1. T

    Outlets out. breaker not tripped

    So after turning on a shop vac, the lights and outlets in the room went out. No breaker or gfci have been tripped. I also am not 100% sure what breaker this string of outlets is even on. I cant trace it without making holes in the walls. Asnyone have any ideas or had a similar problem?
  2. S

    Sockets went out in my den/bedroom no breakers tripped and no gfci found

    Some background info.. maybe you can help. I have a den that was running 600-800 watts worth of electricity and on the other side of the den is the living room in which I had another 1100 watts running. One day I plugged in a standard lamp cfl light bulb and noticed it dimming as if the current...
  3. L

    Using breakers as junction/splice points

    Hi all, currently re-wiring a hotrod using part existing loom and part new looms, was wondering is I could use auto re-set circuit breakers at junction/splice points rather than post terminals or hard wire splices, that way serves as a terminal point for several actives as well as distributing...
  4. A

    Wylex NN CU Breakers NB Type required

    Got a Wylex NN board installed in April 1990, at some point a bigger shower (Bristan Cheer 8.5kW) has been installed leaving the original NB30 Type 2 as a spare with an NB40 breaker being installed to run the larger shower. The NB40 breaker keeps tripping, have established the breaker is the...
  5. C

    Newbie & Question Regarding (2) 30 & 50 Amp Breakers

    Good Evening Everyone, New member here. I will admit right off, I know next to nothing about electrical systems. I was a Electro/Mechanical Designer for 90% of my career, but to be honest, am scared to death of things I can't see. Anyway, wife and I bought a new home home in Oregon recently, new...
  6. J

    Needing to add 2 separate 50 amp double pole breakers to my service panel???

    Want to know if I can add two 50 amp breakers to my 100 amp service panel that already has 2 x 15, 8 x 20 amp, 1 x 30dp amp, and 1 x 60dp amp breakers Source URL: Electrical Forum -
  7. S

    Maximum Service voltage of ACBs(air circuit breakers) .

    Can we use a ACB rated for insulation level of 1000v, and 690 volt serivce voltage at, 800volt. For example ABB sace E1.2N , Can it be used at 800volt AC?
  8. R

    Over rated Circuit Breakers

    Can any one advise the regulations concerning Over rated protection devices, I am well aware that a circuit breaker must be adequate for its application, but what are the regulations regarding a circuit breaker that is over rated for the load, I.E. a 10A load with a 32A circuit breaker, what is...
  9. S

    Help Required please

    Hi Guys I recently came across two single phase supplies down the same four core cable, supplied by two separate breakers is there a reg to back this up?
  10. W

    What type of circuit breakers can I add to my panel?

    Hi everyone - I appreciate your time/opinion on this: I'm lucky enough to have a 200 amp electrical panel with a lot of open spots for new circuits/circuit breakers. I have an unfinished area in the basement that I'm wanting to make into my shop and it currently doesn't have any outlets. I...
  11. D

    Code regarding main and branch breakers

    I’m looking to add a GFCI breaker to my main panel. I have several open slots and have not reached the circuit capacity of my panel. However, the main breaker is not located at the top of the panel. See picture. Is there any reason (code or otherwise) I can’t locate a circuit breaker above the...
  12. C

    New breakers or add a sub panel

    Hi all, We currently have a 1980's electrical panel that is full and we are updating our kitchen and of course we need more circuits than there are currently as we have the following outlets, all with new wiring. Fridge - dedicated Microwave - Dedicated Dishwasher - Dedicated Kettle - dedicated...
  13. S

    I know your not suppose to but in a split rcd DB can you change one of the rcd breakers for a normal breaker?

    I know your not suppose to but in a split rcd DB can you change one of the rcd breakers for a normal breaker?
  14. peter le grand

    Very dim light on all lights on all breakers

    I am living in Thailand and just last night at my house, I have a little electricity on all oulets. The result is that if I switch a light on that it lights up around 5 to 10% of normal brightness. It also fluctuates. This happens on any light on any of the circuit breakers. There is one circuit...
  15. R

    Wondering what panel and breakers I can use to replace this old federal pacific?

    Would a Square D Homeline 100 Amp six Spot 12 Circuit Panel work? With six 20amp single pole homeline breakers?
  16. Ironbones

    Commercial DC circuit breakers VS semiconductor fuses high speed.

    Hi all. Just to start off still learning. Could any one help me with this and put me right if I am incorrect. I would like to understand the preference or reason for opting for DC breakers or semiconductor high speed fuses, when been used in low voltage DC circuit. I understand that...
  17. T

    Commercial DB location, client access to breakers

    What are your thoughts on letting customers access a fuseboard? I'm working for a company that rents out rooms by the hour for people to play musical instruments and they often trip the power. These are unmanned premises. I've been asked to place a fuseboard in the corridor with RCBOs for the...
  18. Bob Geldoff1234

    Domestic Breakers upside down

    Called to a house today to just change some switches and went to the mains to switch off.This is what I was presented with. If you notice all the breakers have been put in upside down. My question is would they still work in a fault condition in that position?
  19. S

    Industrial max zs for 1492 and 1489 allen bradley breakers

    Hi we are using allen Bradley 1489 and 1492 range of circuit breakers, and I cant find the max zs values on any of the data sheets, does anyone have a list of them? Many thanks
  20. telectrix

    crabtree breakers. what fits?

    need 5 MCBs, single phase, but to fit in a 3 phase board. the existing ones are crabtree 6HSO. are the polestar,loadstar or what? they are not starbreaker types. busbar connection is a screw termilal.
  21. MFS Electrical

    Dorman Smith loadmaster breakers

    Replaced an old TP&N Dorman Smith DB the other week there with a nice shiny new one, So being a nosy sod and wondering why old dorman smith breakers don’t ever seem to trip I decided to drill out the rivets and have a peek inside. All I can say is no wonder they never trip:eek: there is no coil...
  22. M

    type fitted breakers

    i see that in the 18th edition there is now a coding for type fitting , i have been coding any mix and match breakers as code 2 , after contacting lots of manufacturers there guidance is always that they have not type tested any other manufacturers products for there boards, as we know many...
  23. P

    Domestic Circuit Breakers help :-)

    Hi all, new member so please go gentle... I have been in my newbuilt for a while now but this weekend was the first time I tried to fire the angle grinder and subsequently the hoover to do some work. As you would expect, I was using the garage power sockets. However, the circuit breaker kept...
  24. Torcikas

    Cables, Rcbo's, old breakers

    Hey moving out in few month, selling all my stuff. So i have twin and earth 1.5/2.5 like 200-300 meters each, 3 core few hundred. Rcbos B6/16/20/32/40 amps. And like 100 or more old circuit breakers and rcb. Aswell some mains I think, earthing 10/16 mm/ bars sockets switches and etc. I can sell...
  25. J

    Understanding breakers and RCD, un-vented cylinders

    Hi I'm a Plumber and heating engineer and a new member to your forum. I have a basic knowledge of electrics but I'm curious about how breakers and Rcd's work and whether they prevent fires. My basic understanding is the breaker trips if more power is been drawn than is safe and an RCD...
  26. A

    Rewire and circuit breakers

    Hi guys, Hoping someone would be able to help with this one. My grans house still has the good old fuse box with fuse wire which I am aware could do with upgrading to a proper circuit breaker panel. However I have no idea on how much it would cost her and hoping someone would be able to give...
  27. stephen atherton

    Range Oven Tripping Circuit Breakers

    We just had a range oven fitted (gas on hob with two electric ovens - total power rated at 5.3Kw) so a 32Amp mcb is in the board on the dedicated cooker circuit which was there from previous cooker. When one oven is on everything works fine, but when both ovens are switched on together they trip...
  28. astormatt

    MCB or MCCB?

    Afternoon all Hopefully someone can throw some light on a small problem i have. I am currently on a job, carrying out an eicr on a building and i am confused by the ocpd feeding it...... The set up is, main cut out in the sports hall building, then there are 5 circuits fed from the 200a main...
  29. D

    1.5mm clipped to ceiling supplied on 20A breaker

    Morning fellas On job at moment. Am just looking at lighting circuits. They are supplied off 20A type C breakers run in 2.5mm to MDB's then from there each lighting circuit goes down to 1.5mm flex 5 core with 2 cores being used for dali. From what I see cable rating is 20A is a 20A breaker to...
  30. H

    2 Rcd's?

    I'm thinking of having a new fuseboard fitted. The existing one has 8 fuse in it and is boxed in. The 2 electricians who have come to quotesay i need a board with A main switch 2 Rcds and 8 circuit breakers. the board will not fit in the boxing. My friend has a board with 1Rcd and eight circuit...
  31. 1capybara

    Table 41.3 Max earth fault loop impedence (Zs)

    The heading of table 41.3 says it shows " max earth fault loop impedance Zs for Circuits Breakers..... giving compliance with 0.4s disconnnect time of 411.3.2.2 and 5s disconnnect time of 411.3.2.3." 411.3.2.2 is for final circuits not exceeding 32A. 411.3.2.3 is for distribution circuits and...
  32. S

    Wanted - mem memera 2000 ab mcb 20a type b 6ka bs3871

    Hi fellas, Anybody got any of these breakers kicking about in unit/garage? Trawled ebay but no joy as yet MEM MEMERA 2000 AB MCB 20 AMP TYPE 2 & B M6 BS3871 DELTA CIRCUIT BREAKER
  33. C

    Relay control

    Morning, just checking my theory, I have been asked to wire up a panel that would turn on a red beacon if any one of 4 circuit breakers was turned off. just wondering how you guys think is the best way? I was thinking of buying 4 x 230v relays an taking a phase of each breaker to the a1 on the...
  34. K

    D curve breaker

    I have been asked by a customer to solve a problem, he has a 3 phase 20A D curve breaker supplying 3 single phase breakers 2 x 6A and 1 x 2A. The 6A breakers are supplying 2 pumps with a load of about 4A each. When 1 of the pumps are turned on, the 20A trips. Any ideas why? The earth loop...
  35. T

    3phase breaker made of 3 single phase breakers

    Hi guys, Is there a difference between 3 single phase breakers next to each other (with a linking bar) and 1 3 phase breaker? Does the 3 phase breaker have anything special in it or is it just 3 single phase breakers stuck together with a bar in the switches? Cheers, Tim
  36. S

    MEM MCB breakers required.

    Hi New to the forum, first post. Is there anyone out there who could help me. I'm looking for two MEM M6 Type 1, MCB circuit breakers. 1 x 32A and 1 x 45A. Also is there such a thing as a MEM Type 1, 5A RCBO. Thank's in advance Stupod
  37. R

    Industrial Old GE DB boards.

    Hi, I have something coming up soon and it is running a new 63 amp supply in a hotel. The current DB is GE board. As we know new 63 amp triple pole breakers are as rare as rocking horse feet. Does anyone know what the next best fit will be. Have heard Hager is a good match. I know it won't...
  38. I

    protecting cable inside a distribution panel.

    Hi, Just came across something earlier that made the have a think. Distribution panel fed by 25mm cable. This goes directly in to a D50 breaker. The D50 feeds 4 6mm cables squeezed in top of the MCB that feeds small 3 phase bus bars, these in turn feed 1.5mm circuits. I have fitted MCBs to...
  39. M

    Type 4 stablok breakers

    Hi all, after some clarifcation really Carrying out some work in a building, sub divided into Federal electric stablok boards. All of the ring main circuits in the whole building are protected by 30 amp stablok breakers..type 4.. of which there are hundreds. The conduit is acting at the...
  40. D

    unidentified circuits

    Hi all, I have just started a new job, and have been chucked in the deep end. The previous electrician had added many new circuits to a few huge distribution boards but left all the circuits unlabelled. I have been asked to identify all unknown circuits, but have been asked not to turn any...
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