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  1. Phil L

    What have you done or learnt during lockdown

    As title what have you done or learnt/changed during lockdown Have you racked the van, looked at different disciplines or learnt a new skill?
  2. bigspark17

    Stroma take on working during covid 19

    I know there are alot of threads on the corona virus but this is an email i received from stroma, it might help some of you decide about your personal work situations
  3. Gavin John Hyde

    Denmans and Rexel branches during the COVID outbreak

    Had a call earlier from my account manager at Denmans, they are asking everybody if they haven't already at both Denmans and Rexel to sign up to the website and link your account. They are gearing up for when they have to close the branches, they are getting ready for delivery only of materials...
  4. Lou

    Can I get a mortgage break during Coronavirus outbreak?

    Can I get a mortgage break during Coronavirus outbreak? Apparently some people can, discuss.
  5. Lou

    Homeschooling resources and tips during COViD-19 crisis

    Homeschooling resources and tips during COViD-19 crisis. I have some links somewhere I'll fish them out later. But if you have any, please add them to this thread.
  6. C

    Rise in resistance during test video

    Why does the resistance go up during this test? View: https://youtu.be/8040r2iLqyM?t=1150 In fact it goes up several times during the video. Is this the wire charging up from capacitance? I'm clueless.
  7. kenny maccuish

    Found during fault finding

    Hi guys just wanted to ask if there are any Irish electricians here that can tell me whether these examples of making off SWA are accepted in Ireland. Just had to fault find a light not working in a garden and opened up a couple of manholes to find PVC 4x4 waterproof boxes with SWA going into...
  8. A

    Testing ACBs during Periodic inspection

    Hello everyone! Has anyone been asked to test the main building incomers like ACBs as part of Periodic Inspection? If yes, do you give this part of the work to 3rd party? and what is the process and how you verify the report? some of my bigger clients are asking for this test to be done. Thanks...
  9. T

    Testing during a consumer unit change

    Evening all When doing a consumer unit change, how much dept do you all go into? Do you treat it like an EICR with 20% ish and spot checking? Normally we do end to end, r1 or r2 and IR test once the old board is off and Zs when the new board is on. We try and find end of the line on each...
  10. T

    Retail Therapy during a long weeks work bought a new laser level

    Been humming and hawing about this new laser as my dewalt SW80 sometimes does not switch on and getting unreliable (justification justification) so got this. Bosch GCL2-50CG Cross Line Laser Green Line Laser - https://www.powertoolsuk.co.uk/bosch-gcl2-50cg-cross-line-laser-level.html Just did a...
  11. B

    What Happens During Meter Calibration

    as some of you know my background is as an electrician in the RAF mainly working on 3 phase machines including generators. When it comes to meter calibration they are always done and any meter found to be out of calibration is quarantined until it’s been done. My new employer seems much more...
  12. W

    Dangerous conditions found during CU change.

    First post so bare with me, and apologies if this isn't in the right place! Im a quite "wet behind the ears" electrician, qualified about a year ago and recently changed firms. New firm is getting me to do board changes, often without a prior EICR which my previous firm always did first. My...
  13. S

    AM2, can i adjust my compo instal during my testing time? made a boo boo

    Hi everyone, Done my am2 composite instal today and whilst sitting at home just realised i have not put my compression rings on my SWA. two questions, is that a straight fail? can i adjust during my test inspect? just had to drive like a nut nut to screwfix to get a gland...
  14. P

    rcd tripping during the night and insulation resistance testing question

    Hi everyone I have a customer who has a RCD that trips during the night and it resets ok the following day it is ok for a week or so then it tips again during the night. has any one any ideas and what is the quickest way of finding out what the cause is. also I need to do an insulation...
  15. Spoon

    Safety rules banning shorts on site during hot weather...

    I think I might try this for the office.... I already have the outfits from the weekends.... As all us men have... Ingenious brickies wear summery skirts and dresses to get around health and safety rules | Daily Mail Online -...
  16. M

    Off peak immersion working during the day?

    Hi guys could I get some advice? I went to a customers house to change a thermostat in a thermal store (Gledhill pulsacoil 3) and the spur was labelled "off peak water heater". I isolated supply and replaced stat. However it appears to have a live supply all the time? I used a clamp meter and...
  17. B

    Why I never wear a wedding ring GRAPHIC CONTENT do not open if queasy

    A footballer trying to climb a fence lost his finger when his wedding ring caught on top of a chail link fence. It was torn off by his body weight. There are numerous instances of rings doing this and I firmly believe I would have no finger to put a ring on if I had worn one. full story here...
  18. S

    Stroma Certification Scheme Stroma Assessment - What's it like?

    Hi all, I have my Stroma assesment tomorrow, and I am bricking it lol. I have my calibration certificate, qualification, regs book, on site guide, electricity at work (pdf on my phone), passport photos and cv. Is there anything else I need? What's the assesment like and what do they as you...
  19. J

    single 300w or 3 100w panels?

    Hi All, I'm looking to make a small grid tie system for my home and not sure what panel/s to get. I'm looking at only less than 300watts at the moment purely as that will cover my house during the working day and during the night i'll turn the switch and power the house at night via a battery...
  20. L

    solar pv question on meters

    hi when i am generating 3kwh via the solar panels and only using to 2kwh the red light on the meter (electric company bill) comes on which means it has stopped.. but if i am generating 1.5kwh and using 2.00kwh will my meter which the electric company bill me for only going up 0.5kwh or...
  21. D

    Domestic Extractor fan install on openable window?

    Can anyone shed light on this situation. I have been asked to install an extractor fan into an openable window located in a student let. The window opens sideways. The bathroom was previously installed into the loft of a back to back property with a dormer. The bathroom was added by taking...
  22. ackbarthestar

    Trust me I'm and Engineer

    Not for general distribution otherwise someone might get ideas
  23. C

    solar power

    Can you run just the lights off a solar panels and not the house
  24. J

    Need advice on getting work

    I set up my company just over a year ago and it has been going well but in the last month or so things have been really really slow and i was wanting your advice on the best way to get larger jobs. I tried contacting builders kitchen fitters and such 400 in all and only got a few waste of time...
  25. P

    Sanyo HIt Hybrid panels

    Hi Today I went to complete a survey for a customer. During our conversation I asked about any thoughts on the make of panel you may want. The reply was anything but a sanyo HIT panel. I was rather suprised by this and asked why. During the customers research they had seen that the thin film...
  26. P

    Forms during Installation

    I am just in the process of getting ready for assesment. I was wondering if anyone has any advise on forms they are using or pre-made for checks during installation and commissioning. This includes forms for proving the incoming inspection was completed and the process inspection during...
  27. N

    Domestic Undervoltage in Supply System Voltage

    Hello All...this is my first post and straight away I start with my doubts,which are bothering me since long. I reside in India, where the nominal Single Phase supply voltage is 240 volts 50 Hz. As per the National Grid Code, voltage variation in the range of +/- 6% is allowable. In another...
  28. J


    When carring out Peridic Inspection and Testing to a Installation in say a factory and the work has to be done during normal working hours of the factory What must be agreed with the client during the timing of the inspection?
  29. G

    IR Testing.

    On a two way lighting circuit ( wired in singles) how many times do you have to test to include the strappers? Is it as simple as Switch One and then Switch two? (so two tests) Or Sw one, Sw two,Sw one again and the Sw two again. If the latter is correct, that is four tests? Or am I missing...
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