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  1. J

    Who can change a socket?

    Hello Can someone give me clarity on who can change a wall power socket? I assuming I can change my own without qualification but can I change a friends? Is the only requirement to do it in accordance with the building regulations? James
  2. K

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) JIB new rules / how to fight with them ?

    Hello guys Recently 2 of my friends have been to Sidcup to apply in person and to pay 230 pounds (!!!!!) to have in the same day the JIB card. Both of them are fully qualified ( 2391, 2391, 17 edition ) and a lot of experience as well. They received BOTH Electrical Labourer card ( ????!!!!! ) ...
  3. linuxthefish

    Commercial Key Switch?

    Hi, how can i unlock one of these switches without a key and what are they called? Thanks!
  4. Darkwood

    Phoning 08 no's without the execessive costs attached with them.

    If you have a mobile contract but you're finding your allowance for minutes dosnt include the various 08 no's which charged premium rates you can with some providers arrange for a additional option to your contract - im using vodaphone and for a £5 charge on top of my monthly fee i get unlimited...
  5. H

    9.5kw without DNO

    Can a 9.5Kw system be installed, commissioned and signed off without DNO notification and then notifying them or would gemserve or the supplier pick it up, if so whats the worst case scenario rather than waiting weeks?
  6. D

    Installer swapped make of panel without telling me

    Hi I am new here and hoping someone can help me with this. I had agreed for a 4kw kyocera system to be installed and after a few delays the firm turned up and fitted panels called "emmvee". They are ES-250 M60B panels and look fine but i am worried regarding the quality as these are made in...
  7. J

    connecting mains smoke alarm without patress - connection box

    How would others connect a mains interlinked smoke alarm that does not use a surface patress. There is a ceiling plate, and a 3 wire connector. I would probably use wago lighting connector with junction box, but this leaves the detectors exposed under the floor. Are there any better alternatives?
  8. Goody

    How much would you charge for a days work?

    Hi, How much is the current going rate of charge for a day’s work, without scaring off the clients, for the normal week days and weekends? Thanks!
  9. T

    Installing Landscape panels without any gaps between rows

    Hi, Completed an install at the weekend, it was three rows of 7 Sharp 185w 990x1300mm ( I seem to remember) panels. I couldn't for the life of me work out how to install the rail system (we use click fit) so we had no gaps between rows. In the end I had about a 300mm gap between each row and...
  10. E

    how to get a certificate without training?

    Hello, I am a competent electrician in home wiring and have been working in home wiring abroad for the last 12 years, now im back in the UK looking for work I will need to pass an exam to get a qualified electrician certificate? how can I get the qualification without going into a training...
  11. S

    Changing PV panels without stepping on them?

    Hello all: For the last month i´ve been in charge of maintenance for a large, roof-mounted, photovoltaic installation. To get to a broken panel, maintenance personel is used to step over other panels on the way or over the clams that sustain the panels...The problem ist that one time out of 10...
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