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  1. R

    Cable measuring device

    I’m just after a tool that my uncle used to measure cable lengths. The device goes into the conductors and then gives you a reading. Any idea what it is and where I could buy one. I would try google but I’m not sure what the device is, and my uncle bought it a long time ago.
  2. F

    Industrial Measuring current using a Shunt Resistor & an Oscilloscope

    Hi people, I'm new using forums for this kind of purposes, so please forgive me if I can't explain myself well, also if this is the wrong sub-forum please tell me ¡. I have to measure the output current & voltage of a High Frecuency, High Voltage transformer, I can measure the Output Voltage...
  3. B

    Measuring Ze from DB fed from section board

    Would a DB fed from section board be considered as the origin in regard to ze or would that be at the section board. Cheers
  4. R

    Measuring current draw by AC motor.

    Hello guys. This isn't a job, just so that you know. Just exploring. I have a couple of AC motors and I am playing with them. One of the things I want to do is measure the current draw. So I attach them to a power source and switch it on and off they go doing their thing. No problem there...
  5. Andy5678

    Measuring apps.................

    so downloaded one the other day. Free in the App Store. You use your camera to scan an area and can pin point positions and the app measures between. I have yet to try it against known measurements, but looks like it could be a useful tool for measuring cable/trunking runs etc if caught...
  6. oracle

    Using other measuring equipment for testing?

    The Regs allow the use of other "measuring" equipment. Are any of you using such equipment and if so, what? Reg 643.1 The tests of Regulations 643.2 to 643.11, where relevant, shall be carried out and the results compared with relevant criteria.Measuring instruments and monitoring equipment...
  7. Jonathan Wilcox

    Measuring component readings

    I'm fixing a turntable and want to know how to test individual components on a circuit board. Can anyone advise me on what are the most important parts to test and how? I have watched a few videos and have figured I need my multimeter on diode mode, wires on pos/neg and reading should be...
  8. O

    Measuring Direct Current with Fluke Multimeter?

    I've been told I need to wire the multimeter in series with the LED I'm trying to measure. I tried doing that and now the COB won't power on. I made a diagram for the wiring when I initially successfully wired up the LED so I'll post a picture of that below along with pictures of my wiring...
  9. Peter Monfort

    Ring final circuit question

    When you do the continuity test on a ring final circuit and you have to connect L1 to N2 and vice versa, this assumes you know which L cable is the incoming or outgoing. I understand that if you connect L1 to N1 and vice versa the ohm readings rise then fall as you go round the ring circuit...
  10. W

    Which Voltage Indictor

    I've been using a Martindale neon indicator for about 10 years and it needed replacing. Purchased the Fluke T100 only to find it trips 30mA RCD's. My bad. What would be a good replacement for the Martindale or should I just by another one. I do find the the retractable probes sleeves a bit of...
  11. M

    Voltage derived from differnet transformer

    When i measure the voltage between L1 of 230V transformer and L1 of 450V transformer i can measure around 180V. Can i use this voltage to light up a 220V lamp? Actually i tried it but it doesnt work and dont know why. Have tried also to any other phases but no way that it lights up..Thanks for...
  12. S

    eicr form filling

    hi everyone been reading this forum for a year now and this is my first question i just hope i am doing this right. on TT earthing we have one box for RA and one for ZE, what box do we use.
  13. L

    Cheap voltage tester

    Hi, Looking at ordering a cheapo voltage for odd jobs around the house, what are single pole voltage indication and phase rotation test used for?:D Thanks
  14. P

    confused tns reading

    guys, Im getting confused, done a ze reading L-PE and got 0.46 ohms but on on site guide says should be 0.8 ohms do i just put the reading down on EIC. Or is this o.k :confused: all zs readings are within limits
  15. R

    megger 1552

    Hello all, I am after some advice, I have just bought a megger 1552 tester. I was "practicing" with it today as I am a novice when it come to inspection and testing. I found the instruction manual a bit naff. I was trying to do a Zs/earth fault loop impedance on a radial circuit and the meter...
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