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  1. L

    Any recommendations in/near Oxford?

    Hi there guys and gals, I am hoping you might be able to help.... I'm currently an Subby Arborist based in Oxford and am looking to transition into the Electricians world. I'm looking for somewhere that might do weekend/ evening courses so I could earn whilst I learn. I have looked at Able...
  2. E

    Domestic courses question, don't beat me.

    Hi All I'm new here and need some guidance on training to compliment my job. I'm a self employed kitchen fitter that's looking into the hated domestic course so I can do my own electrics and sign off. I have a few reasons for this which I won't bore you with. I fully understand that I will be...
  3. J

    I get it, FAST TRACK courses are more than frowned upon.......BUT;

    Good avo people, As the title states; I know I'm going to be the victim of negativity and stone throwing here but I would be extremely grateful if you guys, the professionals and experts, could shed a touch of light on this subject for me. I have read sheds loads of posts, forums, stories, etc...
  4. Starjack

    5 week short courses

    So is it possible to be a fast-food worker or an office worker and then go on a 5 week course and come out the other end proclaiming to be an electrician. In addition to that should you be allowed to do a 5 week course and immediately go self employed. Is it safe to do a 5 week course then...
  5. T

    Trainee Looking for City and Guilds courses being run in the North East

    Hello, My name is Tom, this is my first post on here. I live in Newcastle upon Tyne and I am looking to begin my training for the C&G 2365 level 2 and 3. I work in the mobile telecoms sector but it is dead at the moment. The only available posts are for Electrician/commissioners. I am a very...
  6. leep82

    18th edition online courses

    Hi all as the title suggests im looking for any information for any online 18th edition courses. Would appreciate any feedback from anybody who has sat such a course, or your opinions on them. Im keen to get my 18th edition done and dusted asap. Time and cost mean im giving serious...
  7. D

    18th Edition on-line courses

    It's probably been asked on here numerous times before, but can anyone recommend any 18th edition on-line courses? I'll probably end up doing the NIC one but if anyone knows better??? Cheers
  8. Pasi

    Looking for advice on qualification requirements, courses, timespans

    Good evening all I am posting here, feel a bit out of place as currently I have no electrical qualifications. I am looking for advice on courses to advance my career within the company I work for. I have been given a list of acceptable qualifications to achieve my goal and get the job role I...
  9. S

    Fire alarm courses in the midlands

    hi guys, I want to get some experience in installing fire alarm systems. Does anyone know of any courses in the midlands that do hands on training at all.
  10. C

    Electrical courses? advice needed

    Hi, im 21 and i have a level 2 in electrical installations that i achieved about 4 1/2 years ago. im a fully qualified security alarm engineer but I'm looking about doing an electrical course to complete my level 3 and forward so that i could become an electrician. However i need some advice...
  11. M

    Can 5 week courses get you a role as a mate/labourer

    Hello all. I'm in my mid thirties and looking to retrain as an electrician. I'm particularly interested in solar panel installation. Ive been researching the routes into the trade and I'm fully aware experience is everything. I'm in the north east and looking at the 6 week courses by...
  12. C

    PLC Courses...............................

    Morning, has anyone been on a PLC course? I’m looking to get into programming and design, likely Siemens S7. I’m in the Manchester area so in the north west would be good! If you’ve done a course, was it worthwhile, has it helped you progres? Thanks.
  13. M

    Advice wanted on retraining as an Electrican about courses and tools needed.

    Hi I’m looking at city and guilds 2365 parts 2 and 3 through trade skills for you. It’s over 16 weeks and wondered if this is any good? I’m 49 and having to retrain as getting made redundant in December so planning options in advance. I’m trying to build up most of the tools I’d need as working...
  14. G

    Courses Glasgow PASMA and IPAF

    Hello all, I am needing to replace my PASMA alloy towers and am wanting to do my cherry picker as I just did my scissor lift, anybody in Scotland interested in doing theirs as well as I will be doing them in Glasgow shortly and it will be good to arrange it as a kind of meet up for anybody...
  15. J

    I failed to complete my NVQ..

    I shall cut a long story short, I started my apprenticeship to gain my NVQ level 3 just over 3 years ago when 20 and a year into it I had to deal with a few issues in my life including a couple of bereavements in the family and other personal issues which ended up causing me to lose complete...
  16. B

    Utterly confused to courses

    Hi everyone I'm renovating my house and want to move switches, double up on sockets, expand a few and move the lights. In the future, I might decide to do a few small domestic jobs (pretty much the same) if I enjoy it. I've been looking at courses, all promising all kinds of things to all...
  17. J

    Periodic testing courses. 2381-51 or eal version

    Hi, I have noticed that there is loads of different options for these courses now, what’s your opinion? Eal v city and Guilds? Eal seems cheaper and exam seems easier with these course content. Are they recognised the same? Thanks
  18. littlespark

    Lighting design courses. Suggestions?

    I am looking to broaden my experience by doing a course on lighting design. You know the type of thing.... lighting up Big Ben or the Forth Bridge in various colours. or just effects lighting for a bar or club? Even basic design for office/industrial spaces I have been looking on google, and the...
  19. AJshep

    PLC Courses in South East any recommendations ?

    For a while now I've been interested in PLCs (installing and programming) and I've had quite a few instances where they would have come in useful. Unfortunately trying to get any information anywhere is like getting blood from a stone, it seems to be a guarded secret ! I've done a fair bit of...
  20. C

    Which Order to Do the Relevant Courses

    Evening guys Plan on doing my 17th (possibly 18th) edition, building regs and inspection and testing courses. I have basic electrical knowledge as i currently work in appliance repair, and have experience with cooker installs and perform checks on customers electrical systems. (Checking...
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