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  1. M

    Armoured Cable seems to have no earth

    I have been helping my dad in the garage and we have an armoured cable with 4 wires. Red - Live Yellow - live via a switch Black - neutral Blue - is just taped at the end these were connected to an old garage consumer unit. There does not seem to be a earth wire? Testing with a light : Red...
  2. T

    Another outdoor power thread... seems the time for it!

    As usual – I preface this with the fact that I will be engaging the work of an electrician to do this.. however, I like to get my head around the works beforehand. This will NOT be a DIY job – I’m nowhere near skilled enough to contemplate such a thing… but with that caveat in mind – humour me...
  3. OnlQQker

    50 to 100 MICRO amperes (Everything Seems To Be Electrical)

    50 to 100 MICRO amperes? Would that be the same amount from say a watch battery or something? Just studying from the link below as night time isolation is all the time I have at the moment and I know their are some highly intelligent peeps around here that could put this in layman terms...
  4. P

    The apollo advanced mx pro panel is showing an error that a smoke detector is faulty but it seems to be blinking properly.

    The detector is working properly. We have checked it physically. But the pannel is showing fault in that detector. Please give me a solution
  5. N

    Wiring Clarification

    In Germany, but question is for home in UK :) So, been out of this for some time, I am putting in the wiring (approx 12 meters) for a 7Kw (28Amp not allowing for diversity) induction Hob. Every thing seems to indicate 6mm cable, however from the IEE Current ratings table 4E2A, for clipping...
  6. J

    EICR report and £900 remedial work - seems fair?

    Hello, I felt hot sockets in my house. I called an electrician who said the fuse board was dangerous - just by looking at it. Horrified was the word used. He carried out testing and did some other work. £120 for the report £140 for bonding to gas and water services £80 for T&E cable to front...
  7. Pete999

    My Account seems to have been altered can Staff member enlighten me?

    As title Help or explanation please
  8. 8


  9. Martyn Fletcher

    Can't find a reg on it, but it just seems wrong...

    Went to a job to check out a fault on an outhouse. Turns out that the outhouse is supplied via a 2.5mm T&E from the main house CU, which runs for several meters along an external wall (outside and unprotected) then disapears into a 50mm plastic pipe underground. The good bit is that at the other...
  10. Soulsurfer

    NICEIC Certification Scheme NICEIC online certs finally seems to be working !!

    So it seems after over a week at least in my case the online certs software seems to be working again...but trying to fill out an EICR for under 100A service and it keeps asking me crap about caravans etc.. ?? It's a bloody house not a caravan or motorhome !! I'm thinking I have filled out...
  11. S

    Grants for advertising?

    I got a text message the other day, advertising "GRANTS with NO FEES" (their capitalisation) for marketting costs, from "BizFund". Anyone know if this is real or a scam? Seems too good to be true.
  12. Midwest


    I've only just recently added my yellow OSG to my collection of throne room reading, at an expensive £26, only to find errata falling on the floor. I've been reading here & elsewhere, that the next edition of BS7671 will likely be published on 1st July 2018 and that training establishments...
  13. Pete999

    Buying a quote

    Hi Folks, don't know if I have this information right or not, hence my question. My Lad (Camerabloke) paid a visit today, and showed me something interesting. Someone on the net posted a "buy a quote" thread, it seems this thread or post whatever you want to call it, not to sure where it came...
  14. M

    External Siren Sounds Like A Frog

    Hi I have a really old Yale HSA-2500 burglar alarm installed in my house but I am having an issue with my external siren. It seems to be going off but the sound is a very muffled froggy type of a noise. My system seems to set ok (although one of my PIR's seems to have died and doesn't trigger...
  15. G

    (Another!) Main switch tripping...

    Called out to elderly couple's house today - no power. All 3 lighting circuit breakers are tripped and mainswitch is off. Quick check reveals PIR lightswitch faulty and 1 lamp failed. Replaced the PIR switch for standard 1G2W switch and reset everything, seems fine now. Question is, how did...
  16. P

    Water heater (boiler) not heating water at night but it does during the day

    I have been having issues with my Boiler (water heater) - Horstmann Quartz e7. It has been working perfectly for 3.5 years (since I moved in to my place). Suddenly it stopped heating up water at night. It does not heat water at night even though it seems that the timer works at night. To make...
  17. Wilko

    bootlace ferrule crimper New Toy Today

    Another quiet day today so a bit of retail therapy was in order - this time on a bootlace ferrule crimper. Here he is with his first 6mm crimp. I'm hoping he'll settle into the toolbox in the next few days 'cause he seems a bit stroppy tonight. Maybe it's just me ...
  18. Midwest

    BIZZBY Electricians Work - too good to be true?

    Not the same company, but had to share this email I received today; Good Morning, Your details were passed on to me as we've got a number of electrical jobs in your area. Here's one that's just come in, could you take a look and let me know if you're free to take it? Electrician Per Hour for £89...
  19. R

    Bypassed Door Entry System

    I wonder if anyone can help me concerning an apparently compromised Videx audio intercom door entry system please? The system has a problem in that unauthorised people (e.g. leaflet droppers) without keys/codes/being 'buzzed' in are letting themselves into a block of flats by doing *something*...
  20. M


    This may come across as a very strange post but I need some general opinions on job pricing as this has baffled me! I have quoted for a job recently and a competitor has quoted around 60% of my price:speechless:. Their price in my opinion seems Ludacris! Installation is for an office conversion...
  21. 5

    megger 12552

    someone to probably point out the obvious please. its a few years old and was last calibrated 2013. I have purchased the elecsa test card to avoid paying another £100.00 to calibrate, but i fear its now buggered. testing on the low ohms range, seems to be all over the place. join the leads...
  22. B

    Button cells/batterys

    Seems they are not as harmless as they look.I realise they contain heavy metals like cadmium and mercury, but unless they leaked I surmised like many others they would if swallowed just pass through the system naturally.HOW WRONG I WAS!!! Seems the battery causes a chemical reaction which can...
  23. N

    Cooker circuit and diversity.

    Evening all. Customer needs a new oven and electric hob. The current setup is 6mm T+E on 32A MCB, RCD protected, about 8M run, reference method 100. The oven they are looking at is 10.5KW. I initially thought that was too much but after adding diversity it seems ok. Are my calculations ok as I...
  24. dansk

    NAPIT Certification Scheme NAPIT Renewal

    Hi - Just got my CPS renewal through and its £408 - seems steep to me, anybody else think the same?
  25. M

    Australian A grade

    After abit of advice guys. I'm in australia on a working holiday visa working as mate for a big company on a new prison but ideally need to get my A grade license. I am time served with full apprenticeship. NVQ 3 am2 etc etc. but only seems to be one route of getting the a grade. Paying $3000...
  26. S


    Hi all I currently have a Vistaprint website which is okay but seems to be viewed by everywhere around the world except for local traffic. I am considering starting again with a different source & seem to offering a good package has anyone used them (especially as first year is free !) ...
  27. H

    Require Training

    Hi all I am new to this forum and looking for some advice..I am currently doing the 2357 city&guild and I am close to completing the 17th edition but the trouble is I need a bit of hands on training.. I am willing to work for free jus to get a bit of training can anyone advice me what to do.. It...
  28. M

    power to garage/shed/outbuilding

    Hi All Quick question on the rgs, I know im getting old and loosing the plot, but does it say anywhere in the regs that power to a garage/shed/outbuilding must come from the CU of the main builiding (or spliting the tails and supplying via own cu). If it doesnt then theoretically you could...
  29. P

    AMEC trade test

    Hi Lads, Anyone here sat a trade test for AMEC? I've got one this month and was after a heads up on the questions they ask. Im COMPEX trained and work on a gas site at the moment so I'm not worried but I hate doing anything blind. Thanks in advance. Paul
  30. J

    Megger 1552

    I have a used megger 1552 for sale I've never used as I got a better deal after, it seems in perfect working order. It needs calibrating and new test leads but I'm only looking for £150 + postage
  31. F

    app for payment on i phone

    it was on here last week and ive forgot what the app was called were you can take credit card payments of customers using your i phone or i pad cheers
  32. J

    Domestic Washing machine motor insulation testing

    Hi all i'm a little stuck been asked by my folks to have a look at their washing machine as they all think if it has a plug on it i know the whole workings, design, and how to repair it. My problem is there seems to be a short on the motor when running i know its not the pump or element as have...
  33. S


    Morning all. I think its about time i dragged myself into the modern world of computerised certificates. Looking around etc, i have noticed a system by a company called PIRform, recommended and developed with the ECA. I have downloaded the trial version and it all seems very easy to do...
  34. O

    A universal socket There you go on the BBC website apparently they are being used in China
  35. N

    Customer payments

    Have been toying with the idea of getting and using a sim card payment machine and wanted to know if anyone else using yet and of any downsides of it. Poor cashflow is the main killer to a lot of small companies, more so in a slow time of year. I know banks keep saying cheques are going (can't...
  36. D

    Where to wire in 3 phase gen meter?

    Hi all i just want to check if everything is ok with my 1st 50kw solar install. I have run a submains from an existing main consumer unit which is supplied with a 300mm swa cable so no problems there with volt drop. The sub board i put in is supplied with 16mm swa on a 50a mcb 10 meters away...
  37. A

    Any work in Afganistan

    Trying to see if anyone has information on any jobs in the Middle east Any info would be great Cheers
  38. La Poste

    Fly builders operating limited companies

    I don't know where to put this thread so I shall put it here. My Electric boss has been ripped off three times in the last year and at the moment I am wiring up a very large garage for my friend. My friend has had extensive building work done with a lot of problems not yet fixed by the builder...
  39. J

    Solar Pv Slate Roof Tiles?

    Hi lads Looking for some solar pv slate roof tiles for a project coming up and i havent been able to find a great deal online or through current wholesalers? There seems to be a limited variety on the market, yet the US seems to have masses available. What are the best ones to look at? Price...
  40. S

    dti Guide - PV 3rd Edition.

    It seems that this is a draft of the next dti Guide (3rd Edition) for Pv Installation.
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