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  1. R

    UK Adding another DB

    Hi Just a quick one, I am a qualified electrician but i haven't been on the tools for a while and won't be doing the work but just trying to help a friend out. Basically they are having a new kitchen diner and they currently have gas hob and small single oven which are fed off the ring main...
  2. L

    Metal consumer only option now?

    Following on from this saga: SWA questions, doubting electrician - I had an electrician out to quote to rectify the problems yesterday after dealing with the tripping issue myself. I have now been told...
  3. Dan

    120 members deleted their accounts on there since we had the option

    120 accounts deleted since having the option. That's not bad. No bans I don't think. Once was extended for life. Can't say who. And 8000 I removed for not logging in for 2 years. So our new figures is under 15,000. We had 3000 login over 30 days. That's not bad. 20% of users.
  4. S

    IET 18th Ed. Wiring Regs Course - Best Option to Learn

    Hi, I'm just wondering if anyone has any tips or knowledge on where to take the 18th Ed Wiring Regs Course/Exam? I've been quote £450 for a 10 weeks course at my local college but wasn't sure what the going price for this was, and if there is a more economical way of doing it? I took the 17th...
  5. rolyberkin

    2D led replacement for bulkhead with emergency option

    Probably a silly question but is there a plug in option for 4 pin 2D emergency/maintained bulkhead using the existing control gear and batteries, if I plug in a 2d 4 pin LED bulb what will happen??:)
  6. M

    Which option/route is better for unexperienced

    Hi, I am 25 years old and wanting to start a trade however is it worth doing the level 2 and 3 (2365) to become an electrician domestic or commercial or would the option of aiming to be gas safe engineer be the best option I.e. better pay more job opportunities etc. I know this probably...
  7. Marti

    Which wholesaler is your preferred option and why? Is it just price?

    Evening Gents and Gentle Persons, As the title asks, Which wholesaler is your preferred option and why? Is it really just a price decision? I'm Essex based, using CEF and Screwfix. The CEF staff, at least at the Romford branch, are second to none! Unfortunately the corp' website is...
  8. Mark.W

    Emergency Lighting

    Hey guys, How do you all wire your emergency lighting? Option 1. When the key switch is switched, ALL lights go off and the emergencies stay on. Option 2. The lights operate as normal when the key switch is switched but the emergencies switch to emergency mode. With option 2, am I correct...
  9. H

    MEM 3-phase board

    Morning all, As the regulars know, I work in a school part-time (while sparking part-time), and I'm going to do a bit work for them - they need power dropping in for 11 PCs. No problem, 2 RFCs should do to share the leakage currents of the machines, bit of dado trunking round the room, RFC...
  10. C

    Controlling light switches

    Hi, Looking for info on how to control access to a light switch in a communal hall. It is 2 way and fed from one flat only. The flat owner wants to control use of the light. I have seen a keypad used but no idea who made it. Anyone got any ideas? Thanks
  11. O

    Finding threads that you have started

    Am I missing something here? I can't see to locate an option "just" to show my started threads.... Thanks
  12. S

    Hello, im new and need advise on how to include a image.

    Hello Its Scott ive just joined. I want to post a question but I don't understand how to inset a photo of my boilers wiring diagram. When I click image it say image URL. What do I do.
  13. Leesparkykent

    Vaulted ceiling with exposed beams.

    I'm looking for suggestions...Vaulted ceiling with exposed beams and 3 chandeliers in a row hanging from the centre all to be switched separately . The ceiling has been boarded, insulated and tiled from outside so no chance of running cables up to chandelier positions hidden from view. My 1st...
  14. M

    Your opinion about a training center

    Hello. I am a newbie that just started working as electrician's mate and I am interested about following an electrician course having the option for weekend attendance. Someone from a college that has the workshop in Luton called me yesterday to arrange an interview to check my eligibility. Is...
  15. D

    Working weekends ADVICE NEEDED!

    Hi, all ive been an electrician for about 9 years now (including 4 year apprenticeship). I am going to be going to university in September to study electrical engineering. Rather than work in tesco I was wondering if anybody has any advice for what is best to do making use of my qualifications...
  16. happyhippydad

    Socket in a bathroom closet?

    Morning.. I have been asked to put a socket in a bathroom closet which has a door on it. Is there anything in the regs with regards this? The only similar situations that I can find show the wall seperating the area from the bath, but in my case there is a door as well, so the closet is...
  17. driverman

    Fluke tester

    Hi guys, for those of you into testing a lot, using a Fluke 1652C all in one tester. What does EER 5 mean when testing? I'm told it could mean noise. Could someone explain please? The test are mainly carried out on larger size distribution cables (longer runs etc) as opposed to domestic...
  18. C

    Domestic Main Fuse query

    Hi, I've come across a system with no apparent main fuse. The supply comes into a metal hinged box with the words BIG Ltd on it. This is boxed inside a cupboard so I can't open it or tell if it is sealed. The tails then come out to the meter and into a double pole connector block. This...
  19. uksparks

    Contactor or this PIR

    Hi, Got a job to do next week, just wanted your opinion on it really, I am fitting a Dimplex IRX2000 Infrared Heater 2kW, and it needs to come on automatically when someone enters the room, only a small outside toilet. Anyway, I was going to put it on a PIR with a contactor, but then just...
  20. vxwestie

    replacement Bosch 36v batteries

    Ive used Bosch power tools for years without problems, However both batteries on my Bosch 36v SDS have failed within weeks of each other and the drill is just out of warranty. One battery wont hold any charge, one will only hold enough for two rawlplugs There seems to be several option, the...
  21. dez0178

    danfoss 103E5 control unit for central heating problem.

    Hi, My control unit is operating. The time is displaying and you can use the various functions but the problem is there is no red light illuminating and will not come on. Even the 1hr+ option isn't kicking in. The heating has been used since approx. early april. Hot water fine and so is boiler...
  22. A

    Selector Switch

    Hello! Which selector switch can pick OPTION A , OPTION B and join A&B? Se attached drawing.
  23. S

    Multiple outside socket outlets

    Went to price job for new patio outside power possible socket and sfcu for lights. Customer now wanting x 3 2g outside sockets. One at each far end of patio and third on far side away from house. Previous spark has left a 2.5 t/e cable ready to go though wall spurred from kitchen socket ring...
  24. R

    options for adult trainee

    Hi guys, A bit of guidance needed please, I'm looking to get back into the electrical trade after about 4 years out, I gained my 17th back in 2008ish when I was a mate for a firm for about 7 yrs on/off. Ive been in touch with with my 2 nearest colleges (I'm in Carlisle, Cumbria) about night...
  25. P

    MCCB as a switch disconector

    Can an MCCB be used as mains isolating switch in a 3 ph board.
  26. I

    Light switch two on positions and an off for use with timer

    is there such a thing as a light switch that has two on positions and an off. I have a DIN mounted timer, controlling lights but would like to put a switch in between to either turn off the lights when the timer is activated OR turn the lights on when the timer is out of hours. see diagram thx
  27. happyhippydad

    moving a socket 50cm!!

    Customer wants a socket moved 50cm to the right. The wall is brick with socket fed from below (floorboards), channelled into wall. The 3 options I've given are: 1. Blanking plate on current socket and channel across. (cheapest option) 2. Take out cable from wall, under floorboards and channel...
  28. B

    Client Log In For Website

    Anybody have any advice on how easy it is to set up a client log in on your website to view and download reports? Know it might be a bit more of a IT bod question, but just wondered if anybody has the option there self or a bit more expertise than me on the subject. Its more of an option for...
  29. J

    extend cooker circuit or rewire new one

    Client want cooker moved as they are getting new kitchen installed the problem I have is cooker circuit runs up through ceiling where I can't access because the ceiling is staying that tongue and groove stuff or whatever it's called my only option is crimp and extend down through under floor...
  30. T

    Wireless switch?

    Hi all, Hoping you can help with a problem. Just taken over a new install all the 1st fix seems to be in order EXCEPT there is a strapper missing in a intermediate lighting system. Now its a typical new build with chip board floors all the wall have now been plastered so running the missing...
  31. steveberry

    Ring testing

    Hi all can you help to settle a argument. Situation 2 x 4mm in the top of a 32mm. MCB Option 1 This indicates to me that it is either 2 radials in the same MCB, or a 4mm ring. A ring continuity test should be carried out to prove that a ring exists or it is 2 radials. If a ring exists...
  32. N

    Garage Circuit

    HI Guys.. hope everyone is well! I need some advice please on a garage circuit, i am still pretty new and I am hoping to use this job i am about to describe as one of my NIC jobs to get registered. So, a friend asked me too look at a fault in the garage where when he switches the light on the...
  33. B

    Is there such a relay.

    Ok so the operatives at work are wining about how hard their jobs is, the usual. The scenario is at the moment they have a set of vibrators on dust silos that feed onto a conveyor belt, the current set up is an on/off switch on the control desk that switches the vibrators on via a contactor...
  34. P

    Plasterer - stealing work from honest sparky

    Well, was asked to add 10 sockets to a ring and convert a double to a single to make way for the partition wall. Did all the pre-work, only thing left to do was break into ring and convert the existing socket. Was waiting for client to give me date and time to take the power off (its a 10way SP...
  35. R

    Inspection camera £70 at Lidl

    Was in Lidl today and noticed they are doing an inspection camera from next Thursday LIDL Great Britain - Now, I've fancied getting one of these for ages. Those of you who already have one: Are they good? Is this particular one a good one? What kind of features should you get in a...
  36. I

    3036 rewirable rcd protection

    have a customer with a 3036 rewireable board. i Need to provide rcd protection for 1x30a ring circuit and 1x5a lighting circuit for additions. my plan is to remove the ring main and lighting circuit from existing fuse board. From one of the now spare ways run a 6mm2 t+e fused at 40a to a new...
  37. J

    Help please - 2 parallel South South East facing roofs

    Semi ignorant member of the public here looking for advice from an expert not trying to sell to me. I am in NE Scotland. Looking to purchase 16 X 250 W panels but too tight for space on largest SSE facing roof. I have 2 parallel SSE facing roofs about 8 feet apart. The smalIer roof will have...
  38. W

    Hager CU with BS1361 fuses

    Just done some minor work at a house and they've asked me to price for some more work which will involve moving sockets etc and a new cooker circuit. The CU is a Hager unit with BS1361 fuseholders. (From 15th Edition days?) Does anyone know offhand if Hager RCBOs will fit, as the case is not...
  39. S

    what brand of pv panel to install?

    what panel would be best foe my 6.5m x4m garage roof? it is sw facing 40 deg pitch. have been quoted Ying li, sanyo hit 250 and schott pannels hope to get 12 panels on. Which ones would give best return? what kind of price should i be looking at? thanks
  40. telectrix

    Low Pressure Shower.

    looking for a supplier of an instantaneous shower that will work on poor water pressure. i.e. a normal shower goes cold and the low pressure warning light comes on , sometimes randomly, or anytime somebody turns a tap on or flushes a bog. Triton do a pump assisted one, but it's nearly £300 with...
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