1. O

    Does a SPD need a dedicated MCB?

    Does a SPD need a dedicated way? I need an extra way in this unit for a 3 phase car charger As you can see its a small unit with no extra ways, the building is rented and the tenant is adamant that the board is not to be changed as he has been told no major alterations. We have already...
  2. V

    PV installation - dedicated circuit, or from sub main board? MCS query

    hi thank you for help in advance have a potential pv installation for a garage roof that is some 60m from the main house (main incomer in the house). Spoke to a napit/mcs worker - he said the pv installation has to be on a dedicated circuit. My interpretation is that a dedicated circuit on the...
  3. B

    Does bathroom light circuit required to be a dedicated circuit?

    Does bathroom light circuit required to have dedicated circuit or is it ok to be wired to other light circuits? I am getting quotes for electricians and what to make sure they are doing the right thing. From my past experience most of a cheaper trades persons would cut a lot of corners and it...
  4. D

    Need dedicated circuit for water heater, range, dryer?

    Someone wants me to put a water heater(30 amps), range(40-50 amps) and dryer(30 amps) all on a single 60 amp circuit. I said that's a bad idea. They have a 100 amp main panel and all these devices would total 100 amps minimum. I am hesitant to run all these off the 100 amp service even with...
  5. I

    Dedicated circuit for immersion heater

    Hi, I know it's best practice to run an immersion on a dedicated circuit but am I OK with the following A new heat pump is being fitted and it has a wiring centre in the airing cupboard next to the cylinder, the wiring centre requires a 3A switched spur to power the circuit board a diverter...
  6. H

    Dedicated double socket or single sockets for washing machine and a tumble dryer.

    Existing double gang socket in the corner of a kitchen on a dedicated 12m length above ceiling 2.5 final circuit to CU, was used for a WM and a tumble dryer protected by a 32amp MCB. I wish to keep this arrangement but on lifting floor boards above ceiling I noted entire run of cable/s was not...
  7. J

    underfloor electric heating as an afterthought without dedicated wiring

    I'd really like to install underfloor, electric radiant heating in my bathroom. The space to cover is very small, probably 25-30 sq ft. once the tub and vanity are factored in. Not having planned for this, we don't have a dedicated breaker for it. Current set up: we have two junction boxes...
  8. T

    Why does new 1700 watt microwave keep burning out my 20amp dedicated breaker?

    20amp outlet, 20amp breaker, 14 gauge wire. I suspect I need a larger wire but that’sa lot of trouble to go through without being sure.
  9. B

    UK Cooker dedicated RCD tripping under zero load

    Hi, I am new to the forum, and a DIYer. For a couple of weeks our cooker circuit has been tripping the RCD in the Breaker dedicated to this circuit at the CU. The cooker is a Falcon 90cm induction hob unit, it is installed with a fused dipole isolation switch. The tripping has always happened...
  10. O

    Timer switch with dedicated light switch

    Does anyone know if a timer switch that fits my needs exists: Looking for a single gang switch that has a toggle on and off for a light and timer options for the ceiling fan. I've located switches that have timers but include the light as well. If this doesn't exist I'll probably just end up...
  11. B

    does air con units need a dedicated supply in NSW

    Hi Can anyone let me know the new Australian/New Zealand wiring rules regarding small air con units in NSW. Do they need a dedicated supply? I know in Queensland the rules have changed since Jan last year & any aircon depending on load needs its own dedicated supply is this the case in NSW...
  12. S

    New Summer house wiring installation - dedicated Circuit or break into existing ring main?

    Hi all, Planning on wiring my neighbour's summer house which will be 15 metres away from the end of the house (20-25 metres total distance from the supply CU under the stairs). Need some advice on which option would be the most SAFE not just the quickest, cheapest method etc. If it costs more...
  13. M

    Dedicated line for outbuilding?

    Looking to replace a damaged underground cable feeding a small outbuilding. Is a dedicated line from the panel required ? Current setup when I purchased the house: The cable feeding the outbuilding (about 10 feet from the house) shares a circuit with a ceiling fan and two lights in the house...
  14. A

    I have a dedicated circuit for my fridge and freezer on a 32amp breaker

    Hi guys, I have a dedicated circuit for my fridge which is on a 32amp circuit and also runs off a fcu. Is it possible to have the fridge and a separate freezer connected to the double gang socket ? So both appliances are sharing the socket . Thanks !
  15. oracle

    Is a dedicated PAT tester required or can it also be done with an MFT?

    Saw videos on YouTube showing MFT's and DMM's used for testing equipment. Would these produce valid results considering the complicated array of adapters required
  16. Mr Midlife

    Dedicated earth on fridge compressor

    Hello, I have a quick question...I have been asked if the compressor on a fridge requires dedicated bonding to the body of the fridge? Currently they are not and they pass electrical testing. Does it actually require earthing to the body? Thank you
  17. J

    Replacing single 13a plug in oven with 16a fixed wire on 32a dedicated circuit

    Hi all, Thank you in advance for your help. This is my current setup: 32a MCB to 45a CCU with 6mm^2 wiring (no additional socket at CCU) 6mm^2 wiring to two separate sockets behind kitchen units (one for gas hob ignition one for 13a plug in oven, nothing else on circuit) My new oven is 3640W...
  18. Pat H

    ACbling for linked fire alarms

    Domestic property (mine) having loft conversion. So need linked fire alarms. One on each landing so 3 in all. I'm going for the AICO Ei2110 multi sensor alarms. Was looking at the radio link bases and then link them all up to a dedicated circuit to the CU (not going to use lighting circuits) So...
  19. dnjr

    Dedicated app

    dear all There was talk of a dedicated app for the forum instead of having to go to the web site. Is this still on the cards it have I just make it up ? Cheers
  20. B

    Cooker Advice ? Ring main or dedicated circuit ?

    Hi All My trusty old SMEG fan oven has finally died and i have been offered a replacemnt, brand new, never fitted at a good price. My current oven just has one rting - 3Kw (it has top/bottom/fan elements) and is just fed off a 13a plug of the main circuit (for about 12 years when i had new...


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