1. D

    Electrician Jobs Electrical Engineer/Industrial Electricians

    We require Industrial Electrical Engineers/Electricians for the following. Machine installations and breakdowns. Inspection and testing/Upgrading of existing infrastructure. Quality of workmanship/Attention to detail and compliance with regulations paramount. Near Newport South Wales.
  2. J

    Best place to recruit PV engineers in surrey

    Hi, I am embarking on setting up a solar panel installation business in Surrey and need to find decent PV engineers who are looking to be part of the business that is going to go nationwide in the next 5 years. The business has not launched yet but if you know anyone that would be interested in...
  3. S

    What is something electrical engineers know that others don't?

    I am not a graduated electrical engineer, but I have currently completed my second year of Electrical Engineering and I am going to go to third year of Electrical Engineering.
  4. A

    Electrician in Kenya

    Dear Members, My name is Abdulhakim am from kenya, i work with an electrical company by name Link-up Power Engineers dealing with industrial installations, am very glad to join this great group.
  5. C

    What are the job opportunities for automotive embedded engineers in India and abroad?

    Hello Guys I am confused about what should I do after completed automotive embedded engineering? What are the job opportunities? in today world competition is too high so how can I get a job after completing embedded engineering? should I enroll more courses like ecm repairing training course...
  6. T

    Can electrical engineers do repairs during Covid times

    Hi I am new to this forum and would kindly request advice from any of your members. I have a Solar Inverter which is inside its 10 year warranty but has now it appears sadly stopped working. The company Uenergy originally asked for photos of their instalation, which I provided, claimed an...
  7. G

    Texecom veritas R8, lost engineers code, how do you factory reset?

    Texecom veritas R8, lost engineers code, how do you factory reset. End user code works ok, but cannot reset without engineers code. can anyone help??
  8. Y

    I Need Work Recruiting BMS Service Engineers!

    If you're looking for a career working for one of the strongest, most innovative businesses providing BEMS services across London and the South East then AIS BMS is the company that can help guide and inspire you to achieve your full potential. We pride ourselves on delivering first class...
  9. albi

    engineers alarm manuals

    does any one have a link for engineers manuals regards in advance
  10. T

    Electrician training for degree engineers

    Hi, I have a foreign Hnd and a master degree in Electrical engineering as well as the 17th edition. I am hands on in electrical installation but without Uk installation experience. I have been working in the manufacturing industry for the past 2 years but my interest and strength is in...
  11. ipf

    Don't you just love these specialised engineers.

    A bit of a problem with a 4 post car lift yesterday. I was in last week and tested it, two 20amp cartridge fuses blown, motor winding shot at. The machine needs no limit switch control, as it's done mechanically via an interlock, automatically operating a start button via a hand lever with...
  12. E

    any of you lot in the 170th royal engineers reserves?

    looking to dip my toes back into military life, just wondering if any of you lot are in the engineer reserves so i can arm wrestle you
  13. S

    Hiring for Electrical testing engineers in Essex, London, Cambridge and Reading

    Electrical Installation Engineers needed to carry out testing and minor remedial works in domestic properties. Vacancies in London, Hertfordshire, Reading and Cambridgeshire on a permanent basis with immediate start available. Engineers must hold their 17th Edition qualification, ECS and...
  14. Pete999

    Working with local engineers when working overseas

    I was working in Canada once and had to liaise / work with a local ADT chap, nice bloke but he was French Canadian, it was like working with Jean Claude Van Damn, thought he was going to kill me most of the time.:(:eek::oops:o_O
  15. C

    Looking for control system design engineers

    Hello all, I'm looking for a self employed / semi-retired control system designers to work with us on some on going projects. Until this time I have been doing the designing and programming work but due to a major increase in our workload I need someone who can visit sites & get to work...
  16. Lou

    RCP Electrical Engineers

    Why choose RCP Electrics? We have over 10 years’ experience in all kinds of electrical installation. Check out our 100% 5* reviews on Which? Trusted Traders. You said you want punctual - we arrive on time. You said you want tidy - we will always leave the job clean and tidy. You said you want...
  17. Sintra

    A Guide To Units & Symbols For Electricians And Electronic Engineers

    Sintra submitted a new resource: Units & Symbols - Units & Symbols Read more about this resource...
  18. K

    Hi, just joined - working in the EV industry.

    Hello, Good on to be hear. I'm a former Part P spark, worked in the Solar industry, now working for a Tesla Motors (Electric car maker) as their installation manager for UK & Ireland. hoping to connect with other electricians and elctric so engineers - in particular those either already...
  19. A

    Need new electrical test engineers

    DATA FACILITIES NEED NEW INSPECTION AND TEST ENGINEERS IN THE SOUTH & SOUTH WEST The Role of an Electrical Inspection & Test Engineer The ideal candidate will work from home and travel to undertake service visits to carry out electrical conditions reports, emergency lighting inspections...
  20. G

    Crane Engineers Required- Electrical - UK based

    Good Morning, I am currently recruiting for a number of Overhead Electrical Crane Engineers for roles across the North West UK and West Midlands area. You will have a min of 3 years experience working on Overhead Cranes and be familiar with invertors, AC/DC etc . Electrical Qualifications...


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