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  1. L

    Any recommendations in/near Oxford?

    Hi there guys and gals, I am hoping you might be able to help.... I'm currently an Subby Arborist based in Oxford and am looking to transition into the Electricians world. I'm looking for somewhere that might do weekend/ evening courses so I could earn whilst I learn. I have looked at Able...
  2. G

    The old one still learning

    Hi guys me again still learning at 54. Just doing some testing at home to get my head around things Testing end to end of rfc and getting different readings on end to end of phase and end to end of neutrals. Am I correct to be thinking a bad connection on an outlet somewhere as rfc wired in...
  3. J

    Domestic Help on learning heating systems for domestic properties

    Could someone point me in the right direction for learning everything I need to know on heating systems throughout my apprenticeship I didn’t get to do a lot of it and would like to know my stuff . Thanks
  4. J

    Domestic NIC 18th Ed Online Learning Material - Mistake?

    So am on one of the last modules concerning the appendices and i am sure the formula at the bottom of the screen grab (see lower down) should say ...0.8 x Zs and not ...0.8 x Ze. Further, i can't seem to find this formula in the regs book - i guess because it is 'Informative' only maybe? The...
  5. Ironbones

    Commercial Still Learning -Whats this for connected to contactor and overload.

    Hi All Could someone explain this to me please. Connected to the contactor, over load are two coils (are they ferrite chokes) please see photos. Also why only two and not three one for each phase, marked with a 65 in the photos. The motor is used to control a blower unit, that moves a bean...
  6. C

    Learning material for 2391

    As the title says can anyone recommend good books or websites or anything else to help with the 2391 Thanks
  7. cprfenom

    Looking for some learning literature for motors

    Hi all, I am looking to take a Red Seal exam to start my process to move to Canada as a skilled trade. Here, I don't do much with motors, but there its more prevalent in the exams. Does anyone have any advice or suggestions for web research or books I can use to give me guidence?
  8. S

    Approved Electrician, distanced learning. Installation project

    Afternoon gents and ladies. I didnt do my distance learning during my apprenticeship due to me being a complete idiot so I am doing it now, anyone done it recently? Or ever? Fancy helping me out as I am at breaking point.
  9. D

    SQA Electrical HNC Modules

    Does anybody know where i could do the following sqa modules by distace learning. 1) DG3N34 Electronic Testing Skills 2) FY9T34 Analogue Electronic Principles 3) DG3C34 Combinational Logic 4) DG3G34 Electrical Networks and Resonance 5) DG2W35 Active Electronic Circuits 6) DG5834 Engineering...
  10. H

    Old DIY enthusiast - learning on the job

    such much to learn! Just enrolled at college
  11. S

    Part time/distance learning 2365 lvl 2+3

    Hi all, 10 years ago I completed a domestic installer course and completed 17th edition and 2391 along with it. I worked as a sparky for 6 years and covered all domestic installations and maintenance. I then went on to do some agricultural installation. I’m now working in a factory as a...
  12. C

    Learning audio cd for commute

    im just about to start my 2365 level 2 course which is an evening one and iv also just taken on a new job and was wondering about my spare time. I will now have about 2 hours a day commuting and wondered if there is anything i can do to fill the time. Is there any kind of audio cds out there...
  13. U

    Books/courses for learning about electrical installation

    Hi all, I have an interest in hobby electronics but would like to learn more about household electrics. Can anyone recommend any books, i'd consider a course but think they're not really for people not looking to become an electrician, at least not unless I get really into it. I've considered...
  14. P

    New to forum and still learning

    im new to the forum. Just to say hi. I'm a spark trained late, started college at night for 3 years at 27 and did my nvq 3 at 30. Did few years with a couple firms including Mitie on some big projects to get plenty of experience before going self employed 12 years ago and developing a small...
  15. D

    Experienced practically, learning theory

    Hello all, I've worked as a sparky for 3 years before now only deciding to do my tests, got level 3 unit 301 out of the way pretty quickly but dreading unit 302!!!! Any tips on what to revise formula wise? Am I going to need to know every formula?? Thanks, Dan
  16. O

    How best to start out in my situation?

    Hello, So here is my situation. I am 27 years old and work for a major telecommunications company and have experience in the engineering side of things so have an idea that electrical engineering is something I'd enjoy BUT no qualifications or experience. I've had enough of my boring office job...
  17. J

    New guy!

    Hi my names jonjo I'm 36 years young, currently looking to get into electrical work starting as a electrician mate, I'm from sunny Basingstoke.
  18. D

    Career change at 40 !

    Evening all, Second post of the night, first was over at the Trainee Forum side to request access. So here I am, took a three month sabbatical at the beginning of this year from my previous position. Decided I'd like to retrain as a sparks, so paid for a course and currently divide my working...
  19. pieman


    hi, just thought I would introduce myself. I am currently training to be an electrician on a distance learning course with 4 weeks practical training. my first year I will gain city and guilds 2382 and 2392 (doing it this way as I need to keep working full time whilst I get my qualifications) I...