1. Lou

    Stoke-on-Trent College Electrician and Electrical Courses Feedback Thread.

    Stoke-on-Trent College provide Electrical and Electrician courses for school leavers and mature students with both full and part time tiling courses available to enrol on to. The cost of these courses can vary and it is important to enrol onto the one that matches your experience so you learn at...
  2. littlespark

    Local college offering free green courses

    Scottish Borders college, funded by some committee somewhere is offering green technology courses for free. I’ve signed up for a 3 day EV course… even though I did the 1 day NIC one a couple years ago. Also a course for Domestic Retrofit, which hopefully be as simple as it sounds…. A little...
  3. P

    PAT testing courses

    Yes, we all know it is In-Service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment now... We are thinking of sending our technician on a course to get some formal accreditation in this. We have a Seaward 100 (that our now-retired technician used at our previous place), and they can work their way...
  4. yung_kio

    What courses do you recommend an aspiring electrician should take?

    17 years old from UK. I am looking for an apprenticeship and thought I'd get into a course in the meantime. Can you recommend me some courses under £100 that'll help me cv?
  5. yung_kio

    Books and courses for an aspiring electrician?

    Hello, I am a 17 yr old lad who wants to become an electrician. I am interested in become an apprentice. I have been unsuccessful with getting into an apprenticeship so in the meantime, what courses do you recommend I enroll in? Free or paid, I don't necessarily mind. I can ask for funding if...
  6. D

    Help with 'fast track' courses.

    Hi all, I am 33 years old looking to train as an electrician. I have looked at apprenticeship options and at fast track options. I am struggling to find a fast track option that I am confident in and was wondering if there any reputable ones out there? The apprenticeship option is looking very...
  7. M

    Intensive courses - worth it?

    Alright everyone, Got a question and looking for some of your opinions. My brother is a qualified electrician and I'll be asking him the same when I see him! My background: mid 30s, Electrical technician, HNC electrical engineering, NVQ level 3 Engineering maintenance, 18th edition. I worked on...
  8. CopiamElectrical

    Central heat courses?

    Central heating courses/ Smart Control Heating / S Plan / Y Plan / Wiring Centre. Best course provider. Currently looked at tradeskills4you which is a 2 day course.
  9. W

    Are short electrician courses good?

    Hi I’m a plasterer/ Renderer at the moment, 20years experience so no youngster, I’m thinking about re training to either aim for electrician or gas, what’s peoples thoughts on the short courses that’s available? And if they are good to go on? Any advice would be appreciated
  10. J

    2391 Weekend courses (near me)

    Does anyone know if there are any training providers offering a 2391 weekend course around south Wales? I know access training do it in Cardiff but review's on them ain't the best. Has anyone used them? Also found one in Birmingham but nothing closer than that.
  11. D

    Napit Bpec Solar courses

    Hey Considering bpec solar course with Napit. Has anyone done this 3 day course? Is it worth doing or should I look at different qualifications for solar as I have no experience. I’m fully qualified electrician but I have never done any solar. Thanks
  12. marconi

    Barista coffee machine technicians courses

    I have a friend who would like to learn how to service and fix the professional coffee machines as used in the likes of COSTA, CAFE Nero and the rest. Are there general courses available in the UK? Or does one have to become a manufacturer's licensed technician and learn that way? These...
  13. E

    2919 EV course advice

    I’ve heard the C&G 2919 EV installation course is being discontinued in favour of a new NVQ in Sept 2022. Has anyone else heard this? I’ve done my C&G 2365 level 2, do you think I’d be able to pass the 2919 now to get it done before it swaps to an NVQ? Or should I really complete level 3 first?
  14. T

    Anyone with experience of EV charger courses?

    Hello again! Has anybody got any experience of EV charger installation courses? there are plenty about if I google it, of course, but would like to hear from anybody who has been on a course and found it helpful or otherwise! Many thanks
  15. D

    Online CAD courses

    Hi folks. I’m looking to do an online CAD course and was wondering if anyone has any real world experience of doing one. I believe there are a lot of resources on the ‘tube but would quite like the structure of an organised course. I’m proficient with a PC but haven’t used any CAD programmes...
  16. E

    I thought short courses were fine. Just done a week on site. Now i think they're not fit for purpose.

    This might be long so feel free to grab a brew. So, as some of you may know, i'm a 34 year old who has been dying to get into the industry. I have fought for years to get someone to take me on and have been unsuccessful despite having a background in construction (I can basically build a whole...
  17. T

    CCTV Installation courses

    Hi all, wondering if anyone could give me some info regarding CCTV install training. I'm a full time electrician (NVQ 3, AM2, 2391, 18th etc) but I've never really done any cctv work but its something I'm interested in adding to the services I offer. Does anyone know of any courses that could be...
  18. A

    Electrical vs gas courses

    Hi I’m 18 and recently cancelled my uni application, I did a levels in biology, chemistry and psychology and did pretty good. Someone introduced to the trade saying it’s lucrative etc etc and can courses can be acquired in about a. Year. I thought it’s better then me doing 3 years uni and...
  19. Gelect

    Whatwhat are the top online accredited electrician courses

    Hi I'm new this is my first post..Im Looking for classes to get knowledge/creditfor reinterview into union for apprenticeship. Please help, I've looked and nothing stood out..
  20. stipple7

    Return to work, which courses to do?

    Good afternoon my name is Steve and I’m new to this forum. I have a dilemma I’m a qualified electrician currently holding Approved electrician JIB card C&G 2360 part 1 & 2 NVQ 3 Testing & Inspection 2391 17th edition wiring regs So I worked as a spark for about 16 years but had to stop due to...


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