1. M

    Dedicated line for outbuilding?

    Looking to replace a damaged underground cable feeding a small outbuilding. Is a dedicated line from the panel required ? Current setup when I purchased the house: The cable feeding the outbuilding (about 10 feet from the house) shares a circuit with a ceiling fan and two lights in the house...
  2. A

    I have a dedicated circuit for my fridge on a 32amp breaker. Is it possible to have the fridge and a separate freezer connected to a double gang socke

    Hi guys, I have a dedicated circuit for my fridge which is on a 32amp circuit and also runs off a fcu. Is it possible to have the fridge and a separate freezer connected to the double gang socket ? So both appliances are sharing the socket . Thanks !
  3. oracle

    Is a dedicated PAT tester required or can it also be done with an MFT?

    Saw videos on YouTube showing MFT's and DMM's used for testing equipment. Would these produce valid results considering the complicated array of adapters required
  4. Mr Midlife

    Dedicated earth on fridge compressor

    Hello, I have a quick question...I have been asked if the compressor on a fridge requires dedicated bonding to the body of the fridge? Currently they are not and they pass electrical testing. Does it actually require earthing to the body? Thank you
  5. Pat H

    ACbling for linked fire alarms

    Domestic property (mine) having loft conversion. So need linked fire alarms. One on each landing so 3 in all. I'm going for the AICO Ei2110 multi sensor alarms. Was looking at the radio link bases and then link them all up to a dedicated circuit to the CU (not going to use lighting circuits) So...
  6. dnjr

    Dedicated app

    dear all There was talk of a dedicated app for the forum instead of having to go to the web site. Is this still on the cards it have I just make it up ? Cheers
  7. R

    Steam Bath Shower

    Good evening. This is my first post and apologize for my grammar. I need to wire a steam bath shower which has 3500w max 16amp. I know that i need to use rubber 2.5mm cable but not sure what spur i should install. Can i put this on ring circuit ? Many thank for replies.
  8. R

    Core drill purchase

    Would appreciate some advice on this please. Got a contract starting next month rewiring 200 kitchens within a chalet complex. They require 6" extractor fans to be core cut through the concrete structure roughly 350mm in depth. I am looking at buying a dedicated core drill to do this. What...
  9. electrosparks

    smoke detection/rcbo yes or no

    HI SPARKYS JUST A QUICK BIT OF ADVICE REQUIRED. HAVE RECENTLY BEEN TO PRICE A DB CHANGE OF THE DUAL SPLIT LOAD VARIETY.and noticed the instal has a dedicated smoke detection circuit .Now i have also noticed that this circuit is buried in plaster (through a safe zone) and in fact all circuits...
  10. N

    Warm Up Underfloor Heating

    Hi Guys im quoting for a job which has three different areas of underfloor heating all being the Warm up manufacturer , to be honest I have never fitted the stuff , from what I can gather the draw isn't huge and looks fine to run from the existing ring main , however one of the areas is...
  11. T

    safety cluth drill for core cutting

    best ones ? decent priced core cutters also anyone know of any for 4" holes prob 115mm core
  12. U

    EICR + Heat detector Query

    Hi these are two separate queries, First off, What are the minimum requirements for someone to carry out an EICR. I thought it was this and that but basically someone told me that you dont really need anything, just competence which can be ascertained by basic things i.e. ecs card no? I...
  13. P

    Spurring of Shower isolator.

    Really screwed for access here. Can I spur a socket off of a shower switch? Would I have to put a 13A fuswed spur inbetween? Cheers now!
  14. S

    Dedicated AC circuit?

    Hi We need some advice on the following....... A potential new client has a hefty SWA cable across his field supplying five 6A caravan hook ups. Ideally he would like us to extend it over to his barn (20M) for a 4kWp system therefore avoiding having to install a new cable under ground. I have...
  15. D

    Adding PV array into existing circuit?

    Hi all, Do you have any thoughts on hooking a PV array's inverter onto an existing circuit, say a ring final? Obvioulsy as long as the cable was good (2.5mm for instance) I wonder what issues there are with doing that.. Cheers for any replies!
  16. C

    Loop and RCD test calibrating with checkbox?? Help Please

    Hi I have a checkbox (CCB1), it does the continuity and insulation checks BUT how do I do the Loop and RCD tests with the checkbox which does not have these facilities on? I have read that you should have a dedicated circuit to do the loop and rcd tests. Can someone please explain in more...
  17. M

    Split dual RCD CCU ?

    Customer has a split dual RCD CCU but wants a dedicated circuit for a freezer.. What would be an advisable way to provide this?? Cheers!
  18. B

    Oven installation

    Hi all. Our house has a Bosch double oven which is rated at 4.4kW and a Bosch induction hob which is rated at 7.2kW. The hob is on it's own dedicated circuit. The oven however is connected to the same ring main as the 13A sockets via a 20A DP switch which runs with a 32A rcd as well...
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