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    Voltage on ungrounded PC case, is it normal?

    Hello So my ungrounded PC case have some potential/voltage on it. Of course when i ground the case there's no voltage reading. But my question is -is it normal for an ungrounded PC case to have voltage? I mean PC power supply, should not pass 12V on the case, it should be isolated, right? No...
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    UK PSU Specifications

    Hi all, I need a Power Supply to run a couple of security cameras. They each came with one with these specs: SWITCHING POWER ADAPTER MODEL: DSA-15P-12 UK 120120 INPUT: 100-240V ~ 50/60Hz 0.5A OUTPUT: 12V ----- 1A My...
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    Combining Two 12v DC PSU Outputs for 24v

    I have a 9 output CCTV PSU wall mounted supply. I have several spare outputs and need to run a maglock rated at 24v DC 250ma. Each output on the PSU is rated at 12v DV 2A. Can I link two outputs in series to output 24v DC?
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    Replacing a PSU / changing some loads

    Hello folks, hoping for some help on a project I'm doing at home involving my 3D Printer ('s 2019... who doesn't have one of these things at home?!) It has a 24V 25A power supply providing the juice but it's a cheap LED driver and it's noisy - it's just the fan but as it's in the living...
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