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  1. J

    electrical network of coffee trailer

    hello, some advice please about the electrical network of the coffee trailer, (how I have to approach this)? thank you,
  2. J

    Running Coffee Machine off Generator

    Hi I run a mobile coffee hut and have just bought a new coffee machine and new 7.5 KW Generator. The coffee machine is on 13 amp plug but requires 32 amp feed. I used it on weekend on 16 amp feed off Genny. My question is can I connect machine direct to Genny (ie not through hits fuse box) and...
  3. M

    Coffee Machines

    Hi all, Is it permissable to supply an electrical appliance (coffee machine) that has two boilers and two main switches form 2 supply leads?? Not interconnected electrically, in any way total seperate control and supply? The machine kW rating exceeds what is available from one lead. This will...
  4. S

    Mobile Barista at wits end!

    All I want to do is sell coffee!!! ... yet I have found myself stressing about power supply! I have a mobile coffee van. I'm done with using generators and so are many event/festival organisers who are now banning petrol/diesel from their sites. In an ideal world I would like a battery fed...
  5. gazdkw82

    Coffee lovers - battery machines

    Seen Makita do a portable coffee machine which is powered via battery. I'm a big coffee lover and always looking to make it cheaper (in the long run) and easier to enjoy a drink during the day. A battery style coffee machine would be ideal. Especially as you only need the coffee grinder and...
  6. Mark1977

    Wiring for 2ph coffee brewer

    I've been asked to install a coffee brewing machine which has come from the the USA. The plate says 2L/N/PE 230/400v Any advice on how/if this can be wired into 3ph/1ph supply would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks
  7. A

    Load Testing

    Hi, ive been asked to carry out Load testing on a whole shop to see if the existing supply cable can take more load, now I'm familiar with working out loadings with the on site guide, but the conversation I had led me to believe this can be measured with a clamp meter, surely this way is not...
  8. Pete999

    Plumbers / Gas fitters

    I wont mock Plumbers or Gas boiler fitters anymore, honest. My Boiler went tits up and I was given this chaps name by the guy that did the boiler checks for my insurance, told me he was a bit of a tough guy covered in Tats. I was a bit wary until he turned up with my new boiler, couldn't have...
  9. GMES

    Sunday Sunday

    Just had a late Breakfast ( Normally have it 9-10 oclock ) Grilled Bacon Grilled fresh Tomatoes Poached eggs Baked Beans Bread n Butter Mug of Coffee 3 Choc Digestives with 2nd Mug of Coffee God I love Sunday Mornings, What about you Lads!!
  10. E

    Commercial Mobile Cafe/Bar Which C-Form supply should I have

    Hi Guys I am currently having a Mobile Cafe/Bar put into a Citroen HY Van and have the following equipment 1 Black & White Coffee Machine 7000w 1 Chiller 130w 1 3 Door Chiller 350w 1 Kettle 1kw 1 Toaster 1200w 1 Counter top caravan oven/grill 1500w Led Lighting circuit, which could run...
  11. Paul.M

    Rules for Customers

    Seen as we have so many rules and regulations that we have to stick to, thought it was about time we made up some rules for the customers. Minimum of 3 coffees a day please with biscuits. Please tell us that you or a friend has had a go at fixing/replacing something, makes our job...
  12. C

    sockets tripping at night

    Hi all Got a call about a fault. The problem is that the downstairs ring keeps tripping at around half 10 every night. My ??, is there some sort of part that kicks in on the freezer at nights??? Seeems odd that it happens at the same time every night. thanks any info would be great
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