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  1. B

    Replacing underfloor heating stat with no floor sensor.

    Hi, I've not really got involved in underfloor heating before, but a customer asked me to replace her OJ Microline manual stat for her bedroom heating which had packed up with a replacement generic version she got from Amazon. I assumed it'd be a straight swap so said yes and wired it up, the...
  2. E

    Underfloor heating clicking on and off (electric)

    Little video here: View: https://youtu.be/rLvJxZlgWDo The relay just clicks on and off. I've attached a few photos of the internals of the unit. It's quite old, but was working a while ago, so perhaps a replacement might sort the problem, what do we reckon? I guess it just uses an ambient...
  3. J

    UK Replacing underfloor thermostat with warmup 4ie thermostat

    Hi All This is my first post. I am very novice around home diy electrical work. I can replace sockets and light switches and hold degree in computer science. I recently purchased a new thermostat for my underfloor heating in the kitchen (warmup 4ie). It is to replace an old thermostat. I...
  4. M

    Underfloor heating separate thermostat

    we have a conventional heating system and underfloor heating recently installed by the builders plumber - it’s all wired up (pump, valve, thermostat receiver etc..) but both the electrician and builder seem to be at odds with the connection at the boiler. currently the boiler just has LNE and...
  5. L

    Underfloor heating with economy 7 ?

    Hi everone can anyone advise me on two things I'm having underfloor heating fitted and want to run it on my economy 7 Has anyone managed to do this and how could you control the input? What sort of electric metre could be used? Bearing I. Mind it turns off during the day so won't have...
  6. happyhippydad

    Which underfloor heating control panel?

    My customer wants to change her control panel for her underfloor heating. She finds it too complicated and wants something more simple. I have only ever fitted the ones that the customer has supplied along with the underfloor heating. Here is the one she has at the moment: Can anyone...
  7. D

    Fault on underfloor heating mat.

    Hi All I have a fault on an underfloor heating mat which is as follows L-N no continuity (should be around 200 ohms) N-E short circuit L-E clear I need to find the exact location of the fault so I can take a tile up to repair it, I have thought about hiring a thermal imaging camera, just...
  8. E

    Underfloor Heating Thermostat in Bathroom

    Hi, Is it allowable to install an underfloor heating thermostat inside the bathroom but outside any of the listed zones? We are having a room converted into a bathroom and there is no suitable place directly outside the room to install it, however the new bathroom itself is about 3m x 3m and...
  9. C

    underfloor heating do i need a CPC-Mesh

    just checking the regs 753.411.3.2 which state i need to use a conductive mesh connected to the CPC of the circuit. I am installing a flexible heating mat from Warm Up in a kitchen and i dont see any mention of the mats needing a conductive mesh needing to be installed??
  10. G

    polypipe underfloor heating, wifi vs NEST

    HI all, got a holiday let that wants to control heating from their home as people leave it on etc. setup is s plan upstairs HW and heating(rads) , with stat up there for heating downstairs two zoned UFH, bathroom and Lounge ive priced up the polypipe stuff, new center and stats and its...
  11. GBDamo

    Sanity check regarding electric underfloor heating.

    Been asked to look at an electric UF heating system. As yet it is laid but no connected and no supply is present. There are two mats at 1600w so total 3200w, 14A. My intention is to run a feed off a 20A RCBO via a 20 DP isolator to the thermostat. Run in 2.5 T&E, clipped direct total <10m...
  12. Daniel Coakley

    Domestic Electric Underfloor Heating - Tripping RCD

    Hi all, wondering if anyone can help me with a recent issue I've had with electric UFH in a small flat. Found that when the UFH starts, the RCD trips immediately - this started last Saturday while I was away. Prior to this, I had heard some buzzing coming from near the UFH unit controller in my...
  13. JC Heat

    Upgrade your old underfloor heating thermostats

    Just for your information, to conserve energy consumption with your underfloor heating, it is a great idea to replace your old thermostats with the programmable thermostats. With this kind of thermostat you would be able to set the timer to go on and off at certain times of the day. With this...
  14. JC Heat

    New to the forum with underfloor heating background

    Hi everyone. I look forward to our chats and shares. We supply, install and repair underfloor heating in South Africa. Any questions are welcome.
  15. T

    Underfloor Heating Advice on installation

    Hello, New to the forums, I don't know if anyone is able to help me or give me some advice or tips (I'm not an electrician). Me and my partner are buying a new build home and we wanted to fit underfloor heating downstairs, we have worked out it will be approx 15sqm of matting 100w matting...
  16. Gavin John Hyde

    Underfloor heating thermostats

    I tend to run a mile from underfloor heating as its a pain in the backside to put right if it goes wrong. Got a regular customer whose old manual thermostat has died, power goes to it, but nothing else, its dead. Tested resistance of the heat mat and the values pretty much same as paperwork when...
  17. S

    Underfloor heating bathrooms- recommendations?

    Got two underfloor heating systems to install- both on timber with a tiled finish. Both bathrooms are around 2 x 2. What systems have people installed and what recommendations have you got?
  18. D

    Intro and question about my current electricians advice on Underfloor heating

    Hi all, I have had an electrician round doing some rewiring. Whilst most seems good i have had a few problems with him crossing lives and neutrals, connections coming apart and a broken pump (blew whilst he is working here says it was nothing to do with him though). I am trying to persevere...
  19. R

    Heat shrink for underfloor heat mat

    Evening all, Just a technical question, I repaired a heat mat today with heat shrink that was supplied in the repair kit. It was very stiff compared to regular heat shrink. Am I right in thinking that it is stiffer to offer more cable protection but still has the same properties as regular...
  20. C

    3 zone valves (underfloor, 1st floor rads, 2nd floor rads

    Hi, so I have 3 zone valves in place for my heating; 1 - for underfloor heating 2 - 1st floor heating 3 - 2nd floor heating for some reason the plumber has put a zone valve at the pump of the manifold. The 2nd floor has a missing room stat cable so will have to opt for a receiver for a...
  21. J

    Underfloor heating mats

    just want some advise. We have a small annex which has one ring main for the hole place. We want to do an extension and install underfloor heating in each room. Is it possible to wire all four underfloor heating mats into the ring main at different points. Each room is roughly 5x5m2. Only asking...
  22. M

    Underfloor heating not working

    Hi, can I wire the under floor heating in the kitchen direct for short period to check if it is working ok
  23. M

    Underfloor Heating probe

    Hi, Underfloor Heating probe checked and not working but in a position not to be re-inserted, what are the infra red sensors like, any suggestions. Cheers
  24. Gazthesparky

    Electric underfloor heating

    Not necessarily electrical but looking for some advise for my own house. I am currently doing up my en-suite at home and hoping to have a wet room with walk in shower. I don't want a shower tray so looking to have a sunken shower floor and the same tiling for the whole bathroom floor. I am a...
  25. Midwest

    Electric Underfloor Heating Installation

    I've been asked to install some electric underfloor heating, as part of a bathroom refurb. Never installed the stuff before myself, in fact 'cos of some of the nightmare stories I've read here, I've managed to avoid it. However, got to do it this time. I was wondering if those that have put some...
  26. Soulsurfer

    Underfloor heating fault ! Need tracker / tracer not TDR ??

    As above I need to track down a fault on underfloor heating electric mat or loose cable system as to get a guy to come and find fault area from u.k. is around £2,000 apparently and repair etc.. I'm almost certain that it's going to be a joint on the cold tails but any kit that could be used to...
  27. G

    Underfloor heating??????

    have an underfloor heating system with manifold. The pump does not run unless I turn pipe stat up?
  28. A

    Worcester Boiler and Uponor underfloor heating

    afternoon, I am currently doing a rewire and have come to the connections for the heating system. What I have is a Worcester Combi Boiler and an Uponor Underfloor heating manifold. I also have two zone valves 1 for radiators and 1 for underfloor, I have a thermostat in place to control...
  29. J

    Underfloor heating problem!

    Hi all, Having trouble wiring up a two zoned wet underfloor heating system which is part of a manifold and controlled by one 4 wire actuator. Ive wired the room stat controlling both zones as normal (which is working), but then i'm unsure how to incorporate the connections for the "NC" 4 wire...
  30. M

    Compatability of Underfloor Electric Mat Controllers

    Hello, my daughter's bathroom has a Screwfix 2 sq m mat I installed a few years ago. When she had her electrics upgraded the controller was replaced with an RTC80.716 controller and it seemed to work. Now however I have 2 issues: 1. it keeps tripping the 6A MCB at random intervals. Perhaps it...
  31. F

    Electric Underfloor Htg

    Hi, ive got a bit of an issue with some underfloor heating mat that i installed, all tested fine once laid, go back to 2nd fix and i have no continuity between L+N or E clear IRes between all cores its like its just a clean cut i.e a tile dropped on it but i cant point fingers. Tiles are all...
  32. FatAlan

    Old electric underfloor systems....one for the older farts on here!

    In the process of buying an old cottage. Apparently there is an old underfoor heating system that dates back to the sixties so just as old as me. Can you tell me what this is? See piccture attached. Is it some sort of transformer? What ever it is it makes a good humming noise.
  33. Jackflash

    'warmup' electric underfloor roll out heating matts

    Hi, I'm about to start first fix and have just been dumped with the job of providing power for about 5 roll out underfloor heating matts in 5 different rooms. Whats the usual way supply power to these? Is it best to take power from the ring main or independent radial circuits or install another...
  34. N

    Do any sparks do underfloor heating?

    Just had a call to give someone a quote for dry underfloor heating which I declined as I haven't done it before and I'm sure it's within my capability to do it but I wouldn't quote for something I have no experience of. Just curious if other electricians do dry underfloor heating?
  35. B

    Installation of WarmUp Loose Wire System - How To Fuse?

    Hello folks, I have just finished installing a WarmUp DWS600 loose wire system in my bathroom. A little more on it here, but essentially it's rated at 0.6kW / 2.6 amps. Warmup DWS 600 Loose Wire Underfloor Heating Kit -...
  36. Y

    Heating help, radiators and underfloor

    Hi fellas, Usually do alot of industrial work but have taken on a house for a mate, have all the house wired other than the heating, quite new to wiring domestic heating systems and have very little experience to it, I been looking for wiring drawings to make sure I don't leave anything out as...
  37. C

    Minor works heat Mat

    I been asked by a customer to install a heat mat. The problem I have is I can only connect to the 32a ring. I've noticed a few connections made in connectors and tapped up. also there consumer unit is under the stairs which has a sink and toilet. The head is under the sink which was once boxes...
  38. G

    Domestic Underfloor heating Controller

    The underfloor heating controller says it will be able to pull a maximum of 16 Amps. The supply is from a 20 RCBO. 2.5mm Twin and earth to a 13 Amp switched fused spur. The load side of the spur feeds the underfloor heating controller. The owner is saying that if for what ever reason the...
  39. A

    help to wire combi boiler for underfloor heating and house radiators

    Hi there. Major cyber pint for anyone that can help me with this problem. I have a vokera vision c combi boiler( which has volt free connections) that has to do the house radiators and one room for underfloor heating. There is one motorised two port valve for Radiators and one for the...
  40. P

    UNDERFLOOR HEATING Quick Question.

    Hi chaps. I've come over from the Tilers Forum for some precious advice. In an hours time I hope to install Electric UNDERFLOOR heating in my own bathroom, and I need some quick advice. Its about the temp sensor. I suddenly saw that it "should" be installed in a conduit to allow its removal if...
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