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  1. L


    Hi there, I've been trying to get my head around AutoCAD for a while now and I'm trying to produce a full template that has all the blocks and title pages needed for an electrical installations. I've now got all the blocks I need but I'm having problems setting up the dynamic blocks. Does...
  2. M


    Could anybody recommend software to create or alter fire zone drawings, and does anything exist whereas I could scan old A3 drawings and be able to alter them in the software? This isn't completely necessary however it would save a lot of time. I see that autoCAD has been recommended here...
  3. S

    Domestic Cad software

    Hi all I need to put the location of electrical accessories on to a cad format drawing sent to me by my builder. What's the best straight forward and affordable software. Autocad I'm guessing is best but expensive. Pre thanks all
  4. B

    Industrial Installation Drawings

    So our H&S manager came back from a course last week and asked me do we have schematic drawings for the fixed installation, I said my head! I've been there 10 years and know all of the site electrics like the back off my hand, but there are no drawings. Thinking about what she said I...
  5. Sintra

    Drawing software.

    I need some drawing software to pull me out of a hole until I get autocad reinstalled onto my PC. Need to be able to do scale equipment layout plans and elevations. Anyone know of anything free or cheapish that would do the job.
  6. G

    CAD programs, Circuit design programs

    Can anyone recommend a program for drawing electrical circuits? Ive used autoCAD electrical but find it fiddly to use. Wondered if anyone else has some good programs! Thanks Ethan
  7. S

    software !

    I'm looking for some computer software that does your room plans for rewires, I'm not sure that such software is available but thought i'd ask. I have drawn them by had and to scale but would like it to look more professional. I don't know if something like auto cad is what i need.
  8. S

    Wiring Diagrams / Schematics

    Hi are there any software packages available for electrical drawings / schematics for industrial / commercial sites?
  9. J

    Drawings Software

    Hi Guys, This is my first post on here, I work for a company AW Control Systems Ltd which basically does what it says in the name:). We are looking into new drawing software to enable us to produce control panel drawings quickly and more accurately than our current system, which is using...
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