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  1. C

    2 houses being joined into one / wiring

    Hi all, 2 adjacent terraced houses are being joined into one. The supplier meter cabinet is towards the front of each house and the consumer units are over the rear door in both instances. The heating system is oil and there is no storage electric or heat pumps in either unit, therefore, it is...
  2. M

    Searched, joined, found what I wanted

    Hi all, New on here. Just got through another NICEIC company/PDH/QS inspection today and got some questions answered as usual. Came on here to look up info on early 7671 editions, and found them! Good stuff.
  3. Driverless

    Hello, just joined - Interested in EVs and charging

    Hi there, I have just joined the forum. I have been involved in the electrical and electronics industry for over 40 years. I am now involved with Electrical Vehicles, and run a charge point installation directory. I am here to learn and hopefully give any advice where possible. Cheers Gaz
  4. D

    Hello, my name is David Just joined!

    Hi people, I have just joined this forum, I have been an industrial electrican for a number of years, and have finally decided to complete my level 3..in order to obtain my jib card.. I am an adult trainee.
  5. J

    Just joined Hello . Need some advise.

    Hello Everyone, Need some advise. My fuse meter switch tripped . Upon inspection I realized that it trips the 'wall sockets' part only as the ceiling lights work fine on their own. I removed all the plugs from the appliance and reset the fuse box but after a minute or so it trips the socket...
  6. H

    Just joined and like some advice

    Just joined, I’m self employed electrician, and would like some advice on going limited, vat etc Where would I post such questions please, many thanks in advance
  7. P

    Just joined, would like some advice on ELI measurement

    Hello everyone I'm not an electrician, but I was in the electrical business most of my working life before I retired. My background is electronics with the last few years working in industrial control systems - control engineering, etc - so I hope you will make allowances for me not being fully...
  8. D

    10mm joined to 6mm for exterior charger

    I have a job where the client wants a 7kw car charger 50 meters away from his house. The problem is there is a 6mm that's been pre wired 10 meters through his house from the main consumer unit to an exterior wall and sealed up. So I would have to use that and join onto the 10mm exterior and put...
  9. M

    Hey Just Joined Thought I'd Say Hi!

    Hey just a quick Hi from Leeds, DIY'er for all my sins. Just found this community and it looks such a useful resource!
  10. M

    Recently joined, always keen to learn or to help out

    Hi this is Mark in Manchester, self-employed spark for 15 years, ELECSA registered since they were nobbut a lad. Always keen to learn from wiser folk than I, or to share what I can. Cheers.
  11. diyterry

    It's been a whole year since I joined the forum

    It's been a year since I joined the forum and I'd like to thank you all for your help, advice and criticism. I've learned a lot about new products which I wasn't even aware existed, electrical regulations and best practice. Thank you all for your time and patience.
  12. M

    Hi, just joined new member.

    Hi Just joined, worked in the property sector for 30 years as a surveyor etc. Dad was a sparks and taught me a lot, mostly carrying a tool bag from the van! Passing interest in auto electrics. Cheers
  13. C

    I need to discuss Off-Grid Generators and Earthing so just joined and saying Hello

    Hello. I am not a sparky but have some electrical knowledge. I am a mechanical engineer but dabble in electrical/electronic projects. I need to work out some proper earthing for my 230V, off grid set-up using 2 different types of generator configuration and with potential to connect to other...
  14. T

    Just joined. Wanted to say hi

    hi just joined the forum, having a read of lots of really useful posts. Thanks Alan
  15. J

    Just joined. Saying hello to everyone

    Just to say hi to everyone .. happy New year 2018
  16. Timbo

    Hello folks, just joined up

    Hello everyone, Been reading the forums for a while, but decided to join up. Looking forward to participating. Tim.
  17. N

    Just joined and saying hello...

    Hi Everyone, I've already learned a lot from this forum so decided to join to be able to participate in discussions and help fill in the blanks I'm expecting to have along the way. Just so you know a little about me, I've had a couple of careers (ex Army, MoD, now project planning) and only...
  18. Dave Rudderham

    I'd forgotten I'd joined!

    Was hunting for info on what to do when a lighting circuit has no CPC and Class 1 fittings, went to join this forum and found I was already here! Thought I'd best say hello, name is Dave, I live in Grimsby and I have been in Electronic servicing, telecoms and data for many years since...
  19. KEV 1 N

    Newbie - just joined here..

    Hi, I'm Kevin. I been reading articles on this forum for about a week or so, so thought I'd join up. I've been "out of my time" for about 12 years now, and have worked for the same company since 1999. I think I've had a good apprenticeship as I've worked in all types of buildings and had 3...
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