1. S

    Can I become an Auto Electrician without an engineering background ?

    Hello Everyone, My name is Sulaiman a mildly successful Sponsorship Sales person in my current life. I love cars, always have always will. I believe the future is electric vehicles. Can someone give me direction on what are the first steps I must take in order to reach my goal of opening up...
  2. H

    Reference methods for cavity walls without thermal insulation

    Evening all Just wondering what would be the reference method given for a twin and earth cable in a cavity wall without insulation....I understand with insulation its either 102 or 103 but these massively de rate a cable and so was thinking is it b without the insulation as it acts similar to...
  3. U

    UK Wiring downlights without junction boxes

    I'm installing downlights in a kitchen refurbishment. How can I link the lights, the switch and the mains without using a junction box because, when finished, all this will be in the ceiling void space and inaccessible. There must be some sort of in-line connector that would equate to a...
  4. E

    UK Can I swap halogen downlighter GU10 bulbs with 4w LED ones?

    I have 12 x 40w halogen downlighters in our kitchen ceiling which I want to replace with 4w LED equivalent. Can they be a straight swap? Will there be an issue with the transformer/voltage? The light switch is standard type. If I wanted to upgrade the switch to a dimmer type (and the new LED...
  5. B

    Is it possible to sit C&G exams without doing courses?

    For example, in the UK i know you can eg do an A Level at home (if for example you're homeschooled) and then simply sit the exam at a recognised examination centre, paying a small fee. Is this possible with the C&G?
  6. Steve888

    Loss of mains without tripping any switch

    Hello Early in the morning I lost the mains without any signs of tripping. The mains fuses was OK The 100A switch was OK All RCBO ok The loads in the house very low maybe 100W. The smart meter was powered OK I had to switch off and back on again the 100A mains switch to bring the mains back...
  7. C

    Non CE lighting without earthing

    Good evening, The wife decided we should have a row of Victorian style cast iron lamp posts up the side of our house. As the dutiful husband I went off and did some searching and found a company selling fairly well reviewed products. Fast forward a few days and the item is delivered, a...
  8. R

    Joining a cps without 2391

    Morning lads I may be mad but I am thinking of starting on my own. Since completing my apprenticeship I have been working mainly on industrial machinery. I have been involved with design through to commissioning stage of installs. Fault finding and plc work are two of my favourite things. My...
  9. S

    Can I get away without a full rewire?

    Hi My house has only one ring main which runs EVERYTHING - including boiler, electric fan oven, shower plus all the usual appliances. Although a new RCD was installed before I bought the property nothing else electrical was undertaken, something I now need to address. My problem is that we're...
  10. U

    NICEIC Certification Scheme Working without Certificate ? (Need Information)

    Hi dear friends, Firstly sorry my english skill if it's bad:) I've a special condition and need some more information. I've a company in my country (registered sub-contractor of GE, ABB, etc.) and provide automation engineering for high and medium voltage systems. But for some reasons I moved...
  11. B

    How do I calculate the resistance of a spur without phisically testing ? ..

    Boffins of the electrical world ... How can I calculate the resistance of 48m ring 2.5/1.5 .. with a 8m spur .. I can quiet easily do this without a spur in the equation but , my test papers require my doing so with an 8m spur. . how does this affect the zs tests ... Thanks v much ...
  12. M

    how to use storage heater without activating the included convector heater?

    Dear all, I have 3 unidare storage heaters that I d like to use minimizing electrical expense and I m struggling to understand how they work. I ve called unidare phone with no success and asked 2 electricians that could not provide help, thus I thought maybe someone from here could help. the...
  13. L

    Am I legally allowed to change a light switch on domestic without Part P?

    My friend rents out a house to someone and the light switch needs replacing like for like. This is obviously a simple job but as it is rented would need to be officially done by someone qualified. I am an industrial electrician and have an NVQ level 3 in electrical maintenance and have been...
  14. Amit Saxena

    Is there a way to move around a drilled hole in ceiling without drilling another one

    Hello everyone! Is there a way to move a drilled hole in ceiling slightly to the right without drilling another hole. I need to suspend a light ceiling lamp and want to avoid drilling another hole if possible. I am imagining something like this: So effectively I am looking for a flat...
  15. V

    Landlords EICR and t&e sub mains without RCD

    Hi All Been doing a lot of EICR for landlords recently due to new legislation and agents i guess. One common issue im finding even with relatively new (10 years) old installations is a T&E sub main. Now some of these have a 100mA rcd .. or no RCD .. some are even wired in concentric cable...
  16. B

    Domestic RCD cutting without physically tripping. a

    Hi I’m new. I have a flat in Madrid which was re-wired in 2011. The fuse box has a single pole 25A breaker, plus a 2P 25a breaker. These feed an RCD known here as a “diferencial”. When I use the oven plus hob plus aircon the power goes off but none of the consumer unit switches physically trip...
  17. P

    Ok to sell without detachable lead?

    Can anyone advise if it's legal for a business to sell electrical items in the UK that plug in to a mains outlet via a detachable "kettle" lead, but without supplying the lead with the item? (I'm thinking about things like PC power supply units)
  18. C

    How to Drill into Ceramic/porcelain Tile Without Cracking It

    Hi all, first of all i don't know whether i have Ceramic or porcelain tiles. also if you could help me identify which type i have, what is the best method for drilling them or technique to avoid cracking them? Is it fairly simple too do or a nightmare? just encase you haven't already guessed...
  19. C

    Need electricians advice. Moving ceiling light without chasing ?

    hello i moved in to my place 3 years ago and have been slowly redecorating one room at a time. Im finally on my last room, the living room but for some weird reason the ceiling light isnt in the middle of the room. its off to the side quite far. The problem is, my ceilings are concrete so i...
  20. Loki

    police car driving without mot

    Just out of curiosity i decided to put a police car reg in online to see what cc is 1.6 fine. then thought id check mot history (im an ex mechanic yes sad lol) found this: naughty lol
  21. J

    Domestic Wireless lighting without wired switches

    Hello, I bought my house last year and had a look in the consumer unit before I bought it and it had a dual RCD board and all PVC cable inside including a periodic inspection report that said it was compliant. However when I came to remove some pendants to replace fittings I realised all the...
  22. D

    Electrics came back on without doing anything

    All electrics in the garage went out. It was caused by a heater fan I had one for a hour or so. It is a very very old heater fan. I presume it's got a fault. Anyhow there is a board in the garage and also a board in the house. The house lights were fine and nothing tripped out. The garage...
  23. D

    Decent LED Floods with or without PIR

    Does anyone know of quality external LED floods/PIR floods in the 10-30w range that will last? Everything I fit I have to go back to. Our CEF used to supply Deluce, now Challenger. Lately it's no exaggeration to say I'm spending several hours a week going back to this crap at my own expense...
  24. O

    Only 38 years without an earth. ..

    One of my neighbours has just had an electric door fitted. The fitted commented that the garage didn't have an earth .... so I have just had a look Sure enough 2 core SWA runs from a SFCU in the lounge (not glanded to the back box) out to the garage where the SWA is glanded to the back box. SO...
  25. Sparksaflyin

    clever ways of ring final test without removing spur fronts??

    Morning fellas. I know from regular visits to this website that we have some rather intuitive Sparkie’s on here so I thought I’d join in the fun. I’ve got a rather basic question to start with but also where some of you can hopefully show your tips and tricks. Im currently working on a...
  26. F

    32A commando socket without isolator

    Any issues with installing one of these without an isolator? The D.B is about 3 meters away and the commando socket will be mounted under a kitchen worktop for a coffee machine and there isn't enough room for an isolator.
  27. M

    Can I replace inverter for larger unit without informing DNO or FiT

    Hi, Looking on Ebay I can pick up a used inverter for a lot less than what the supplier is asking for a new different unit. Do I need to inform the FiT people or the DNO. when the FiT paperwork was filled in it had the model and serial number of the inverter, which would be different if...
  28. littlespark

    Part P without joining a scheme?

    I have a possible job coming up where a neighbour of mine in Scotland is buying a property in England. Its a flat, and he thinks it needs a full rewire. Until I've seen it, I cant say what all needs done. Since starting self employed, I haven't joined a scheme yet as the costs are too much at...
  29. I

    Lighting problem. One switch wont work without the other being on

    Just replaced my double light switch now one switch wont work unles the other is on. I have the main power going in to the com then a wire leading from that into the other com then both circuits going in to the 2 L1 holes. I will try and get a picture up
  30. O

    Would you energise a modified circuit without RCD protection

    Pretty much what the title is. Asked to do a job, don't have time to do the board change but could make the changes to the kitchen socket circuit... So testing of sockets would be done, but no RCD protection (very old board so no upgrade path) until CU is changed in Jan Tin hat on! Pop corn...
  31. R

    3 phase Static inverter Without a Neutral

    ive a 3 phase static inverter with a 4 pin no Neutral power output 420 v. Is it possible to use the 240v power source Neutral on the inverter, change the socket output to 5 pin and use the input power source Neutral as in effect a slave Neutral. The Neutral will not be connected to any wiring...
  32. F

    Maintenance spark without NVQ - what can/cant you do?

    Hi all, first time poster! Was doing a bit of a job search today (have recently come out of the motor trade :eek:) and came across an advert for a general maintenance person for a care home, doing odd jobs inside out (including PAT testing patients electricals they bring onsite) I have a...
  33. Frimley111R

    Being part of an electrical association without being an electrician?

    Sounds odd I know but bear with me. Myself and my business partner have set up an electrical installation business but OLEV (EV governing body) require us to be part of an electrical association. This is presumably to show them that we are a legitimate business but neither of us are...
  34. D

    Selling a home without electrical certificates

    A homeowner is planning on selling their home, but they have carried out electrical works without notifying building control. Is there a set procedure that they now must follow, i.e. do they now have to get in touch with building control and explain the situation to them and see what they say or...
  35. A

    Question regarding 400V three phase lighting connected in Delta, without Neutral.

    I am in the process of designing the electrical installation of a community centre, and have a question about the provision of three phase lighting for a large function room containing 18 36W LED fittings. All of the light fittings are to be switched simultaneously. Would it be possible to...
  36. J

    USB Socket WITHOUT Mains socket in Bathroom

    Hi All. Advice required/regulations on installing a single USB socket without mains socket - see attached picture, in a bathroom. Any thoughts/responses or ideas will be kindly appreciated. Kind Regards. Jag.
  37. S

    SWA without RCD for AC and Servers?

    Hey folks. I had someone round who does AC systems and they've suggested running AWS along the outside walls to power a 3.2 KW split AC system and up to 4 business servers + 1000VA UPS (13A). They recommend I have it not on an RCD at the fusebox. This cable has been suggested to also feed...
  38. Pete999

    Pete's Videos Must have been asleep

    Must have missed the lecture on safe isolation
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