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electrician job

  1. A

    Electrician Looking for a chance into electrician

    Good afternoon all, I’m desperately looking for a way into getting a job as an electricians mate not then have the opportunity to get fully qualified. I’m 43 year old hard working individual who has lots of experience in electrical installations, cctv, burglar alarms, satellite tv including...
  2. E

    Electrician Full/part time work wanted trainee liverpool

    Hi I'm 22, in Liverpool, full drivers licence, completed Level 2 Electrical Installations and about to complete Level 3 this next month. I'm looking for what seems the impossible ... practical experience and training on site, I'd appreciate any advice, help or a job offer! :thumbsup: Thanks
  3. jc71292

    Electrician Looking for work as a Mate - Improver - Apprenticeship --- Lincolnshire

    Hello Guys, I'm 27 and looking to get work as an improver / mate so that I can complete the NVQ. I have the City and Guilds Level 2 and 3 in Electrical Installations as well as the 18th edition. Prior to the pandemic I managed to work with a local electrician for just over a month, but...
  4. M

    Electrician Electrical Improver

    C&G Level 2, C&G Level 3, 18th Edition, Initial and Periodic Inspection and Testing of Electrical Installations 2391-52 Ten years experience marine survey/engineering - worked globally Own tools and own van. Location North Norfolk - willing to work away during the week. AIM - Complete NVQ Level 3
  5. J

    Electrician Looking for work in the Ellesmere Port and Cheshire area

    Looking for work around the Ellesmere Port, Cheshire area Currently doing a level 2 night course and would like to get a foot in in the industry. Hard working and really keen to learn all aspects of the electrical industry. Any contact would be great
  6. P

    Electrician Change of direction

    Good morning everyone. I am coming to the end of my nvq 2357 with just the AM2 to complete and now have 3 years experience mostly in domestic and some commercial installations. I am looking to get into larger scale works preferably more 3 phase installs in the East Anglia region. If any one...
  7. A

    Electrician Looking for work in East london / Essex

    Hi people Hope you're all well. Currently looking for work around East London/Essex. I'm willing to travel a fair bit. I have my own tools, transport, ECS, IPAF and 2yrs experience on the tools. People I've worked with have always given me positive feedback. Im a very quick learner...
  8. M

    Electrician Electrician looking for work in the Banbury/Oxfordshire area.

    I have been working for an established company in Aylesbury for the last year and a half. The work was mainly domestic with a small amount of commercial work. I’m qualified to level 3 2365. I also have my 18th edition and ev charging qualification. I’m am competent in testing and using the...
  9. A

    Electrician Electrical Improver looking for work, C&G L3 + IPAF, East London

    Hi Im currently looking for work as Electrical Improver. Im based in Romford (Essex). City and Guilds Level 3 , NVQ L3 and IPAF, just waiting to do my AM2 to get me gold card. Kindly PM me if you have anything going Regards Ash
  10. A

    Electrician Sparks mate looking for work in South East London

    Hi All, I live in South East London and my location is in SE28. I am looking for a sparks mate job and happy to be an extra pairs of helping hand and currently available. I have pretty much all tools and own transport. Hard working and looking to work alongside electrician that will take me on...
  11. J

    Electrician Looking to an recruit for a FT position- Manchester/Cheshire/Merseyside

    We are looking to recruit a full time Electrician and/or year 3 apprentice or Electricians mate who has experience of the Industrial, Commercial and Domestic sectors. Must be able to complete inspection and testing competently. We are based around the Manchester/Cheshire/Merseyside areas. If...
  12. B

    Electrician Safe Isolation Level 3 Electricians Wanted

    Brookvex IMS Brookvex is recruiting electrical engineers/contractors to join our London Underground electrical minor works team to carry out fixed wire testing and electrical installation works. Applicants must have the following: Valid Driving Licence LUL Sentinel Card Safe Isolations Level...
  13. T

    Electricians Mate Looking for work as Mate in/around Coventry/West Mids. Trying to get started in commercial.

    Hi, Currently studying C&G 2365 Diploma Level 3 & 18th Ed (on hold due to Covid19 situation, one week left), looking to get into commercial jobs as a mate. Ideal location in and around Coventry and Warwickshire/West Midlands. Have been working with a local domestic electrician since Sept 2019...
  14. G

    Electricians Mate Looking for work as a Electrician's Mate in the Essex/London Area

    Hi i am looking to take the leap into the industry by looking to work full time as an electricians mate in the Essex/London area, i have a small amount of experience in the domestic side and i am currently enrolled on a college course. I have both ECS electrical labourer card and my CSCS...
  15. A

    Electrician Recently moved to Sheffield area and looking for work

    I have recently moved from London to Sheffield and am looking for work. I have 10 years experience across domestic and commercial sites and have attained all level 3 qualifications including the 18th edition and inspection and testing (2391).
  16. S

    Apprentices Level 3 apprentice - West Sussex

    Looking for somewhere to work as i been laid off from work due to the pandemic and was wondering if anyone is looking for apprentices i have experience in domestic commercial and solar. i have been doing this for 3 years now. im based in Burgess Hill west sussex just looking for somewhere to...
  17. L

    Electrician Electrical improver looking for work Essex

    Hi all, I'm a 33 year old electrical improver based in Harlow, looking for work in the Essex area. I've done my C&G level 2 and 3 aswell as the 18th Edition. I also have an ECS card. Experience in domestic (void and occupied) doing 1st/2nd fixes. Ideally looking for something permanent so...
  18. DannyJS

    Electricians Mate Electrical Improver Looking for Work - Greater Manchester

    Looking to pick up work as an Improver, based near Manchester Airport, available now. Mainly domestic experience, some commercial, working with 2 local firms but not getting enough work and I am used to working overtime so keen to make more contacts and find more work. Punctual, polite...
  19. W

    Electrician Looking for work as an electricians mate in west midlands.

    Hi there, I recently completed my level 3 diploma in electrical installations and bs7671 18th edition regulations. I am looking to be taken on soon as an electricians mate or trainee. My goal is complete my nvq portfolio and work towards my gold card. Any help/advice would be very much...
  20. C

    Electrician part time job wanted

    50 yr old ex production printer service engineer. Worked with electrics 30 odd years. Took a redundancy package, now returning to collage & doing level 2 and ----ing it. Looking for work 2/3 days a week as an improver. Coventry, Rugby, northampton area
  21. Johnsty32

    Electrician Electrician

    Hi everyone I’m looking for work opportunities I’m from Newcastle upon Tyne but don’t mind working away from home . I also have Dsb clearance to work in Norway thanks 👍🏻
  22. M

    Electricians Mate Looking for Voluntary work in London

    Hi Electricians Looking to gain practical electrical experience in the London area preferably commercial but will consider domestic as well. I'm willing to travel and dont expect to be paid whilst learning. Please give me shout if you need a helping hand. I'm confident and competent person...
  23. D

    Electrician Looking for an apprenticeship

    Hello everyone, I’m 23 currently studying my cert II in electrotechnology just wondering if anyone knows of anyone willing to put on an apprentice in the Sunshine Coast/Brisbane region in Queensland. I’m keen and ready to start ASAP. Thanks so much
  24. H

    How to find electrician job

    Hello, I'm writing this post for an advice. Thank you. So my name is Yani Hristov. I am from abroad- Bulgaria. Moved here 5 months ago, because of the opportunities that this country gives to young people. Currently I work as factory operative, but my goal is to work as an electrician. I have...
  25. G

    Electrician Looking for work

    A team of x3 Sparks and x1 mate looking for work. We are fully qualified in most aspects of the electrical industry. We are JIB gold card holders and have SSSTS, IPAF, Pasma and First Aid. If you require a push on any jobs please feel free to get in touch. Cheers.
  26. O

    Other Is the electricians game worth getting into in 2020

    Hi guys Thanks for taking the time to read this. Apologies in advance if this is the wrong forum for this sort of topic, please point me in the right direction if that's the case. I'm looking for advice and opinions from people working as electricians or sparkies mates on whether or not in the...
  27. Sydney27

    Electrician Electrical Improver Seeking work Reading Berkshire

    Hello I'm an Electrical Improver with 10+ years experience looking for work in the Reading area. I do commercial and industrial the last year I did an Amazon centre, office refits, nhs Radiotherapy suite, Screwfix new build, Pet food factory, Data centre, Pharmaceutical factory, Mercedes car...
  28. J

    Electricians Mate Electrical Improver / Mate based in Watford looking for work

    Hi, I am a 25 yr old electrical improver / mate with 3 years experience in new builds (inc. hospital, Intu Watford expansion, university accommodation) looking for work in the Watford area or within around 30 -ish minutes of travel. I have an ECS card, 18th ed., IPAF, and NVQ level 3...
  29. J

    Electricians Mate Looking for full-time work/experience as Electrician's mate in London

    My name is Johnson I’m looking for any jobs as electrician’s mate. If not available I’m willing to work for cheap or free to gain experiences around London. I'm happy to be an extra pairs of helping hand and ready to start (my location is in Woolwich common, Greenwich south east London SE18)...
  30. T

    Electrician Looking for weekend work in leicester

    Electrical Experience I am looking at doing some voluntary electricians work at weekends with a local electricians who needs a hand. I have completed all my level 2 and 3 electrical qualifications of my own back and I just need to prepare for my AM2 exam My qualifications are: City and...
  31. D

    Electrician Looking for electricians mate to work for in the dorset area.

    I am qualified to 2330 level 3, have a car, power tools and have just bought a fluke multifunction tester, i've been practicing circuits at home, you can email me on [email protected], I am eager to learn.
  32. D

    Electrician Electricians mate seeking employment based in south west London

    Hello fellow electricians I am currently seeking employment as an electrician’s mate / electrical trainee in or around south west London (SW17). Qualifications: C&G Level 2 Diploma in Electrical Installations 2365 (Buildings and Structures) 600/5498/0 C&G Level 3 Diploma in Electrical...
  33. C

    Electrician Electrician required for domestic installation near Honiton

    I own a small cottage near Honiton, Devon. I'm looking for an electrician who can bring wiring up to date. Please contact me. Thank you.
  34. M

    Electrician Looking for Electrical work experience in or around Harlow, Essex

    Hi, Having completed C&G level 3 and AM2, I am looking for ongoing work experience in or around Harlow and am happy to do it unpaid. I do not have a van, only a car, but have my own tools and will buy more as required. I have completed the ECS exam and it is valid until November 2021, but...
  35. W

    Electrician Electrician required in and around Manchester.

    Electrician required in and around Manchester. Must have own van tools fully qualified with testing and ecs card. Self employed. Msg for more details
  36. H

    Electrician Looking for hands-on work experience, Wiltshire area

    Level 3 qualified, some experience with maintenance and installation. Any opportunities welcome and doesn't matter at all if unpaid, can travel up to 50-60 miles as I drive. Are there any electricians or firms in the Wiltshire/Swindon area that would be willing to take me on to gain experience...
  37. W

    Electricians Mate Looking for Employment as Electricians mate around Birmingham (west midlands area)

    Hi there, I recently completed my level 3 diploma in electrical installations and bs7671 18th edition regulations. I am looking to be taken on soon as an electricians mate or trainee. My goal is complete my nvq portfolio and work towards my gold card. Any help/advice would be very much...
  38. J

    Electrician Looking for mate/improver role

    I am currently studying one night a week C&G Level 2 Installations. Got my CSCS card, currently going down the route of ECS as well, I work one day a week at a lighting company with a maintenance electrician and, from the one day a week, I am learning a little bit from them and I enjoy iy. I...
  39. S

    Electrician Liverpool Electrician looking for work

    I'm looking for full time work if anyone can help me out or knows of someone in need , I'm based in Liverpool with 20 years experience I have my own van and tools , power tools , ladders , testing equipment etc So ready for a start straight away I'm good at a wide range of installations and...
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