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  1. K

    2391 test & inspect combined course.

    Hello all, i am taking my 2391 combined test & inspect course in april. Would appreciate any revision material and mock tests if anyone has any? Thanks!
  2. Mike Bingham

    Test and inspect engineers required.

    Experienced test and inspect engineers required in Scotland, Liverpool, East Anglia, and London areas. Mostly EICR inspections with very occasional remedial jobs. Vehicle + fuel card, tools, clothing, ppe, test kit etc all supplied. Basic salary for "job and knock" plus travel time. Telecoms...
  3. N

    Who can issue a Minor Works cert?

    I have been through a time served electrical apprenticeship, achieved LV 3 2330, AM2, NVQ, and all other stuff to do with, 6 years ago. I do not not have test and inspect. I have always worked for large contracting companies, in the cushy side (maintenance) and have never had to supply certs for...
  4. T

    periodic inspection

    Hi every1 When periodic inspecting, should you 10% sample test each circuit and 100% visual, does every1 else agree
  5. A

    Commercial Unit New Tentant

    Hi Guys A friend of mine is moving his buisness into a unit on a local industrial estate. He hasnt bought the property he is leasing it he has asked me to come and make some modifications to the wiring but on arrival it is clear that the current installation isnt up to spec and frankly parts...
  6. Z

    part P for one job

    Hi guys, I have a house rewire coming up but I am not Part p registered. I have been working as a subby so I did not need it. I do not want to spend £1000 because of that one job so what can I do? Thanks!
  7. A

    Notifiable install in a domestic

    Hi Newbie confused and needing some clarification on what I can or can't do and when. I am trained and up to date to 17th edition, but not registered to a scheme. How do I carry out a notifiable install in a domestic? So I notify the local authority before works. They inspect first fix I...
  8. Joe S

    Landlord Inspection??

    One of my customers rang me and asked if I could have a look and certify one of his properties. Is this a small PIR or a visual inspection? Can I do it being an NIC EIC Domstic installer and what certificate do I use? Cheers
  9. Z

    Inspection help

    Hi all, A colege d of mine asked me to inspect a work he has done in his bathroom. Some lights and maybe a socket as well. He would like me to inspect it and sign the required certificates for it. Now, I am not a member of any organization like NICEIC or NAPIT so can I do that? But I am a...
  10. C

    Home sale testing

    Hi iv been asked if i can do the relevent inspect & test of a property ready for the owner to sell. Would this be a periodic inspect & test that is required or something else? Also with me not have my 2391 or not being nic registered either in full or as a domestic intstaller am i able to do...
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