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  1. The_apprentice2.0

    Electrician They're actually paying an 'electrician' for this

    Got sent this from a mate of mine working on the job concerned that the electricians first fix on a kitchen was a bit rough. Never seen anything like it me! thought it was a Pi$$ take at first :eek::eek:... (using the term electrician very loosely o_O) Thought I'd share with you all :)
  2. Joshua

    Why bother getting a gold card when they're giving away black ones.

    I think I've given up on our industry now. More dumbing down from the JIB.
  3. M

    LED lights from dimmer flickering. Load is below dimmers minimum rating.

    Hello. So I've learned a lot about dimmers on this last job. The customer wanted everything downstairs on dimmers and boy has it been a learning curve. I've split a lighting circuit and the customer has asked for 2 x st64 led bulbs on pendants to be put on a dimmer. The problem is they're...
  4. D

    Warmup UFH mats

    Hi All, I've been continuously been installing Warmup's UFH cable kits for the last 2 years. Next week I have a job that requires me to lay the Warmup UFH mat kit(s). Anything I should know or are they easy enough? Some tell me they are easier than the cable kits. Any help and advice would...
  5. O

    Klein Tools - Electricians Bag

    I saw these yesterday at Elex, Sandown Park: Hum.... despite it saying its been uploaded I can't add it! Anyway its very similar to the CK electricians toolbag (I'm on my 3rd but the zip stitching is RUBBISH). Anyone got one? Thanks
  6. Dan

    Weather Near You?

    What's the weather like today near you? It's pouring down here in Staffordshire
  7. S

    Solar Planet

    How does Solar Planet get my details to ring me and offer to change my inverter over to Solaredge? I've had 2 calls from customers to say they've been offered it and now one tonight for my own system. They're buying in data from DLG and TDP Marketing but other than the MCS list no-one else...
  8. D

    Fluke tips

    Morning. I've lost a few of the tips off my fluke mft test leads. I'm have trouble finding them online. These are the screw in ones not the push on Any ideas please. Cheers Dave
  9. T

    Clicky dimmer

    I have an elderly client who has dimmers throughout his house. Most of them are I think are older and therefore as you turn them up and down they make a quiet clicking. He prefers these to the 2 new ones he has which are a smooth movement as he finds the smooth ones harder to control (easy to...
  10. B

    EC Evolution+10 Panels

    Evening guys... Anyone come up against a company called Project Solar. They are selling this Evolution+10 panel which the salesman is saying will earn £5000 more than any "german panel" Apparently they are able to install them as 250 watt panels but do a pv estimate on 262 watt panels because...
  11. imago

    Door bells

    Are any of the wireless ones to be recommended? All I've ever heard of them is negative, but a school I do work for needs one to cover one door and it would be the simplest solution. They have the usual entry system with comms and coded keys, but the need a bell/buzzer for one door. It's for an...
  12. C

    Led small insert light

    Just wondering if anyone connecting led lights had any problems connecting them ,these inserts are tiny ,they are wired in 1.5mm,loop in system,not yet 2nd fixed,it just don't look easy,cheers.The supplier says there is no probs,but he would.
  13. M

    On a lighter note .....its not just solar installers

    And loads more crazy people on ladders at https://www.------------/ladderassociation. Oh the money we have wasted on scaffold !
  14. M

    Adding identifing ledgends to the Report Post and Multi-Quote icons.

    Is it possible to have identifying legends added to the 'Report Post' and 'Multi-Quote' icons as they are probably under used as currently displayed. Identifying the 'Report Post' icon in particular will hopefully have the beneficial effect of reducing the abuse posted by a minority of users...
  15. G

    Decent quality 50mm long pozi bits for impact drill....

    Anybody recommend any that don't fall to pieces after they've been used ten times? The Wera Impaktor Diamond bits look good but they're quite expensive. Anybody used Dewalt Extreme bits?
  16. G

    Domestic TN-S supply 4.2ohms, this is the solution from the DNO!

    I recorded a Ze on a TN-S supply as 4.2ohms. Consumer unit is an all insulation Wylex twin RCD unit. I spoke to the landlord of the property which was currently empty (now occupied) and told him he needs to contact the DNO with regards to the high Ze. They came to site and this was the result...
  17. M

    How to determine if bulbs are counterfiet of original

    Hi guys, Nowadays, counterfeit electrical products are more available than the original. Fly-by-nights manufacturers are increasing day by day, they could copy almost all electrical materials from bulbs, cb's, electrical devices etc. Aside from the cheaper price how would we distinguish the...
  18. Marvo

    Labelling Machines

    We often have engraved labels made up for control panels. The labeling is the engraved black lettering on white strip type. In the old days these label strips were riveted on the panels but nowadays it comes with 3M double sided adhesive tape which in all fairness usually holds fine. We're at...
  19. E

    For Sale 3 x 'ASD lighting' bathroom domes for sale

    As in the title, I have three bathroom dome lamps for sale in the box, never touched. These as in my other thread are extras from a job and need to be sold as they're taking up room and I'm having a clear out. More details: * ASD lighting * Polycarbonate * Apollo mini dome * Chrome/opal I...
  20. zone77

    socket outlets in commerical premisis

    what code would i give on PIR for skt oulets in commerical property with no rcd protection? all skts Zs are under max values and only intended for staff:confused:
  21. SolarCity

    SunPower panels

    Has anyone ever had any experience of these panels? Had a customer mention them earlier and he has read somewhere that they're the best you can get. I've heard of them but don't know of any supplier that stocks them. Any info would be appreciated.
  22. C


    hey guys, what are napit like to work with, just deciding weather to go, napit or elecsa?? cheers guys
  23. R

    **CHARITY AUCTION** Printed Work Shirts!

    Up for grabs is a pack of three white T shirts with your company name/phone number/logos/whatever you want on them! Will I do swear words? YES I'll do swear words, it's for charity! The shirts are basic white cotton tees, the prints look well tidy when they're new, but can get that 'cracked...
  24. R

    socket box cutter. any good

    has anyone used this type of box cutter before? at 25 quid it seems worth a punt to me Socket Back Box Hole Cutter/Chaser (e-z05) - e-zBuy
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