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  1. PJH2903

    Pro Electrician Reliable Lancashire Electricians | Hudnott Electric Ltd

    Friendly and Qualified Electrician in Lancashire -Hudnott Electrical Ltd We are a small company based in Bacup, Lancashire specialising in domestic electrical work. I am an electrician working exclusively in the domestic sector. I will undertake all types of general domestic electrical work...
  2. Marcus Vaughan

    Customer completed own repairs after my EICR

    Not a question. Just feeling annoyed and venting. I carried out an EICR on a small domestic property, cleared a few small faults free of charge but gave an Unsatisfactory to Main Earthing and Equipotential Bonding Conductor Sizes. Gave a low quote to put right. He now phoned me up to say he...
  3. Mav_2014

    Fluke 1651, 1652 upgraded and repairs

    Hi all, new to the forum. For anyone with a Fluke 1651 or 1652 I offer an upgrade service to 1653 specifications, also repairs of Fluke 165x testers and err1 repairs, all at fixed prices. To find out more just message me. Repairs and upgrades include b&c series also.
  4. Lou

    John Collins Electrical

    Based in Buckingham, John Collins Electrical are home appliance repairs specialists with a wealth of experience in repairing and fitting replacement parts for cookers, washing machines, dryers and small domestic appliances. We undertake repairs at our workshop in Buckingham and can also provide...
  5. O

    Sunnyroo inverter faults

    SRP manufactured Sunnyroo inverters a few years back, they were sold as "made in Australia" they were infact made in China by a company that went out of business a couple of years back. I ended up with a failed unit which I had to replace out of my own pocket because the warranty is now...
  6. D

    Dewalt Apprentice Boots

    Been having a nightmare with my gear recently, everything seems to be giving up on me! So now my boots are knackered... Lace hole has torn so now i can't tie them properly, i've been looking at replacement boots and can only find them for £50-60. Is that the normal price or does anyone know...
  7. G


    whats your views ? eicr completed and theres various c2-c3 faults cert deemed unsatisfactory work carried out to make safe what is issued to say its satisfactory following repairs repairs being , no sleeving , earth not connected sockets switch not switching and a shower fault , but...
  8. D

    good old Facebook

    you can trust Facebook for a quality answer!
  9. R

    Nailed it (funny).

    Just saw this entry on the American Failed Blog website... Nailed It! - There, I Fixed It - Redneck Repairs
  10. E

    periodic testing

    Hi i have recently done a periodic test on a nursey and had to fail it on several points, i have gone back and completed remedial work and issued certs for remedial work. Can i now just reissue a periodic cert with a satisfactory pass as they need a PIR for the insurance,,
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