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  1. telectrix

    Landis & Gyr RWB 2 Channel Programmer Central Heating & Hot Water Timer Module

    HELP !!! i need to replace the above. priced at £225.00, client not happy. what i would like from esteemed experts in heating field is ... what can i replace with at sensible cost. connection wise, there is only L and N in and a T/E back to wiring centre in 3 and 4.
  2. M

    Regulations: Distance between central heating Pipe and Consumer unit

    Hello Guys Hope you are all keeping well and safe in this unprecedented times. Just wanted some advise please. So Yesterday i had a new radiator installed but the installation required extending pipe work under the stairs near the consumer unit and where the main electric feed into the house...
  3. 1

    Domestic Cost per point central london

    I’ve been asked by a client of my wife to have a look at a bill submitted by their builder. She’s an accountant as I’m a spark. Generally if I price on a per point basis I would charge at £65 - £70 with mid range white accessories per point and then allow £500 for DB, bonding and commissioning...
  4. L

    RCD tripped by central heating which is on a separate circuit

    My central heating is on a dedicated RCBO. The house has two other RCDs, one including the fridge, freezer and cooker. The other RCD is tripping virtually every day after the central heating has been on for 40 minutes or so. It will then often trip again after a few minutes. It can be reset...
  5. M

    Turn on central heating when no wifi with Nest system ?

    Hi, My daughter's wifi has gone down, all of south west London Virgin users have no wifi for past 3 days due to someone cutting a cable. She has just moved into a house with Nest installed and is using underfloor heating to get heat. Does anyone know how to manually turn on the heating with...
  6. V

    Central heating problem (UK)

    My dilemma: I have Gas central heating ('S-Plan' with two port valves. Hot cylinder also has an immersion heater). No activity at the relevant zone valve when 'calling' for hot water. Powering the Immersion heater does activate the hot water zone valve. I have a non-vented cylinder, fitted...
  7. M

    Small central UPS for converting circuit to emergency lighting

    I am looking for a product to convert an existing lighting circuit in a communal stairwell to be emergency battery backed up. There are 6x 7W LED mains fittings, so say a max 50W load. I could just add emergency lighting fittings, but wiring and access is difficult. It also needs to have a...
  8. O

    flexicom 24cx has Hot Water but no Central Heating

    my flexicom 24cx has Hot Water but no Central Heating. the problem seem to be the analogue switch selector. it looks as if it is stuck on the off position and won't move to the timer or on position. Is it that I do not know how to move it??
  9. I

    Thermostat stopped clicking/no central heating

    Hi guys, Had Baxi round to do a service, and immediately after the central heating wasn’t turning on (hot water is fine). Had them back out and they said the boiler is fine, it must be a faulty thermostat. Replaced the thermostat today, and still nothing. When I connect the live and call...
  10. A

    Electrician Looking for Electricians with mates to work in the central london area.

    Got some contracts in central London locations that need competent electricians that are able to work with the main contractor and supervise themselves and their time. Good rates paid for the right people. Full time. Going forward there will be continuing work through out London.
  11. EricMark

    Central Heating and the modulating boiler.

    To start with it all seems to make sense, the TRV measures the room temperature and controls the radiator temperature to suit, as the water flow is restricted the by-pass valve lifts, and hotter water is returned to boiler, so the boiler is throttled back (modulated) so the heat exchanger is...
  12. C

    Domestic central light fitting

    Hi HELP please I have bought a central light for living room it has 6 bulbs in it , wired in turn on , bulb s flash on / off once and stay off does not throw fuse ?? any advice please
  13. Z

    Aillos central venting system

    Has anyone come across one of these, I have one gone down in a flat can't find any dealers etc. Thanks for any help
  14. S

    Central heating problem.

    Hi Folks, Any advice/assistance would be much appreciated on this painful problem! My Honeywell programmer is jumping from "Off" to "Auto" automatically, randomly and seriously annoyingly! I have replaced the programmer but no joy. Any thoughts? Stoffel
  15. S

    Electrician JIB Approved elec avaable London central, south east London

    Very experienced JIB sparks , solid all rounder. Including rail and tram signalling . Some Cisco background allied with fire and intruder, door access control installation. Commercial to industrial everything inbetween. British born national with Australian A grade on top of JIB cards
  16. Ian1981

    Overload protection to a central heating pump x2

    Is it a requirement to provide overload protection to a central heating pump rated at 2.77amps? I’m kinda under impression that an almost 3 amp pump jamming will get rather hot. I mentioned this to the heating installer who has requested we just installed 2 x isolators for the pumps through a...
  17. T

    To go central lighting or nnot - thats the question?

    Hi everyone - firstly a happy, and hopefully prosperous new year to all. I thought I would start the year on a thread that that’s been around before but usually leads to more questions than answers - central (and maybe in future) smart lighting. I have a new build to rewire which is a big...
  18. dlt27

    Central Heating help!

    Hi, don't know if anyone can help. A plumber has just moved a hot water tank from one position to another. Originally it was a y plan, but now he has made it an s plan. The existing boiler has got a pump overun on it. All I wanted to know is if there is anyway I can get it temporarily running as...
  19. N

    Zafira b central locking problem

    I have a zafira b 1.7 ecoflex 61 reg. The problem I am having is the central locking stops working with the fob once the car has powered down. I have to open the drivers door using the key and start it up. Once I have turned the the ignition off and got out the fob will work to lock and unlock...
  20. O

    Odd Central Heating Wiring

    I've just moved into a new place and decided to fit a Nest thermostat, but the Central Heating wiring doesn't make any sense. The Cylinder Thermostat Call wire isn't connected to anything, and neither is the 3-Port valve HW Off wire The old programmer is a British Gas UP1, and is configured...
  21. D

    Electricians Mate Electricians and Improvers/Mates Required Central london

    Hi all, We are currently looking for Electricians and Mates/Improvers for a large scale commercial office fit out in Central London. Electricians £200 per day Improvers £140 per day 8-430 Saturday 8-1330 full day paid CIS 2 weekly payments PM me for details. Good pipeline of work for the...
  22. M

    Electricians Mate Electrician's with mates wanted for Central London sites.

    Afternoon all. I'm currently looking for 2 ECS gold card electricians with mates at the moment for two of our sites. First site is based in Friday Street near st pauls cathedral (ec4m) The job itself is the commercial fit out of the financial times building. Monday to Friday 7:30am to 4:30pm...
  23. M

    Electrician Qualified Electrical Tester - Central London

    Morning all, We are currently looking for a 2391 gold card certified electrical tester who is available next week for one of our central London sites (EC3A) The project is a 21 storey 3 basement iconic office block in central London Work hours 7.30am - 4.30pm with a 45min break. Around 2...
  24. Dave Walker

    Line voltage central heating to smart controls

    I currently have a 2 zone line voltage controlled central heating system and would like to convert it to use smart controls. I want an open system that I can integrate to openhab, so not Nest or Hive. I'm not sure where to start, any advice?
  25. Paul Dodds

    Central heating programmer cable 3 and earth

    Hi, Hope you're all doing well. I have a customer who needs a 5 core cable to the boiler from the wiring centre. At the moment the feed is coming from a 13a socket in the upstairs cupboard through the programmer into the wiring centre and then 3 and earth under bathroom floor and into the...
  26. M

    Electrician Electricians for Central London work

    Morning all. I'm currently looking for 6 ECS gold card electricians at the moment for two of our sites. First site is based in Friday Street near st pauls cathedral (ec4m) The job itself is the commercial fit out of the financial times building. Monday to Friday 7:30am to 4:30pm with 45min...
  27. sinistersnipe

    New home... domestic hot water linked to central heating?

    Hello, Moved into a new flat about 6 months ago, and now that the weather is getting warmer and we want to turn our heating off we've discovered a little hitch - it seems like domestic hot water and central heating aren't programmable separately. Specifically, if either the programmer or the...
  28. K

    Electrician Maintenance electrician required to work nights in Central London. £35-40K pa. Permenant F/T role

    The successful candidate will work in a large Grade ll listed government building in Westminster. Responsible for the PPM of the building especially emergency lights. The candidate will be working as part of a wider engineering team and so there may be a requirement for them to pick up other...
  29. J

    Hi there - particularly wanting advice on Central Heating wiring

    I'm a plumber wanting to have some training on Central Heating wiring - please can someone point me in the right direction (region is Sunderland).
  30. Soulsurfer

    Faults central at present !

    Been out on a handful of callouts last few days and had some beauties, such as a socket spurred for t.v. and associated sky box, dvd player etc.. spurred from another in a unit which had stopped working and showed up as no neutral ! this was apparently working last week and just stopped working...
  31. O

    Internet central heating controllers

    Is it me or are they as annoying as all the far eastern spam? Yes we have the option to ignore them, but the rate they are appearing on the site is getting out of hand IMHO Should there be a specific area for these? I don't see why people on here are expected to give away their knowledge and...
  32. S

    Old Council Controlled Central Heating Contactor

    Hi, a friend of mine has moved to what once was a council house, and has a contactor that was apparently used by the council to control the heating. He wants to change over to an economy 7 type meter. The DNO won’t do anything until the contactor is gone, but won’t touch it themselves. It’s not...
  33. poumpouris

    Central heating controlled by raspberry pi and relay switch

    Hey guys, im not a professional electrician, I just have a basic knowledge of some stuff. In order for me to be able to explain what i want to do, I will first explain what is in place at the moment. We have a 3 zone programmer which we never use as a programmer, we just turn on each zone...
  34. X

    Central heating problems as programmer not bring on boiler fixed

    A client has decided to attempt a dual programmer replacement and made a mess, i have reconnect everything as following but the boiler and programmer arent working together, just wondering if any one would have a look at the connections to see if i missed something or if they have another idea...
  35. i=p/u

    Oil central heating system

    My 2 Channel time clock won't turn the heating or hot water off , does the mean a valve is sticking and back feeding to the other valve and leaving the Buttons on the time clock useless
  36. S

    Green deal central heating

    Hey guys: Friend of mine recently had his house rewired, AM3 CU etc, nice neat pucker job & all certified. Anyway over the last few days he's been having a new heating system installed on a Green deal. Went over for a cuppa earlier & the contractors sparky was there to wire everything up. He was...
  37. A

    Electrician wire new kitchen ring socket & hob & central Heating - Hereford, HR1

    Want to make kitchen in new place and need to rewire... Someone can advice me firstly if thats pics is ok?? To the Central Heating will go 2.5mm To the hob will be 6mm to double pole switch above worktop then to connection unit under worktop all other will be on kitchen ring on separately...
  38. S

    Domestic Replacing Central Heating Timer

    Hi, Was looking to replace my central heating timer with a TimeGuard NTT04. Had a look yesterday and the wiring is different than my old timer. The new timer has 4 connections - L, N, S In, S out. Wiring diagram - 230V 50Hz Mains Supply: Live (Brown or Red) to L Fit a ‘Link’ or ‘Bridge’...
  39. Rockingit

    Electricians Mate Mate / Improver required, central London for short contract

    Have 2-3 weeks work for someone who knows their way around conventional commercial installations but fancies getting stuck into being a part of something slightly more unusual with the potential for more similar projects over the year. Located near Paddington, good attitude to hard graft...
  40. N

    Heating and hot water only work independently...

    Hi there, Just after a bit of advice for a family members central hesting system. They have an old style Centroller 3000 controller which controls the central heating and hot water. The system is a back boiler (not a combi) with a hot water tank, pump and a honeywell 3 port valve. Central...
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