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  1. M

    Ahoy there! As a former submariner I'm used to working in confined spaces but has anyone successfully fitted 10mm cable, 45A switch, 1gang backbox!

    Switch will be in stud wall; cable currently running horizontally....looks like I may need to pull some slack through to run cables through top and bottom of backbox...or strip back sheath and bring through back of plastic box using a 25mm grommet. The 45A switch wiil be in a kitchen for an...
  2. S

    6 cables in a backbox?

    Hello Everyone Will be wanting a grid switch with 4xdp switches to control 4 spurs with a single socket on each. Ring main in and out plus 4 spurs of the switches equals 6 2.5mm cables. I've got a 4 module mk grid backbox - about 45mm depth I think. Is it possible? I'm thinking the 4 spurs...
  3. J

    Source of backbox with 'skirt'

    Does anyone know of a source of a dual socket back box with an extended 'skirt' (see photo) The broken one is on a concrete wall with the feed through a hole in the wall at the top of the skirting so other options are limited. Thanks Jim
  4. S

    Fixing backbox to aircrete / thermalite

    Hello All When fixing a backbox to soft airated blocks like aircrete etc, do you use special fixings or is a pair of normal brown plugs typically good enough ? Thanks in advance.
  5. R

    35mm 1G flush backbox with some 25mm knockouts

    Hi. I'm looking for a few 35mm 1G metal backboxes that have some 25mm knockouts on them. I've had them in the past (Rexton brand ones) from Tradesparky I think, but Tradesparky can no longer source them. None of the sites for boxes specify the sizes of knockouts so it's difficult to tell. I...
  6. I

    Extending 2.5mm in a backbox

    Hi, Just replacing some kitchen sockets and the existing wiring wont reach the new sockets as the N & L are reversed. It's been a while since I did any of this as my qualifications are in industrial electronics. Firstly can I use 30A connector block? or Wago connectors? and if they wont fit in...
  7. Electron

    Damaged thread on lug of metal back box

    Can anyone suggest a way to fix a damaged screw lug on double socket back box?
  8. D

    Flush mounted pull cord backbox and theories

    Hi all, It just popped into my head about bathroom pull cord switches, do they ever have flush mounting boxes, every one I have seen has been surface mounted, and also, why are shower pull cords cut shorter, which I see in most places?
  9. M

    Backbox earth points

    Hi, What do you think of the earth screws that come on some metal Backboxes like this? Compared to this type. I prefer the type the second one because they feel easier and safer to work with.
  10. L

    Domestic CPC missing from ring circuit but end to end continuity at C.U!!

    Hello All This will be my first post for a bit of direction sincejoining the forum a while ago, and this issue has us a bit baffled. It is possible me and my mate have overlooked something really daft & obvious! Anyway here it is.. Yesterday we were doing a periodic on my mates flat which is...
  11. J

    Domestic Old light switch

    Just wondered what people thought on the old style backboxes for light switches well if you can call them that, i came across them today and they just have to little bits of wood mounted in the wall and wood screws to fasten the switch, are these still ok to use ? ive got to change all the...
  12. Amp David

    What backbox in Kingspan backed plasterboards.

    When walls are going to be dot and dabbed with the insulated plasterboard, what type of backbox is mostly used. I was thinking of running my cables in as normal to position of sockets and switches, covering with capping/clipping to the masonary. Then if plasterer/builder bring the cable...
  13. 1

    Bonding flush metal ko boxes + plastic sockets

    I have always taken the ring cpc to the earth terminal(s) on a plastic socket and a single bond of same csa to the earth terminal of the metal box. The reason I was told necessary to do this was incase a line conductor jumped out of the rear socket terminal or indeed a conductor damaged by...
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