used the forum sponsors electrical2go a couple of times now and their prices as well as service are very good, if you haven't done so, consider giving them a try! Phoned them today to see an order was on its way and the service from Elliot (by his own...
  18. polo1

    Electrical2Go discount.....

    Hi peeps, is this discount still valid? can't seem to get it to work putting in "Forum1st" as the discount code:)
  19. Dan

    Electrical2Go Sponsor ElectriciansForums.co.uk! 5% Discount This Way!

    Electrical2go.co.uk is the online face of Phase Electrical Distributors Ltd. Wholesalers at heart with stock value into the millions we can offer next day delivery on hundreds of lines. Not only do we hold millions in stock but with next day direct to site agreements with many top suppliers we...
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