1. Y

    Electrician Recruiting BMS Service Engineers!

    If you're looking for a career working for one of the strongest, most innovative businesses providing BEMS services across London and the South East then AIS BMS is the company that can help guide and inspire you to achieve your full potential. We pride ourselves on delivering first class...
  2. albi

    engineers alarm manuals

    does any one have a link for engineers manuals regards in advance
  3. T

    Electrician training for degree engineers

    Hi, I have a foreign Hnd and a master degree in Electrical engineering as well as the 17th edition. I am hands on in electrical installation but without Uk installation experience. I have been working in the manufacturing industry for the past 2 years but my interest and strength is in...
  4. ipf

    Don't you just love these specialised engineers.

    A bit of a problem with a 4 post car lift yesterday. I was in last week and tested it, two 20amp cartridge fuses blown, motor winding shot at. The machine needs no limit switch control, as it's done mechanically via an interlock, automatically operating a start button via a hand lever with...
  5. E

    any of you lot in the 170th royal engineers reserves?

    looking to dip my toes back into military life, just wondering if any of you lot are in the engineer reserves so i can arm wrestle you
  6. S

    Hiring for Electrical testing engineers in Essex, London, Cambridge and Reading

    Electrical Installation Engineers needed to carry out testing and minor remedial works in domestic properties. Vacancies in London, Hertfordshire, Reading and Cambridgeshire on a permanent basis with immediate start available. Engineers must hold their 17th Edition qualification, ECS and...
  7. Pete999

    Working with local engineers when working overseas

    I was working in Canada once and had to liaise / work with a local ADT chap, nice bloke but he was French Canadian, it was like working with Jean Claude Van Damn, thought he was going to kill me most of the time.:(:eek::oops:o_O
  8. C

    Looking for control system design engineers

    Hello all, I'm looking for a self employed / semi-retired control system designers to work with us on some on going projects. Until this time I have been doing the designing and programming work but due to a major increase in our workload I need someone who can visit sites & get to work...
  9. K

    Hi, just joined - working in the EV industry.

    Hello, Good on to be hear. I'm a former Part P spark, worked in the Solar industry, now working for a Tesla Motors (Electric car maker) as their installation manager for UK & Ireland. hoping to connect with other electricians and elctric so engineers - in particular those either already...
  10. E

    Commercial Different standards different trades

    Hello Sparks I feel a can of worms about to be opened. I am in the lift trade. Electricians are responsible up to the lift isolator and we are responsible for all electrical works on our side, which include shaft, motor room and car lighting and what we term small power (sockets in shaft...
  11. N

    Job Opportunity- Immediate start

    The Vehicle Group (TVG) are looking for experienced Auto Electrical Engineers As a growing business, we are always looking for great people to join our team. We are currently seeking exceptional Auto Electrical Engineers to fill both full-time and sub-contractor positions with immediate start...
  12. L

    Glow-worm 18hxi intermittent fault

    Hi, Got a Glow-worm 18hxi boiler (6yrs old) with an intermittent fault. Cuts out with F1 or F4 code message. Sometimes runs for several days with no problem, then cuts out once or twice same day. Regularly serviced by our local plumber (also fitted it) but he cannot find the problem. Had the...
  13. S

    Domestic tamper fault on Optima Compact

    Hi. I've tried to fit an Optima Compact alarm panel with built in key pad. Upon energising there is a tamper fault. I've removed all zones & linked them out but still no joy. This is the reason I hate doing alarms & will avoid in the future! Any ideas please??:devil:
  14. A

    BMS engineering/commissioning

    Hi all! I have been working in the BMS industry since I started and been talking to a few people on site, and was just wondering what views people had about an engineering/commissioning role, I have heard there is a lack of engineers recently and they earn good money. Is the pay as good as they...
  15. D

    ADT Alarm (won't let me post in Alarm)

    Hi Guys, I need to disconnect a phone line from an ADT alarm system. Contract is up and customer just wants a bells only system. I imagine once disconnecting a fault will throw up....can this be removed in user functions? Am not keen on crashing and re-programming the whole alarm. At this...
  16. C

    Honeywell Y8610U Intermittent Pilot Conversion Kit for Natural Gas boilers

    Hi All has anybody heard of the above for converting old style "pilot light always on" to "on demand" pilot light & gas boiler firing. Only seem to be available in USA & run off 24V ac TIA
  17. J

    work abroad??

    hi all, i am a new member, i am intrested if any one could point me into any good payed over sea contracts, do not what to be away all the time but would be happy to work 4 months, 2 weeks off... thanks if any one can help...
  18. L

    Wind load calculations

    Hi, Does anyone use any software for wind load calculations. If so how do you use the information to ensure the additional wind load is ok for the structure. I have seen other people use structural engineers but does anyone do it themselves and how. It is ok to say a building (domestic) of...
  19. R

    What kind of engineer does this seem like?

    I would prefer to build mechanical systems as I can be more hands-on, maybe use power tools, etc. Despite this, I am more interested in what electrical products such as computers, radios do, MP3s; I do have an interest in planes, rockets, and vehicles as well, albeit not as much. I would...
  20. R

    burglar alarms

    evening guys. been asked to look at a job which include atemping to get the olb alarm working,. it seems all in order but no one knows the code for the system. is it possible to get a master rest for them??? thanks, Ross.
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