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  1. M

    Frequency power fluctuations

    Hello! What's the implications on frequency fluctuations on 3 phase power? From transformer to feed the lighting dimmer rack. We use Fluke power logger and recorded a frequency fluctuations from 50hz to 0hz in almost every 5 secs interval. It's random, different day and time. What may have...
  2. justcurioustwo

    can frequency changes effect the electrolysis process?

    A curious look at electrolysis After reading the quotes below which I got from another forum, I ask these questions ~~~~~ "Non-integer-frequency crystals will work well, as long as the crystal's frequency is between the microcontroller's maximum and minimum crystal frequencies. The non-integer...
  3. T

    Voltage and frequency conversion question

    Hi guys! I recently bought a record player from the US (its not available here). The model is the Pyle PNGTT12RBT It says its designed to run at 120 V 60Hz. I was a little confused on what the best approach would be to use it here without damaging it. I've seen plenty of voltage...
  4. T

    Royal Raymond Rife frequency generator

    Just throwing this out there to assay if anyone has done any work on the above or knows anything of it. Would be interesting to hear your views and thoughts if you have come across it or been involved in any way. I have been looking into this since around 2004 and attended a centre where this...
  5. A

    Current Frequency Counter - Wiring and Setup

    The current frequency counter we ordered on Amazon has just arrived, with a vague and minimal setup manual
  6. D

    Mains Frequency huge Variation

    Hi, on my mains I seem to be getting huge variations from the normal 50hz for several minutes at a time. It goes down to 48hz then back to 50-51hz and then will then jump from 51hz sometimes to 65hz but usually hover around 53-57hz for around 2 minutes at a time. This happens fairly often, what...
  7. D

    Industrial VFD controlled Pump relationship clarification

    We Know that when configured for scaler control, a VFD willadapt its switching modulation to ensure that when frequency is changed, motorterminal voltage will change hence the term Voltage frequency ratio. Similarly, if we look at the affinity laws for a centrifugalpump we see that a 10 %...
  8. E

    Does 10 volts and 10 heartz make much of a difference

    Speaking hypothetically if I was able to buy battery operated tools from the Us of A and not pay import duty or postage would the charger still work?
  9. T

    Can you work out the value of the resistor?

    Hi guys, Just wondering if you can help me on this one, I have a RLC series circuit the values are as below; R = unknown L = 800mH C = 300uF from there I have calculated; the resonant frequency to be 10.3Hz the capacitive reactance 51.50 ohms The reason I need to know is I need to work...
  10. N

    LEDs & Interference

    I'm led to believe that LEDs (as in the actual basic semiconductor device themselves) are comparatively strong emitters of radio frequency interference. Don't know about how much power or where in the spectrum but that's what I was once taught. Just wondering whether anyone has seen this as a...
  11. D

    what frequency do 'HFAC' low voltage transformers (like varilight) typically output?

    Hi, I'm replacing low voltage halogen with MR11 and MR16 LED bulbs. AC supply would be simplest because of existing wiring, but I'm concerned about LED flicker: Characterizing and Minimizing LED Flicker - Lighting Solutions | DigiKey I'm looking at varilight transformers: VARILIGHT...
  12. P

    IET Code of Practice

    A chance to find out about the implications of the IET Code at FREE 4th Edition Code of Practice Seminars from Seaward
  13. J

    3 Phase Motors Speed Control

    Hi, Does anybody know of any alternative to governing the speed of a 3 phase motor than a frequency inverter? Thanks in advance, Jamie
  14. M

    EICR question, TT.

    Hi guys I'm doing my first PI and it happens to be on a TT system. I've a question regarding the "Detail of Installation Electrode" box... 1, Type... Is that a simple as it sound? Rod, mat etc? 2, Resistance to earth... Is this another space for the Ze measurement or the resistance of the...
  15. S


    what is allowed to be tested or can not be tested on the dno side of a domestic property?
  16. U

    Gear for sale!!

    I have gear for sale: 7x 8w emergency bulkheads £10 each 3 x 28w high frequency circular emergency (ansell) £25 each 4 x 8w box emergency,3 brass 1 white £10 each 3x 32a rcbos 30ma (Schneider) £8 each Radio frequency house kits x3 bases x2 smokes x1 heat (aico) £100 Or...
  17. D

    2D and pir

    do the 2d high frequency work well with pir? I know the old magnetic ballast type didn't is the lamp affected badly by the switching and short on time? thanks
  18. S

    Petrol generator frequency

    I'm considering buying a used petrol generator but there seems to be some confusion as to what the output frequency is, 50 or 60 Hz. Is there any way of finding out the output frequency of a generator? If it did turn out to be 60 Hz, could it be changed to 50 Hz, and if so, what needs to be...
  19. K

    Date of next inspection?

    Alright everyone can someone please tell me the recommended date of the next inspection on a new domestic cu install is it 5 years? Ive looked in regs and onsite guide and cant seem to find it thanks
  20. K

    60 Hz at 0 volts? :(

    Hello folks! I'm just a newbie here. I'm just confused where did the 60 Hz came from even at 0 volts on the line. I have a data gathering at a generator set using a HIOKI power analyzer. When the generator shuts down, of course the voltage at the lines are zero and the frequency MUST be also...
  21. S

    Do voltage convertors convert cycles?

    Hi, Im waiting for a machine from China to arrive to Canada, and here is my question, machine will be 220V 50Hz, and currently in Canada its 110V 60Hz, so most converters i can find in Canada have no problem doing 110V > 220V, but it seems they all give 60Hz anyways, is there a way to convert...
  22. J

    Boiler/Generator problem

    Hi I’m trying to run a gas combi boiler from a 2500kva petrol generator, but the boiler shuts down when connected to the generator displaying a supply problem. In the boiler house I have 2 separate sockets one coupled to the domestic supply the other one a direct feed from the generator, the...
  23. A

    Hertz And Volts?

    After Greetings suppose that you have light works on (240 vac and 50 hz) and machine works on (240 vac and 50 hz) I need to know what will happen for each of (light and machine) if 1- the volts increase 2- the volts decrease 3- the hertz increase 4- the hertz decrease Thanks Best regards...
  24. G

    Mains frequency effect on cookers

    I live in the UAE and purchased a cooker here, which I would now like to send to the Philippines. However, there is a difference in mains frequency between the two countries, and I'm worried that the cooker may not work in the Philippines, or only work dangerously. According to Wikipedia...
  25. M

    Working out Impediance need help!

    Hey I am trying to do this formula but I can't work out the last number to get answer the bit I can't do is the 10-6 to get the answer. frequency of 1 KHZ 2x3.142x1000 x220x10-6 - = 723.4ohms Frequency 20 KHZ 2x3.142x20000x220x10-9 = 36.2ohms Can anyone describe how to do the last...
  26. S

    wireless light switching

    Got a small problem i've recently wired a large and expensive kitchen for a client who has now request some lighting above a larder area on the opposite side of the kitchen to the pelmet lights ive already installed on the other side. Does anyone know of a wireless transmitter that i could use...
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