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  1. Strima

    Moderator Approval?

    Why do a lot of my posts now require moderator approval? I've also seen other members question this but their question was lost within other threads.
  2. Dan

    Horizontal Posts / Messages

    I thought 'hmmmm they're all used to the forum now what can I do to get them lost on here again' so completely changed the message layout. :D :D :D :D Only kidding I didn't think that. But I'm sure some will get lost. Posts now go alllllll the way across the page. So images can be bigger in...
  3. Lister1987

    Issue with 'New Posts' page and formatting

    Not sure if I'm the only one with this issue, not checked if it duplicates on desktop. Doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to it, my gut says whatever add-on is doing the adverts is screwing the CSS on the new posts page Sys info below
  4. SparkyChick

    Duplicate Posts - How to avoid them

    There seems to be quite a high rate of duplicate posts occurring. It's relatively straightforward to avoid them if you follow these instructions:- When you post, you may notice a rotating/scrolling/spinning image appear in the top right corner of the browser window. If something has gone...
  5. Spoon

    New Members Posts..............

    To the powers that be: Is there a way of changing the current way new members post? At present they have to wait for the post to be reviewed before it gets posted. I'm all happy with that. What I don't like is, when the post is reviewed and accepted it get slotted in when the OP posted it...
  6. happyhippydad

    What happened to my posts from this morning?

    I did 2 posts this morning and they have disappeared. They were replies to 2 different threads both by the same OP. The first one was 'which toolbelt do you recommend' (ps.. not the one I recently started) and the second one was about which flat head bit was best to get for putting in socket...
  7. T

    What we can do with spam posts

    So, I thought if I put the author of a post, such as the spam posts, on ignore they will disappear? However they do not they are there still large as life. Is there any way to clear the screen from my (the user) end? Oh great admins tell us please:rolleyes:
  8. pirate

    Goodnight all, and thank you for your posts!

    Off to bed now, so just closing with a nod to those who like their vino tinto...tesco are selling a nice ribera duoro at about a fiver, and it's pretty good! The continuing offer of 43% Tanqueray gin at £21/litre is good too. In other news, I have joined a Men's Shed charity group and we have a...
  9. dnjr

    Chinese posts !! Why so many

    Dear All any ideas what’s with all the Chinese posts and how to get rid of them or stop them Please
  10. C

    Retrieve images previos posts

    Hi anyway i can retrieve attached images from one of my previous posts? Dont seam to be loading and says error? Cheera
  11. Pete999

    Oriental looking scam posts

    Anyone still getting them? I had 195 this morning, aren't I the lucky one?
  12. Spoon

    Spam posts by kevie6549

    To get rid of all the junk the person is posting just click on his name and pick 'Ignore'... As you see I've already done it.
  13. Spoon

    3000 posts......................

    Yes, I have just had an award for posting 3000 posts... and I've only been on here since June 2010.. :tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy:
  14. Dan

    Update: Forum moved to new server and being tweaked

    Okay, So we've been running with various bugs for ages. The transfer was long overdue. We've done it now, we're fully on the new server. I'm tweaking the forum now and fixing the bugs so give me a couple of days before you start to tell me what's not working etc please. :)
  15. F

    Tilers forum mixed with electricians forum

    Hello. All recent posts on the electrician forums for the last few weeks have more tiling posts. Have the forums got mixed up somehow?
  16. Pete999

    New Posts

    8 new posts showing seems I'm getting an awful lot of Dan posts as some have sugested
  17. Pete999


    One for Admin, not sure if I'm making something out of nothing, when I look at the "new posts" as an example I get say 17 new posts, yet when I scroll to the new posts there are maybe only 7 showing, is this just the way of the Forum or am I doing something wrong? any help from Admin would be...
  18. Spoon

    Whats going on....

    Go on @Dan . What's happening with all the posts. We can't reply to any. What am I missing... ( Besides a brain.... )
  19. Dan

    Top Poster Of The Month Winner October 2016!

    @westward10 hit the highest post count for October. @Leesparkykent came 2nd, and @telectrix 3rd. Well done to all. @Pat H is just in front of him this month so far. Well done westward and thanks for your contributions to the forum! View the score board here, if you're not on it, you suck...
  20. M


    Morning all, Matthew here Have my pre AM2 this week and then the real deal starts Monday! So I signed up to look at any previous posts about the AM2 ( Pobably a few on here id imagine)
  21. T

    Shower tripping sockets rcbo

    On call and the socket rcbo is tripping when the shower gets turned on.i have traced the shower cable and it goes from db to switch to shower.there is nothing connected into the sockets it is on a 40 a rcbo the sockets are 32a The socket rcbo trips but the shower one doesnt. Any thoughts?
  22. C


    Hi. Just on looking for a bit information on the 2395. Have it coming up soon
  23. Dan

    Top Posters Of The Month

    Top Posters Of The Month is active, you'll get a badge for the following month when you win. I've removed admins from the counts now so it's between members only. A lot of mine are automated posts and it's unfair to count those. Good Luck
  24. happyhippydad

    How To See Your Previous Started Threads?

    Before the changes you could get a list of all the threads you had started (as well as your posts). I can only find how to see my posts, not my started threads. Any idea if this is still possible?
  25. G

    Domestic Extending a lighting Circuit

    Hello All, A friend of mine wants me to put lighting into his attached garage, He wants 2 fluorescent tube lights (28W) putting in. I have passed my domestic installer course and 17th edition course last year and I'm Part-P registered. (I'm currently waiting to register with NAPIT and to be...
  26. M

    Whats this mean on a rcd test

    I think i know but want to make sure
  27. Pete999


    Where is everyone? been a bit quiet lately
  28. J

    Domestic RCD test without RCD

    Is there anyway I can test an installation without an RCD so I can be sure when I changethe board the RCD will trip in time? Or calculation, such as V/R eg 230/Zs.????
  29. Dan

    Chatroom now installed for you

    I've installed a basic chatroom. It's accessible via the arms (pub) and also by clicking Chatbox Full in the main blue menu (under the orange menu). I'm still testing it, so if it breaks something else it will have to go. No tears if that's the case please. You need 30+ posts to use it. No...
  30. S

    City and Guilds Level 4 where next?

    Hi gents, Hoping you can help have passed my 2396 and wondering where do I go next? Am a install spark with all the quals and some working in maintenance (so easy!!) but have opportunity to progress any ideas? I would love to be a ops manager or similar but obviously require a HVAC qual...
  31. M

    pm not working

    Hi guys my private messaging ain't working is says error post count too low. But I have posted around 8 times already how many do I have to post before I can use pm thanks in advance
  32. Paul.M

    4000 posts from a phone, how sad am I?

    Yep ive managed 4000 posts on this forum by just using an HTC Desire mobile phone! Its taken 2 years and a lot of patients to write my replies and all those picture threads that ive done (may have to do another one soon) but i have proven to myself that I am a sad sparky edicted to this forum...
  33. A

    Taking over unfinished job

    Been asked to quote for a job where the builders have gone bankrupt. All first fix electrics are done so the company who has taken over wants second fix done and testing. All walls are plastered and is in finishing stages. Would you issue an eic or a EICR
  34. D

    French Fuse Box

    A friend bought a house in France and asked me a few questions I couldn't immediately answer. I'm sure those are the same posts that are used on the back of my hifi speakers.. hang on a minute.. yes they are! There are four speaker posts, one for each phase and I assume the red one's...
  35. N

    Supply for outbuilding

    Hi, I have been asked to supply an outside office(shed) with one socket and lighting. There is no metalwork in there. Can somebody point me in the right direction with regards to regs about clipping SWA to permanent boundaries and when or if you are allowed to clip SWA to a fence, what height...
  36. I

    What to fix a garden socket to.

    I have to install a socket in a garden but do not have a permanent structure to fix it to can anyone give me any ideas, thanks.
  37. P

    Fixed Equipment Spur - ring final circuit

    Now - up to about ten min's ago - i thought I had this install sussed- I'm a bit tired so I may just be misunderstanding some of the posts on this forum - I've also been out of the electrical game for about twenty years and just r*********** so need some support please - hence me checking and...
  38. D

    niceic assesment help

    i have an assesment for the domestic niceic part p registration.. i just want to know what the assessor checks for and is it a stricat and hard assesment... cheers ps....why do my posts keep dissapearing any idea
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