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  1. J

    UK 1mm cable to carry 13a

    My towel heater used to go into a 13a fused switch, which then went into a junction box fixed inside a backbox on the wall. Since re-fitting the bathroom, in order to move the towel radiator, I ran a 1 meter length of 1mm twin+earth cable behind the drywall from the junction box into the new...
  2. Amnesh Singh

    UK Using Armoured as CPC, how to carry R1+R2

    Can anyone please help me, HOW to Calculate R1+R2 on 4 core three phase & neutral SWA, Armour Steel Sheet is Used as CPC. How to fill the Electrical Installation Form. This scenario is in AM2 Inspection and testing filling Certs Exam? Please reply with best answers. Any members those who took...
  3. J

    Sidelight problem

    Good morning, ive just bought a Suzuki carry, which has a problem, the side,rear and panel lights only come on when the right hand indicator is activated any thoughts would be helpful.
  4. P

    Electrical testers required urgently to carry out Eicr testing in stevenage and essex long contract

    Looking for electrical testers to carry out EICR testing in stevenage and Essex areas, high volume of works, price work, Applicants must be fully qualified, 2391 , must have own tools and transport
  5. alban moffitt

    Tests to carry out prior to new CU

    hi i have been asked to quote for a job where the owner is doing an extension and wants me to do all new wiring in the new part however he wants to keep the existing wiring the same. he also wants to change over the cu to a new metal one (mk probably). What tests do people recommend i do on...
  6. T

    How to bypass an RCD and carry out an insulation resistance test on a circuit

    Hi all. I'm a 4th year electrician currently awaiting to finish my trade test. (FICA in Scotland) the only parts I have to pass is the testing part and fault finding. I'm currently studying testing as this is something I have done the minimum of onsite. Could someone tell me how I would...
  7. TonyJohnson

    Can Metrel EasiTest carry out Earth Rod resistance test on TT System?

    Hi, I have a truck container cafe with a floating generator for power. I am fitting an earth spike to the generator and also an earth spike to the steel container. I then need to measure the TT system i have created but i only have a Metrel easitest.. Will the tester do the job and if so how do...
  8. Gavin John Hyde

    Government propose register of people to carry out EICR

    Just read the monthly newsletter from NICEIC, usual self congratulatory PR nonsense but something caught my eye. The Government are proposing a register of competent persons to carry out EICR's in the private rented sector... now that would make too much sense and assume it would be along lines...
  9. C

    What do you need in order to carry out domestic electrical work.

    I am near the end of a apprenticeship(year 3) in industrial and commercial electrics and feel very competent in what I do, I would like to be self employed when I am qualified, and I was wondering if there is any way I can carry out domestic electrical work legally at the weekend for example is...
  10. H

    Should I start working or carry on with education?

    I'm currently studying C&G 2365 and 17th edition and I have no experience at all, I'm not sure whether to carry on with education after this year or if I should jump into finding an employer which is just a whole another story. I've been looking for ages for an employer who could take me on...
  11. O

    Do you all carry crystal balls?

    Went to see a potential client on the way home today ............. if the MCB is reset, the RCD trips ........ This is a property to be rented out, so its currently empty (and in a poor state) The owners want a maximum price agreed before I start...... which I told them I couldn't do! Don't...
  12. A

    Electrician Looking for electricians nationally to carry out small repair

    Hi thanks for reading. We have more than 600 jobs to be carried out over the next two weeks throughout the UK all of which are identical. The work consists of a simple visual check and installation of an additional componenent part. The original works consisted of more than 2000 and typical time...
  13. N

    Fire Safety Accreditation

    morning all, I've been asked by a land lord to carry out an inspection of a fire alarm system in a block of flats. Just wondering if you need to be accredited by anybody? For example, you can carry out EICR without being a member of a governing body, so was wondering if this was the case. Any...
  14. Leesparkykent

    Veto Pro Pac MC for sale

    good condition...Tiny white paint mark that can be seen in pic. Looking for £40 plus postage.
  15. N

    Do I need to be registered with a governing body?

    I'm pretty sure I've checked this a while back with the NICEIC but I'd like to double check. I'm carrying out EICR work on a few properties , and am currently in a debate with a lady who says I should be registered with a governing body to carry out the testing. I said she's talking rubbish. As...
  16. Lou

    MD Electrical Services

    We carry out all works from domestic installations/rewires to full commercial/industrial installations. We also carry out electrical maintenance/emergency light testing/PAT testing and electrical inspections for several large oil related companies and we would be pleased to provide a quotation...
  17. B

    Old conduit thread size

    Hi, I don't have much electrical knowledge so am looking to get some advice Does anyone know if old conduit loop in boxes take a different size screw than m4. I tried an m4 brass screw but this was too small - not sure if it is just damaged threads or if a different size screw used to be...
  18. M

    Main switch burnt out beyond repair

    Morning all, been asked to to look at an old fusebox (Wylex) where the main switch has been burnt away due to a loose incoming live tail connection. obviously no spares are available, so it's deffo gonna be a new unit. Ordinarily I know this would mean a full eicr before changing the unit, but...
  19. P

    Ive booked the g59 course

    Hi all this is my first ever post so bare with. I'm currently qualified to carry out the 'Installation and Maintenance of Small Scale Photovoltaic Systems'. I understand this covers me up to 16A per phase. So far I only have a few domestic installations under my belt and I have been approached...
  20. M

    Can I do Domestic periodics????

    Hi guys just looking for some practical information as I have had mixed answers... i work in commercial and industrial buildings and so domestic dwellings are something I don't really touch. However I have recently passed my 2395 exam and a friend who owns property has asked if I can now test...
  21. TaffyDuck

    Competent person and EICR

    I`ve just had my annual coffee drinking exercise otherwise known as Part P assessment. Obviously we discussed the weather, the price of fish and the new regs. No worries there. One thing that my assessor did say however was that as of next year an electrician would need to prove his...
  22. A

    On/off dimmer caught on fire

    We installed a BG on/off dimmer switch today and as soon as we switched it on it was arcing like mad and before we turned the circuit off it had actually caught fire. Luckily there was two of us and stopped it burning the whole house down any one had this before? It looked like the circuit board...
  23. H

    how does sub-contracting work?

    hey guys ive just moved here from new zealand and im gona start sub-contracting to a company next week,, im getting 100 pound a day and was wondering is this before or after tax? and how does this whole subcontracting thing work?
  24. W

    testers for sale

    robin mft ks1620 mft robin kmp4116dl digital loop robin kmp4118 digital psc-loop comes with two sets of leads carry bag £550 kewtech kt60 combi tester loop-psc-rcd kewtech kt35 insulation-continuity tester all leads carry bag £550 megger cm200 allleads carry bag £100 can send pics requested
  25. B

    Testing a property forsale

    I've been asked to carry out a test for my sister in law, they need it so that they can sell the house. Am I right in assuming that I just need to carry out an EICR? Do they require anything more than this? I'm NIC DI approved but this doesn't cover EICR's so didn't know if I would have to be...
  26. S

    SWA Testing cpc continuity!

    Hello just wondering if anyone could help me! I have to test a circuit tomorrow wired in SWA that is using its armoring as its earth, To carry out the R1+R2 test how would i eliminate any parallel paths? Surely the only real way to do this would be to remove the cable from the side of the metal...
  27. M

    Testing question

    hi all I am currently working as a mate the contractor I'm working for which I shall not name does the following test. he only measures zs doesn't do continuity r1 r2 he says that there is a good earth return if these results are within those permitted, he takes his ze from his zs to obtain his...
  28. Gazthesparky

    Global Insulation resistance testing

    I was doing a fuse board update the other day and normally I use duel RCD boards with mcb s but instead I used separate Rcbos due to the customer specifying these. I prefer fitting Rcbos due to just that one circuit is disrupted when there is a fault. when quoting for the job I carry out a...
  29. L

    PIR on local library

    A bit of legal assistance required. A local community group has recently purchased the library on our estate after the council closed it down. Before they re-open it, they need to carry out some minor maintenance jobs, one of which is an inspection and test of the electrical system. I have...
  30. H

    Downlight above a shower head

    Having some downlights installed in my shower, they are ip65 and I was wondering is it ok to have a downlight 280mm above the showerhead? May seem like a stupid question but just want to make sure. Thanks
  31. S

    City and Guilds 2392???

    Hi there, Im new to the forum, i am looking to complete a C&g 2392, although I will be progressing onto the 2394/2395 course. Will the 2392 allow me to test and inspect new installations, single phase and pretty much only domestic. Im only looking to carry out domestic work so thought maybe...
  32. R

    Emergency light testing

    Hi guys, hoping for a bit on clarification and advice. Been asked to carry out eml testing over various office sites including plant rooms etc. age of installations varying from 5 - 20 year checking the info available on BS5266 2011 am I right in thinking that as a part of our test we now need...
  33. K

    Minor Works

    Hi Guys, Please could some tell me what qualification i would need to obtain to carry out minor works certification, i am 19 and about to become a qualified gas engineer, at present i am wiring central heating systems, from combination boilers to a fully pumped system with 3 heating zones, due...
  34. B

    For Sale Transit VAN T280s 57 reg new shape £3990 no vat. (Cheshire/Merseyside)

    Ford Transit T280S Van For Sale ONLY £3990 NO VAT New Shape 57 Reg Dec 31 2007 Short Wheel Base Medium high roof 75000 genuine miles MOT end Nov 13 Full service history and receipts etc. User manual and other paperwork. 1 previous owner Ready to work Cheap to insure (I pay £600 PA Fully...
  35. steveberry

    Ring testing

    Hi all can you help to settle a argument. Situation 2 x 4mm in the top of a 32mm. MCB Option 1 This indicates to me that it is either 2 radials in the same MCB, or a 4mm ring. A ring continuity test should be carried out to prove that a ring exists or it is 2 radials. If a ring exists...
  36. S

    PIR alternative to part p??

    Hi guys, means you dont need to register with a part p scheme to carry out PIR's, could this be used as an alternative to part p? As you could carry out work (notifable) and then pir on the property, confirming its safe?
  37. M

    Stand Alone RCD

    Hello Everyone. I had to change a socket in a landlord property (enough said) Did a check on the RCD and found that it was not working. Even though the flat only has an old 4way wylex the land lord will not go for a new board. so my question is what tests would I need to carry out for this...
  38. P

    Testing for landlords

    When u are nic eic registered at domestic level can u do tests for landlords ?????
  39. Amp David

    Fluke carry case/box

    The few who have use the Fluke case to replace the rubbish Megger, have you any foam inserts to hold the meter in place or do you just pile everything in.
  40. H

    Out side socket

    Ive been asked to install a outdoor socket to a property on a TT system with split load board one side 30ma rcd the other on 100amp ms, assuming to carry on and conect the socket to the 30ma side test and note and inform the homeowner that dual rcd protection should at some point be fitted...
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