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  1. H

    RCD without neutral 2 phase supply

    Hi everyone, Quick question can you fit an RCD without any neutral connections? If I have a 3 pole circuit breaker which has all 3 poles terminated with a 3 phase supply (L,L,L excluding neutral or earth) on the primary side and I am using only 2 phases on the secondary side (L,L) to create a...
  2. Y

    Can you fit a switch without a backbox

    I have a new kitchen fitted and the electrician has fitted a two gang architrave switch without a back box. Is this safe?
  3. Z

    old school coldroom not kick in without bridging transducer

    a close relative asked me to look at there coldroom. i counldnt see a way to make it work without bridging out the temperature transducer. apparently advice given by a prior electrician was that it needed a part ?? replaced to make it work. any ideas ?
  4. I

    someone using my qualifications without consent

    Hi Guys I was looking for a bit of advice really. I have been told that someone has been using my qualifications to allow themselves and others to carry out work . I was wondering if there is anyway of finding out if this is true, as i don't want to throw someone under the bus to find out it's...
  5. V

    Is there a way to test a SPD without spending thousands ?

    I know there are many MFT's out there which can test SPD's, but they all cost thousands of pounds, and I personally can't justify that cost which currently isn't mandated. However it would be nice to know that when I install a SPD that it will function. Is there a way of testing such a device...
  6. davesparks

    Flylead to SWA without a banjo.

    I've been working my way through some EICR remedials in a theatre and one of them is to sort out a slightly high Zs on a submain. Thankfully whoever installed it put the banjo on the gland and even put a bolt through it, they just didn't add a flylead, so its going to be relatively easy to fix...
  7. tank

    Frequency without voltage

    Could anyone shed some light on what might be going on here, before I cut a trap in the laminate to find out. I have a dead socket on the end of a 2.5mm cable of unknown origin. L-E L-N N-E all 0 volts. Insulation resistance between the ends all 1000M Ohm. No continuity any conductor back...
  8. S

    Will ev chargers work without wi fi and blue tooth connections?

    Have been asked to install a car charger(Pulsar Plus)where the customer is not going thro the grant scheme.Wondered if I need a cat 5 in the supply cable for a basic install. Thanks for any advice...
  9. lothian

    DMM Showing Current without Current Source

    I am attempting to use my DMM to identify a parasitic drain in my car's electrical system using a Chinaseum-brand DMM with an amp clamp. After I set the thing to DC amps and before I clamp it to the target conductor, it displays a range between 0.1A and .22A. This makes t'shooting with this...
  10. _KaCe_

    What is an adapter added to a Carlon box without threads, to give it threads, called?

    I bought 20 boxes for an outdoor project. I paint my parts before I install them so they look nicer than trying to paint them in place. That said, I now need to change the box from a smooth terminal hole to a threaded. I also need to have this part go from 3/4" to 1/2". I am not sure if there is...
  11. P

    Is it within the regs to fit sockets without securing them to a wall/cupboard?

    Hi, moved into a new home and the sockets for the fridge and freezer have just been left loose on the floor behind the kitchen cupboard base trim. To me this look like a rough installation but Persimmon insist it is within the regs. Can anyone confirm and if it isn't do you know which reg I can...
  12. D

    Smart switches without the cable

    In a nutshell, I'd like 2 way switching with smart switches, but rather than running a cable between them to link them I imagine it'd be a lot easier to link the 2 switches via events/triggers on the smart app. I have this already where I turn one light on I've configured it to turn another one...
  13. K

    1978 Porsche 924 Coolant Fan Runs Without Ignition Switch (fix?)

    I have a troublesome problem on my 924. I have replaced the coolant fan 2 times. The fan works this time, but there's a problem. Let me give you a back story. First fan (the one that came with the car when bought) went out when I manually unplugged it. It's been a while since that day, but I...
  14. Z

    UK Can i do EICR without joining scheme

    Hi all I'm not sure if someone asked this question already. Yesterday I applied do join NICEIC Domestic installer scheme payment was done and now I'm waiting for my assessment day. Today my client asked me if I can come and do EICR report on his properties which he rent's this needs to be done...
  15. G

    Texecom veritas R8, lost engineers code, how do you factory reset. End user code works ok, but cannot reset without engineers code. can anyone help??

    Texecom veritas R8, lost engineers code, how do you factory reset. End user code works ok, but cannot reset without engineers code. can anyone help??
  16. B

    Dimming without flickering

    I am looking for a good way to dim incandescent lightbulbs. I do not want the normal Triac dimmers that you buy at the store that work by cutting the duty phase. These cause flickering, cause humming, reduce the lifespan of the bulb, and do not dim below a high threshold. I also do not want...
  17. D

    Light switch without earth wire

    Hi everyone, In a bedroom, I have two single light switches that control one light (one by the bed and one as you come in by the door). I am fitting new stainless steel face plates to them. Did the one by the bed first and that had an earth wire connected to the back box so could fix that to...
  18. M

    Can I replace broken light switches and old roses in a communal area without electrical certification?

    Hello - a light switch in my communal hallway has died and the rose is in need of replacement too. I have permission from the freeholder to do said works however was wondering if I need a qualified electrician (NICEIC) to do said works or can I do it myself - I've done many such jobs before and...
  19. D

    2365 level 3 without level 2

    Hello guys, I'm currently in the army but I'm starting to plan for Civi Street. I recently completed the domestic installer course with my learning credits, Im doing 18th edition wiring online now and 2391-52 at the end of the month. I've also got a 2 day electric car charging point C & G in...
  20. S

    LED Lights staying on without power

    I have just put up some new lights with modern LED bulbs - the ones with spaded ends. When I turn off the switch the bulbs in the upstairs landing light stay illuminated, but not as brightly as with the power on. Has anyone seen this before - have I wired the light up wrong? The other identical...
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