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  1. L

    Texecom veritable excel with speech dialler

    Hi Guys I don’t normally install many alarms but the guy I’m working for wanted a simple system just to protect the access and the fire escaped doors on a restaurant, there’s no plans for any PIR’s as the restaurant is two storeys up in a converted mill so standard door contacts that’s it...
  2. T

    Texecom Prem Elite 48 setup

    Hi Guys, anybody in the bacup area willing to give me a price for setup of texecom premier elite 48, 2 expanders full and 1 expander with 2 periphials, I have Wintex software on my desktop. struggling to understand the terminology, also there are no EOL resistors as I have linked out tamps where...
  3. P

    Texecom premier elite upgrade

    I have a wireless texecom panel with v3.02 firmware, and I want to add a texecom ethernet connect unit but the panel has to be upgraded to version 4. I got the unit below in the connect box, so can this upgrade my panel to version 4 or do I need to buy an actual flasher unit (about £38 from...
  4. J

    New Texecom alarm box wiring help

    Hi, first time poster here, been on the plumbers forum for years but have a question about an alarm box that I need a pro to help with :) Got home yesterday and the alarm was going off, I hadn't armed it, got in and the tamper light was flashing, so reset the alarm, and the panel stopped...
  5. C

    Best website to Purchase Texecom / hikvision if not in the trade?

    hi there, As the title suggests i am after an alarm and cctv system, but i am having trouble purchasing the products i want as i am not in the trade a lot of websites only sell to registered installers not end users? any help would be much appreciated hank you =]
  6. P

    Texecom Premier Elite 48, panic alarm question

    Hi all, new to this forum, but t thought I'd join up, hoping for some assistance. I've just installed a Texecom prem 48. All with EOL wiring. One 8xp, 16 zones being used. 2 contacts share a zone on each garage. Other than that everything will be independent. I've been struggling with...
  7. D

    Texecom Premier24 sharing a BT phone line with a Tunstall ‘Lifeline’ alarm.

    I have a Texecom Premier24 alarm with Com2400 connected to our PSTN line to send SMS messages after an alarm. I have recently installed a Tunstall ‘Lifeline’ alarm which also uses the BT line, so I have ‘daisy-chained’ the two alarms with the Premier24 lines connected directly to the BT Master...
  8. Leesparkykent

    Texecom premier elite 24 programming zone names

    As above really. I normally set them up using wintex and it’s a easy....How ever I’ve lost my lead and couldn’t get one locally today. I’ve set it all up using the RKP and works a treat, the only thing I’m struggling with is naming the zones like landing, entrance, main office etc. is it...
  9. K

    Texecom 24 programming

    Hi Guys/Girls I've installed recently Texecom premier elite 24, very basic setup: 1 door contact, 3 PIR's downstairs and 1 PIR upstairs all wired DEOL and set as Area A (B is reserved for garage), 1 keypad, 2 external sounders, SmartCom module, all works fine but need bit of advise on...
  10. S

    texecom premier elite

    Hey guys Ive installed one of the texecom premier elite alarms at one of my friends house and need some advice if any one is familiar with this system. After reading the manual a couple of times I've seen there programmed for end of line wiring but I've wired as double pole so i can sort them...
  11. T

    Texecom alarm panel tamper light on and sounding off randomly

    Hi I wonder if anyone might have any ideas on the following. Random alarm triggering in small office. Two PIR detectors and two reed relays on two doors. The firm who put the alarm in have sent an engineer to inspect. The result being; There is nothing wrong with the system! I have been asked...
  12. S

    Texecom Tech support charges

    I think Texecom alarm systems are hard to beat. When installing an elite 24 some weeks ago, I had a small technical query. After some 26 minutes of waiting for technical to answer and listening to the carp music, it cost me £12.86 for the privilege, and still never got my query answered.
  13. R

    Texecom Veritas 8 Stand alone keypad button replacement

    Hi, If anybody has already replaced the keypad buttons on a Texicom Veritas8 stand alone alarm, please would you tell me how to get the old buttons away from their housing. (See photo) I have the engineers code. Thanks in advance.
  14. joebell25

    Communicator conundrum.

    Hi Guys, I'm in the process of installing a system in a multi tenanted office block, 15 offices in total. I'm installing a Prem Elite 168 panel with each office containing a keypad, PIR and door contact. (Each office programmed to a different area). Client has now dicided he wants to dish...
  15. W

    Alarm Sounder?

    Hi All Can anyone recommend a siren for an house alarm. Fitted a system at one of my properties on Saturday which was an Honeywell AG8 but o fancy a different bell box for my house. Looking at Texecom Premier Elite Odyssey 3 or one of them pyronix deltabells. Any recommendations? Thanks
  16. amlu

    small wired alarm system recommendation

    Hello Im working on a quote for rewiring a small restaurant, got an alarm system in the specs and got to price something in there. 5 PIR sensors and 3 door contactors, control keypad, all wired. Its not my daily part of business and im not sure whats good on the market those days. Can you...
  17. N

    decent wired alarm

    can anyone recommend me a decent wired alarm for my own house. been looking at texecom and honeywell advice is appreciated
  18. E

    Infinite Prime Wireless Alarm

    Hi A customer wants me to install an Infinite Prime Wireless Alarm. Are they any good? Does anyone know how these compare with the likes of the Guardtec 600 and Visonic wireless alarms?
  19. driverman

    Decent Alarm system

    Hi Guys, installing an one off alarm system and wondered from your experience what would be a decent make / model to install. 4 x PIR zones ground floor, 1 x E/E door, 1 x PIR zone Landing (night set) and 2 x remote keypads ( 1 by E/E door, other on Landing). End station going in hall cupboard...
  20. keniff

    Texecom alarm

    Hi guys I have a texecom veritas alarm I installed about a year ago, I'm wanting to move the bell box outside to a different wall but Im not sure how to bypass the tamper on the bell box so it doesn't bell up when I take the lid off, any ideas or help would be great!
  21. I

    Intruder alarm systems?

    Advice please? Who's alarm control systems do you install and why? And do you use the same brands sensors and PIRs? Where do you get them from? Are they all pretty much the same? Not asking much :) Thanks
  22. C

    Home Alarm System

    I have searched online for a GSM home alarm system and Visonic, Yale, Infinite Prime and CommPact seems to be the most popular ones, what are your thoughts and which one you suggest me to purchase? I have rang two installers today and one said he installs Scantronic alarms and the other one...
  23. A

    House alarm !

    Hey people. Just a quick one I'm want to install a house alarm in my mum and dad's home I have been sparking for 4 years (2 Years domestic and 2 years commercial) and have never installed a house alarm in my time. So my question is which alarm is bang on for its money ?? and if it's...
  24. Sparky_Steve

    house alarm

    I have just purchased my first house which ive had to totally gut so considering adding a hard wired alarm while im at it, Im currently working in electrical maintenance and although previously completed numerous rewires haven't been asked to fit any alarms as yet. I'm quite lucky in the fact...
  25. B

    Alarm question

    I don't know if I'm going blind but I can't see the alarm section, so thought I would post here instead. I've fit a texecom veritas alarm with texecom auto dialler, now the problem is i need to filter the auto dialler (slow internet)and as I've hard wired the telephone cable directly into the...
  26. P

    texecom panel

    Hi guys, just wanted to know if any of you use Texecom alarms. Have to install one for my father in law and wanted to know how hard they are to set up. One of the guys we work with commisions but i'll no doubt end up paying!!!
  27. gazzamikes

    Good proximity alarm system

    Evening all, I am looking for a good security system with proximity on the key pad, needs to be able to accept two key pads. What's best to look for? Thanks!
  28. W

    Well, here goes - Alarm stuff

    I am looking for some suggestions on an Alarm, this is what I need: Has to be a main panel and a remote for two seperate entrances. Three seperate zones - one a door break and PIR - One door break and PIR and preferably some sort of Glass Break or Shock sensor (yes, I know they had a poor...
  29. W

    alarm telecommunicator

    hi, sorry i know this isnt in alarms, but it wont let me post in there, im after a telecommunicator for an accenta g4 alarm panel, cant seem to find one and im wondering if they have another name, any help guys?
  30. N

    Veritas additional circuits an remote key pad

    I’m looking for some advice on VERITAS 8 alarm panels. I want to add 3 additional zones and remote key pad in my garage, but only have a standard key pad (no display) which looking at the instructions/manual could be a very long winded way of programming the new zones regarding parts sets etc...
  31. keniff

    texacom alarms

    hi guys i recently fitted one of the texacom alarms to a customers property. i liked the system and the wiring was simple enough. im looking to install one in my house but i would like a keypad with rf keyphobs. i already have a texacom bell box i was given to me the other day, anyone know what...
  32. H

    Texecom Alarm System

    Has anyone got easy do follow wiring diagram for the texecom premier alarm system? not installed one before Need Some Help!
  33. P

    intruder alarm

    Hi guys, On a new build at the moment,customer wants a wired alarm with two keypads and two remote key fobs,I have fitted several veritas systems but never one with key fobs. I have been told that the texacom veritas is not suitable for this application. I would prefer to use a veritas but any...
  34. keniff

    alarm systems

    evening, i dont really get involved with alarms but looking to install one at home, i would like a system i can connect up that would dial my mobile if activated when im out, without a contract etc as ill be able to maintain it, anyone have ones they recommend or ones to avoid?! also how easy...
  35. 3

    can you recommend a decent quality alarm system

    Hi I am about to instal an alarm system to a 5 bed detached house in a very nice area. I am considering various options but wondered if anyone had any stories good or bad.
  36. C

    How can I tell what model alarm I have?

    Hi all, I never set my alarm. there was a power cut today, and when I got in from work my house alarm went off. I managed to turn it off with the help of a kind neighbour by taking out this fuse next to the alarm and disconnecting the battery inside the alarm, and I will need to now suss...
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