1. James

    NEW POSTS button (get well soon)

    There used to be a blue button at the bottom of each thread, near the post reply button. It would take you back to the new posts screen. for the last week or two this button has gone missing in action, I hope its stay in computer hospital / therapy etc. is a short one because I miss it...
  2. Dan

    Have 50+ posts; can view users logged in over past 24hrs

    We usually always rock this but we've not had it active for a while for conflict reasons. But I've just enabled it. But only people logged in and over 50 posts can view it. That's to keep the resources down a bit on the pages it's usually on. It's actually not showing right now, which might...
  3. B

    Finding posts amongst the junk

    We've had many episodes of being difficult to find threads amongst all the ads. Now that's been replaced by posts being lost among all the "posting to avoid account deletion" posts.
  4. littlespark

    Adverts within thread posts

    On some threads, where there are a large number of posts, there are adverts inside posts. (Might be in between?) but at least they are forum sponsors and not some random clickbait. Again, I’m not sure if this has always been like that, or it’s by design. Neither of these issues are massive...
  5. B

    L and N posts on 110v LED panel

    I have a 20w 110v LED. when i connect leads to the L and N posts the light works! when I turn it off, there is still a very faint energizing of the LED. the power plug has only two prongs and no ground. Does the FAT prong correspond to the L or the N?
  6. W

    Using lamp posts to charge EV’s

    Heres one to consider, the apparent government solution to charging EV vehicles for people without a driveway is to install a dual 16A charger on each street lamp post this will also remove the requirement or temptation to trail charging leads across the pavement and walkways from peoples homes...
  7. loz2754

    Unread posts counter inaccurate?

    Anyone know why I'm seeing 111 unread posts on the post counter say the top of the page, but the menu bar for unread posts says you have no unread posts? Picture attached.
  8. U

    Quoted posts

    Is it only me that can't see who is being quoted in posts, I'm getting the body text but the header does not have the name of the member being quoted
  9. Lou

    Forum now has over 1.5 Million Posts

    Not sure if this has been announced already, but if it hasn't, here it is. THE FORUM NOW HAS MORE THAN 1.5 MILLION POSTS!!!! Threads 126,514 Messages 1,522,317 Members 25,694
  10. Strima

    Moderator Approval?

    Why do a lot of my posts now require moderator approval? I've also seen other members question this but their question was lost within other threads.
  11. Dan

    Horizontal Posts / Messages

    I thought 'hmmmm they're all used to the forum now what can I do to get them lost on here again' so completely changed the message layout. :D :D :D :D Only kidding I didn't think that. But I'm sure some will get lost. Posts now go alllllll the way across the page. So images can be bigger in...
  12. Lister1987

    Issue with 'New Posts' page and formatting

    Not sure if I'm the only one with this issue, not checked if it duplicates on desktop. Doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to it, my gut says whatever add-on is doing the adverts is screwing the CSS on the new posts page Sys info below
  13. SparkyChick

    Duplicate Posts - How to avoid them

    There seems to be quite a high rate of duplicate posts occurring. It's relatively straightforward to avoid them if you follow these instructions:- When you post, you may notice a rotating/scrolling/spinning image appear in the top right corner of the browser window. If something has gone...
  14. Spoon

    New Members Posts..............

    To the powers that be: Is there a way of changing the current way new members post? At present they have to wait for the post to be reviewed before it gets posted. I'm all happy with that. What I don't like is, when the post is reviewed and accepted it get slotted in when the OP posted it...
  15. HappyHippyDad

    What happened to my posts from this morning?

    I did 2 posts this morning and they have disappeared. They were replies to 2 different threads both by the same OP. The first one was 'which toolbelt do you recommend' (ps.. not the one I recently started) and the second one was about which flat head bit was best to get for putting in socket...
  16. T

    What we can do with spam posts

    So, I thought if I put the author of a post, such as the spam posts, on ignore they will disappear? However they do not they are there still large as life. Is there any way to clear the screen from my (the user) end? Oh great admins tell us please:rolleyes:
  17. pirate

    Goodnight all, and thank you for your posts!

    Off to bed now, so just closing with a nod to those who like their vino tinto...tesco are selling a nice ribera duoro at about a fiver, and it's pretty good! The continuing offer of 43% Tanqueray gin at £21/litre is good too. In other news, I have joined a Men's Shed charity group and we have a...
  18. dnjr

    Chinese posts !! Why so many

    Dear All any ideas what’s with all the Chinese posts and how to get rid of them or stop them Please
  19. C

    Retrieve images previos posts

    Hi anyway i can retrieve attached images from one of my previous posts? Dont seam to be loading and says error? Cheera
  20. Pete999

    Oriental looking scam posts

    Anyone still getting them? I had 195 this morning, aren't I the lucky one?


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