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  1. littlespark

    Testing ip camera without the nvr

    One of my customers managed to fry the rj45 socket on a Lorex (cheap!) brand ip camera. No idea how, but the pins are cooked. He had purchased a new socket but needed someone else to repair. It’s an rj45 with a standard power jack on the side. Of course, the colours are all different.. so...
  2. rwkshaw

    RCD seems to trip without physically tripping???

    Hi, I seem to have an RCD that keeps cutting the power at random times without actually tripping, if I reset it, the power comes on and will stay on for anything from a few hours to a few weeks. I've been through all the obvious things, unplugging everything, plug in one at a time etc, nothing...
  3. sebas96

    PSU works with a multimeter attached, but trips the safety without it.

    Hey, I want to use an old xbox 360 PSU- 12V 175W output- for my 12V sup pump (pump/air compressor). When I connected the PSU to the pump directly the SUP pump worked without a problem until it switched to the air compressor( it does it automatically after the pressure reaches 1 psi. The moment...
  4. E

    Smart Switch without Earth Terminal

    Hi, I've bought a "yagusmart" smart switch from Amazon and it has no earth terminal. Although there are no metal facing parts I would think the device itself still needs an earth? Or if not, where do I put the earth cable? It is a plastic back box with no earth terminal. There is no indication...
  5. Retroelectric

    Could you work without a smartphone?

    Hi all. Not sure this is the right place to post so will move / delete if needed. Just wondering if anyone could go back to working with just a standard mobile phone and text messages? Obviously smartphones can be very useful and I would miss the camera, but just wondering if I could go back to...
  6. R

    Possible to tell which Murray replacement to get without removing the breakers (w/pics)?

    I need to replace two AFCI breakers on our main circuit panel. I have replaced and added breakers to our sub-panel several years ago. When I did so, it was convenient to leave that panel unpowered for more than a few minutes, so I was able to take an existing Murray breaker with me to ensure...
  7. S

    Room lost power without tripping circuit breaker.

    We have one room that seems to have lost most of its power last night. One of the outlets in the rooms has a power strip plugged in that powers the tv and video games, but we flip it off when not in use to save power. Last night, when I flipped the power strip on, the entire room lost power, but...
  8. H

    RCD without neutral 2 phase supply

    Hi everyone, Quick question can you fit an RCD without any neutral connections? If I have a 3 pole circuit breaker which has all 3 poles terminated with a 3 phase supply (L,L,L excluding neutral or earth) on the primary side and I am using only 2 phases on the secondary side (L,L) to create a...
  9. A

    NAPIT Certification Scheme Joining a scheme provider without test and inspect advice

    Hello all just after some advice for joining a scheme provider in order to self certify work however I don’t hold a test and inspect qualification yet but will be booking as soon as I can. does anyone have experience of joining one without this? Currently holding nvq3, am2 and 18th edition...
  10. D

    Measuring Voltage Drop - With or without Load?

    I am sending power to some 5v led lights about 50ft from the transformer. I was going to use some CAT6 direct Burial cable that I kept after a contractor accidently cut it (I replaced the wire as I did not want to do an underground splice). So I plan to use 1.5 pairs (three conductors) for Pos...
  11. Y

    Can you fit a switch without a backbox

    I have a new kitchen fitted and the electrician has fitted a two gang architrave switch without a back box. Is this safe?
  12. Z

    old school coldroom not kick in without bridging transducer

    a close relative asked me to look at there coldroom. i counldnt see a way to make it work without bridging out the temperature transducer. apparently advice given by a prior electrician was that it needed a part ?? replaced to make it work. any ideas ?
  13. I

    someone using my qualifications without consent

    Hi Guys I was looking for a bit of advice really. I have been told that someone has been using my qualifications to allow themselves and others to carry out work . I was wondering if there is anyway of finding out if this is true, as i don't want to throw someone under the bus to find out it's...
  14. V

    Is there a way to test a SPD without spending thousands ?

    I know there are many MFT's out there which can test SPD's, but they all cost thousands of pounds, and I personally can't justify that cost which currently isn't mandated. However it would be nice to know that when I install a SPD that it will function. Is there a way of testing such a device...
  15. davesparks

    Flylead to SWA without a banjo.

    I've been working my way through some EICR remedials in a theatre and one of them is to sort out a slightly high Zs on a submain. Thankfully whoever installed it put the banjo on the gland and even put a bolt through it, they just didn't add a flylead, so its going to be relatively easy to fix...
  16. Stamps44

    Replace rcd without replacing whole CU?

    Hi, could I ask for a second opinion please? My RCD failed routine 6 monthly testing using the test button. I'd like to get it replaced, and spoke to an electrician who said that he couldn't replace it without replacing the whole consumer unit because it didn't meet the the latest regs. It...
  17. tank

    Frequency without voltage

    Could anyone shed some light on what might be going on here, before I cut a trap in the laminate to find out. I have a dead socket on the end of a 2.5mm cable of unknown origin. L-E L-N N-E all 0 volts. Insulation resistance between the ends all 1000M Ohm. No continuity any conductor back...
  18. J

    underfloor electric heating as an afterthought without dedicated wiring

    I'd really like to install underfloor, electric radiant heating in my bathroom. The space to cover is very small, probably 25-30 sq ft. once the tub and vanity are factored in. Not having planned for this, we don't have a dedicated breaker for it. Current set up: we have two junction boxes...
  19. S

    Will ev chargers work without wi fi and blue tooth connections?

    Have been asked to install a car charger(Pulsar Plus)where the customer is not going thro the grant scheme.Wondered if I need a cat 5 in the supply cable for a basic install. Thanks for any advice...


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