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  1. Dan

    How to contact forum staff

    How to contact forum staff. :) https://www.electriciansforums.net/forums/contactstaff/ We have a new forum category now, that only yourself and staff can see the threads that you create in there. So if Uncle @Pete999 needs help doing something, he can start a new thread in there. And only...
  2. Pete999

    My Account seems to have been altered can Staff member enlighten me?

    As title Help or explanation please
  3. Dan

    7 staff online right now

    Who said we needed more staff? There's loads here. :) :cool:
  4. M

    Help from Forum support staff

    hi I am not sure how to contact you direct so I have posted this way, I’m not sure why you can’t access the survey as several members have been successful in completing the survey without any required signing in, like I previously said all I can think is that the members who cannot access are...
  5. J

    Delivering PAT training to internal staff

    Hi, My company are looking to have some PAT training delivered to some of our facilities staff and before I look to sign off on this I was wondering if there is any qualifications I would need to deliver the course (the one I have been forwarded is not accrediated but the learner would get a...
  6. Sintra

    New staff members are now here.

    Just to let you all know we now have two new staff members @SparkyChick and @westward10 have both agreed to be our new moderators.
  7. littlespark

    Message to the forum staff

    As i wake up at godawful times in the morning, can I be put in a position where I can delete these damned Chinese posts? I see most of them appear at around 4am british time, I get up at 6 and not start working til 8 (new puppy, she's a bitch. Obviously) I've got an hour or so spare time every...
  8. GMES

    Staff announcement / Banned & Old members

    Hi Guy's As members of various forums a few of you will know that another forum is to close down soon, After a Discussion with Dan and Other Admin I am here to let everyone know that an olive branch as been offered to all Banned members that all are welcome to re-join the Electricians forum, the...
  9. Anthony_wayne

    Electricians arms...

    evening folks, How do I get the sufficient privileges to gain access to the pub?! I couldn't see a "contact us" page. Thanks in advance Anthony
  10. telectrix

    puppy times.

    just to lighten the atmosphere before i go to my pit, here's an employer we'd all like to work gor. Brewdog gives staff a week off when they get a puppy | Daily Mail Online - http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4232802/Beer-company-gives-staff-week-puppy.html
  11. GMES

    Competition no 2

    Ok Guy's , following on from Sintra's spot the ball, this is competition number 2. So this is nothing Technical and there is no right or wrong answer, it's simply a little bit of fun with a prize. 1st prize - £ 20.00 Amazon gift card 2nd prize - £ 10.00 halfords voucher Below is an image...
  12. Sintra

    Forum Competition

    The staff have decided to kick off the holiday season with a few competition for the members. All competitions will have a prize or prizes for the winners / runners up which have been donated by the staff members. So we are going to start off with a "Spot the Ball" competition. Prizes for this...
  13. S

    Time sheet software? Becoming a nightmare

    Hi, I'm a new member but I run a commercial electrical contractors, it's a family business around for 35 years and I've been in it for about 13 now. Started off in admin, then a full apprenticeship, electrician, junior project manager, estimator, manager, now I'm operations manager running all...
  14. G

    hi can you please delete my account and all my details please admin

    Hi can you please delete my account and all my details please admin as I feel I have given to many of my details away signing up to trainee forum as my college tutor advised me to have the account deleted and all details removed from forum thankyou
  15. tosh1

    Domestic "mk switch exchange"

    MK SWITCH EXCHANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :banghead: Is anyone else having this nightmare trying to get a payment out of the company. They were very quick in offering a call out fee to check switch but its like getting blood out of a...
  16. L

    Commercial Labelling.

    Hi all, I've recently had an occurrence on a shopfit job I've just finished in Spitalfields where as usual I was the only trade who was beaten with a whip to finish by the hand over date which obviously turned out to be pointless as there were chippies & painters etc there in the following few...
  17. E

    Opportunity to work for Mitie, any opinions/advice?

    Hi all, I have recently had an offer of a job working for Mitie in a maintenance role. Just wondering if anyone has previous experience with the company? Operations? How they treat staff etc etc. I am still completing my training and would be looking for good career progression. Many thanks
  18. D

    Industrial Certs for overseas company working in the UK

    Hi, I work for an overseas company who are building a process plant in the UK. We are employing a mixture of UK and overseas contractors. For the installation, commissioning and overseeing of the electrics and control systems we are doing the work ourselves as this is our area of expertise...
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