1. T

    Anyone know of a repair service for Axpert inverters

    Hello All I have an Axpert MKS 4 (conversol Re badge) 5.5 Kw inverter that I have had in and running for a little over a year. From the start it played up and I had a couple of f12 dc-dc overcurrent faults that re set and carried on working, with a little fettling of the charge current and...
  2. J

    2013 Chrysler/Dodge TIPM

    Has anyone taken apart their & self repaired it? 2013 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT - Mileage: 112223 - DTCs - P0480 cooling fan. Also codes in TIPM P0691, P0692 for cooling fan control circuit. Tests/Procedures Performed: 1. Using a Autel MaxiDas D808 compatible scan tool, I actuated the cooling fan...
  3. S

    Countrywide Repairs Offering 350 EICR's IS a Scam. AVOID

    Hey all, First time posting on here. The reason for my post is to warn others about a company called who call themselves Countrywide Repairs Ltd, who are offering a contract for 350 EICR's in a year. Their operation is bloody brilliant. They organise phone interviews, use online contracts...
  4. J

    Countrywide Repairs Agency - Possible Scam?

    Afternoon, i've just been contacted by Countrywide Repairs, they're offering a contract of 350 EICR's in my area to be completed within a year. My worry is there is a contract fee of £3500. Has anyone had any experience with this company?
  5. R

    Electrical equip repairs

    Hi everyone. I need to solve a question. Yes a licensed electrician must install the machine that has no plug and requires hard wiring. Almost every state, city, local municipality requires this. What I can't seem to answer is who is allowed to service the machine when it stops working? An...
  6. FatAlan

    Complete Home Repairs - Beware

    Just received an unsolicited email from this company looking for contractors in my area i.e. GU postcode. Aberdeen based company touting maintenance work for 27 properties a month. This fits exactly with the MO used by previous Scottish based operator who has caused issues for other members of...
  7. Retroelectric

    EICR Repairs.

    Hi If you go behind another electrician who has failed an EICR on something minor, like a couple of broken pendants or something, you carry out the repairs and issue a minor works, the client would then have an unsatisfactory EICR and a minor works cert stating that the C2 items have been...
  8. T

    Can electrical engineers do repairs during Covid times

    Hi I am new to this forum and would kindly request advice from any of your members. I have a Solar Inverter which is inside its 10 year warranty but has now it appears sadly stopped working. The company Uenergy originally asked for photos of their instalation, which I provided, claimed an...
  9. Gazthesparky

    Pro Electrician Garreth

    Glasgow Based small family run electrical company serving Glasgow and surrounding areas Providing all aspects of electrical work. Light Industrial, Commercial and Domestic Electricians. All aspects of electrical work undertaken please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements...
  10. PJH2903

    Pro Electrician Reliable Lancashire Electricians | Hudnott Electric Ltd

    Friendly and Qualified Electrician in Lancashire -Hudnott Electrical Ltd We are a small company based in Bacup, Lancashire specialising in domestic electrical work. I am an electrician working exclusively in the domestic sector. I will undertake all types of general domestic electrical work...
  11. Marcus Vaughan

    Customer completed own repairs after my EICR

    Not a question. Just feeling annoyed and venting. I carried out an EICR on a small domestic property, cleared a few small faults free of charge but gave an Unsatisfactory to Main Earthing and Equipotential Bonding Conductor Sizes. Gave a low quote to put right. He now phoned me up to say he...
  12. Lou

    John Collins Electrical

    Based in Buckingham, John Collins Electrical are home appliance repairs specialists with a wealth of experience in repairing and fitting replacement parts for cookers, washing machines, dryers and small domestic appliances. We undertake repairs at our workshop in Buckingham and can also provide...
  13. NDG Elecs

    Appliance repairs... Stick or twist..

    Hi folks, I occasionally get calls for appliance repairs, and got one tonight from a stressed sounding chippy owner about his deep fat fryer. I politely turned him down and gave him the number of someone I know who deals with appliances, as I knows very little really. But then it got me...
  14. O

    Metrel MFT repairs

    Hi, Can anyone recommend a decent MFT repair shop, in the South, who can repair Metrel MFT's? I am a sole trader and can't afford to be without it for long! Thanks
  15. A

    Test meter repairs

    Hi, I have a Fluke 1653 tester and its not playing nicely. It has an intermittent fault where it wont power on sometimes. Can anyone recommend someone to have a look at it? I am in Holmfirth so Manchester, Leeds, area would be best but if needs be I can post it. Cheers
  16. Davisonp

    Emergency Light testing and repairs

    I have a couple of questions about testing and maintenance of emergency lights. I have been told that if the LED on an emergency light does not work it must be considered “Failed” and the fitting replaced, but when reading up, I cannot find any regulations or guidance to suggest this is...
  17. telectrix

    repairs in progress.

    further to a post from a few weeks ago, my van was shunted from behind by a woman driver. oooh matron!. insurance paid out for write-off.. 2nd hand bumper from ebay £40. £8 so far on filler. another£8and then a couple of £7 areosols, and i will then have a straight van that at the end of the day...
  18. C

    pat testing repairs

    Hi I'm new to the forum hope this post is in the right place What i want to know is can you complete repairs to items that have failed pat testing due to holes / cracks in the plastic case. For instance i have a soldering iron in my work shop with a hole in the blue case, if i was to cover the...
  19. O

    Sunnyroo inverter faults

    SRP manufactured Sunnyroo inverters a few years back, they were sold as "made in Australia" they were infact made in China by a company that went out of business a couple of years back. I ended up with a failed unit which I had to replace out of my own pocket because the warranty is now...
  20. D

    Dewalt Apprentice Boots

    Been having a nightmare with my gear recently, everything seems to be giving up on me! So now my boots are knackered... Lace hole has torn so now i can't tie them properly, i've been looking at replacement boots and can only find them for £50-60. Is that the normal price or does anyone know...


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