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  1. N

    Retro fitting reversing camera T5

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help with fitting a rearview camera to my T5.1 Highline. I have come to a standstill fitting a Kenwood Universal Rear View Camera CMOS-230 to a Kenwood DNX518DABS stereo on a 2015 VW T5. The camera installation is complete apart from joining the negative...
  2. H

    2013 Passat oem remote signal wire to reverse camera question?

    I have a 2013 Passat SEL Premium that had a digital OEM backup camera. Had to replace the head unit with aftermarket and tried a digital to analog converter for the oem camera and it didn’t work. Have 3 wires from the OEM camera. Solid power (red), reverse remote signal wire (blue) and ground...
  3. S

    Can I use a switch to to Connect rear camera

    Hi, I am trying to wire my reverse camera with a switch so I can have it on all the time or off all the time until I reverse. Is this possible how would I wire the switch? And what switch would I need. The camera only has positive and earth. Would I take power from reverse light and constant...
  4. S

    Aftermarket Backup Camera

    Hello! I'm new here and would like to see if I can get some assistance with an issue I'm having with installing an Aftermarket Backup Camera. I'm about to throw in the towel on this one but thought I would see if this forum could offer any assistance. I purchased a Wi-Fi backup camera on Amazon...
  5. E

    Wiring Reverse Camera on with key powered by battery

    I'm asking for assistance about how i might be able to make this happen. I'm thinking a relay would do this but i have no idea which relay. I'm looking to have a constant on rear camera that i can access from my head unit any time while the vehicle is on. I do not want to use with the wiring...
  6. B

    Reverse camera interference

    Hi all, I'm wondering if anyone can help with an install problem on my car. I fitted a reverse cam to a 2002 Range Rover along with a android head unit. I spliced in to the loom at the rear and took a feed from the reverse lights and all worked well, that is until I switch the cars ( xenon )...
  7. Doomed

    WiFi camera for monitoring a room

    My mother has been slowly slipping down the inevitable road to the long sleep, as well as work I have been caring for her in the mornings and my sisters doing afternoons and evenings. She is now virtually bedridden, however she still takes herself to the toilet, but in the last week I have twice...
  8. K

    Can this CCTV camera be used via smartphone app? CCTV and access control novice!

    first time poster! i had this camera given to be by a friend who had it going spare and was wondering if i could utilize this cameras full capabilities using just a smartphone app. though a qualified spark, i am a complete cctv and data novice and would like to be able to control and rotate/move...
  9. C

    arlo pro add on camera

    I have a query that I have recently purchased the Arlo Pro 2 bundle from London , it came with this VMB3500 base station. I am curious what the specs are, especially the processor? I currently own another bundle with the original Arlo, that came with the VMB3000 andI am alos thinking that if...
  10. B

    Where can I buy a bolometer camera module 3-14um?

    Bolometers usually work from 8-14um wavelength. I am looking for an infrared camera from 3-14um wavelength.
  11. E

    Android Auto Installation - Reversing camera

    Hi all, not normally my area but have just installed an Android 7" double din head unit in my L200 to replace the stock 2014 era Kenwood/garmin unit. The new unit is an amazon Chinese beastie that only cost slightly more than a gamin map update so thought i'd give it a go :) what could possibly...
  12. mattg4321

    Reverse camera trigger is triggering when braking!

    I recently fitted a reverse camera to my van. All working perfectly for a couple of months now. Recently, the monitor has been turning on for a fraction of a second when braking. It usually only happens in the first few minutes of driving after it's been sat an hour or more. The trigger wire...
  13. Dan

    Awesome Neosmart (Ring Killer) 12 Second Clips for Free - Night Vision, Phone Alerts, Free Recordings, Motion Sensor Camera for £20!!!

    I have had a bunch of camera, I'm trying to find a camera I can leave and it alerts me when it's found somebody. I don't want DVRs and cables running everywhere, so Wifi (and strong connection) was a must. Three years into my researching and testing and moving cameras around on the outside of...
  14. Lou

    Anyone any good with a camera?

    I have always loved taking photos with a small digital camera or my phone - I do @Dan s head in sometimes I think. I have been looking at cameras to buy and found this Nikon that is a cross between an SLR and a small digital camera. It seems to have good reviews for beginners but I wondered if...
  15. Electrical2go

    NEW Super Rod SRFERRET Multi-Purpose Wireless Inspection Camera and Cable Pulling Tool added to our end of Season Sale

    Super Rod Ferret Multi-Purpose Wireless Inspection Camera and Cable Pulling Tool Click here to visit Electrical2Go Now - Don't forget to PM us for your exclusive 5% discount code (for Forum members only) The Cable Ferret is a Small lightweight IP67 Rechargeable USB charged wireless 720p camera...
  16. AJshep

    Flir C2 or C3 thermal camera ??????

    I have a large EICR to carry out for a company that carries out CNC engineering, its going to be a PITA as they are open 24-7 so there will be areas that I'm unable to inspect. So i was hoping to use a Thermal camera in theses areas. Looking at both these cameras it seems they are Low...
  17. A

    Car backup camera WiFi interference

    I just got a 2.4 GHz backup camera, that seems well-designed and manufactured, which my mechanic installed for me, it gets power from the reverse-light power line, and it works nicely when I put the gear in reverse. I drive a 13-year old car in great shape. I'm still having issues with the...
  18. Sms88

    Ir dome camera dip switch settings

    Hi. Just wondering if any one has experience with one of those ?
  19. Michael J

    Endoscope Inspection Camera

    Has anyone used these cameras? Are they any good?
  20. gazdkw82

    Ring floodlight camera light output

    Customer wants to change a 50w led floodlight to a ring dual light/camera. They have expressed concerns the ring won't deliver the same amount of light as the current 50w LED one. I have spoken with ring and they have said it's 45w per light (90w total). This figure seems alot. Anyone have...
  21. M

    Solar charging nest box camera & battery

    Hi Apologies if this is dealt with elsewhere, but I haven't seen anything. I'm fitting a new bird nesting box which contains a wireless camera. It will be attached to a battery which will in turn be attached to a solar panel. I'm hoping to avoid the need to constantly bring the battery in to...
  22. M

    Thermal imaging camera, any recommendations on the budget end?

    Not something I really need so don't want to spend a lot, but toying with the idea of getting a cheap one to see if it comes in useful, say locating underfloor heating elements or bad connections, and perhaps a look at the house from outside see where the insulation may be lacking (have my...
  23. P

    Electrician Install Ring Floodlight Camera - HA2

    Hi, I require an electrician to install a Ring Floodlight Camera at the rear of my property. I would like this doing as soon as possible. Please reply to this thread or message me with a quote and ill respond in order of receiving them. Thanks.
  24. P

    Ring Floodlight Camera Installation Help

    Hi There, I wanted some advice on help installing a Ring Floodlight Camera. I had no existing floodlights so is a brand new installation. Initially i had used a normal appliance cable, containing Live, Neutral and Earth wiring. This was wired to the floodlight and then to a plug, which i could...
  25. V

    Reverse camera wiring for Citroen Dispatch.

    I'm in the process of fitting an Auto Vox m1 reverse camera to my partner's 2008 Citroen Dispatc and after looking at a couple of Youtube vids, installation looked pretty straight forward. However, now I've got to the wiring on the lighting unit to connect the camera to the reverse wires, I'm...
  26. Soulcraft Electric

    Always-on rear view camera for van

    Slightly off topic, but is anyone aware of an always-on rear view camera that could be mounted on a retro-fitted rear view mirror? Van has a solid bulkhead and a reversing camera, but keen to have a permanent rear view option to spot those pesky cyclists ;-)
  27. littlespark

    Reliable portable reversing camera

    I'm looking for a reversing camera for my van, basically for when i'm hooking on a trailer on my own. I believe they only work when reversing, (taking power from the reversing light) but I would like it to work when I want it to, so I can check the trailer load while driving. Do they work with...
  28. A

    Car dash camera wired into dome light

    Is there any reason why a car "dashcam" could not be wired into the dome light? This would be a much better method than the usual. The next question is not an electrical one, but people reading this are probably into cars (!) so I include it anyway: Alternatively (or additionally, for a rear...
  29. P

    Need help wiring reverse camera

    Ok i’m new to this but.. I have a seat ibiza mk5 and a pioneer sphda120 head unit. I’ve wired the unit up everything’s working fine. But I’ve bought a reverse camera and decided to give that a go wiring up. (Pumpkin camera off amazon) I’ve set it up so the black/red wire is on the purple/black...
  30. Andy-1960

    Does a Nest Outdoor Camera need a hub?

    Hi, I am looking at a Nest outdoor camera for my sister, the website does not give too much information on how the system connects to the internet. Does they use a hub (like Hive) or does each item connect to your router on its own?
  31. D

    Reverse camera interference

    Hi all, hoping that you may be able to help me out. I just fitted a headunit with large lcd screen into a Ford Kuga. As well I then fitted a wireless reverse camera which is mounted in place of the rear number plate light. Camera and transmitter are powered by the reverse light at the back...
  32. K

    Reverse camera nissan qashqai aftermarket radio

    hi guys I want to use the oem camera for my qashqai 2011. I’m using the connects2 CAM-NS1-RT adapter for the video output but there’s a lead that says “reverse signal” the guy at connects2 tells me this is what I need to power the camera. Can you please tell me where I can get the power from...
  33. Gavin John Hyde

    Thoughts on spur off a light circuit for smart camera?

    Have been asked to install a little smart camera from nest for a couple. It needs to go on the soffit covering the side of house by the shed/greenhouse as they have had issues with local teens being little gits.. High enough to cover drive approaching and actual shed but not so low the teens can...
  34. V

    Flir C2 Thermal Imaging Camera

    Hi guys. Got for sale a Flir C2 Thermal Imaging Camera for sale. It's brand new in the box and never been used. Had it for a little while and never used it so thought it best go to someone who will get the use of it. If you need anymore info on it please do not hesitate to contact me. Asking...
  35. Gavin John Hyde

    Drunk Electrician Caught Sawing down Speed Camera

    Saw this and found it quite funny... Anybody know the plonker.... His name is Stuart Langley from Reading I have done daft things when drunk but never tried to cut a Gatso down... Drunk Electrician Caught Sawing down Speed Camera | WiseTradesmen -...
  36. J

    can I power a camera from the doorbell circuit ?

    Hello, I want to put a camera on my front door somewhere, and I notice the only power I can see is the feed for the doorbell. Can I hook up a camera to this and if so how? I'm thinking a wifi camera, the one I have here takes DC5V2A but probably will buy a new one. let me kn0ow if you can help...
  37. G

    Endoscope camera attachments

    I used a endoscope camera today that a mate had, it plugs in the usb charging port on your smartphone. it is a great little tool and useful for inspecting inside walls and cable runs etc.. the camera head is only about 8 mm in diameter but has a little ring of leds to illuminate what is being...
  38. B

    Home CCTV Suggestions

    Can anyone suggest a good 4 to 6 camera system, a couple of the camera could do with being extra wide angle. Thanks.
  39. H

    Can I put these two cables together?

    Hi, got a cctv and a flood light power cable outside which I want to put in a conduit pipe. Can I put both cables inside the same conduit or they have to be separated to avoid interferance with the cctv camera? Many thanks
  40. J

    cctv novice

    Want to be able to add cctv installation to what I can offer on rewires etc. never done anything cctv related or read much about it before now If I was to buy this kit: 4 Camera IP Eclipse CCTV Kit With 1080p IP Anti Vandal 2.8-12mm Varifocal Dome Cameras in Graphite -...
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