1. L

    Regular blowing of 13a fuse.

    Hello I’m a floor fitter looking for a bit of advice. I’ve recently bought a floor grinding machine that has a standard 13a plug. When the machine is up and running, it runs at around 2kw. My problem is when I first fire it up, the motor quickly draws a load more power and regularly blows the...
  2. S

    LG 42LG3000 fuse keep blowing issue

    Hi all. i have an issue with my LG 42LG3000 TV. Yesterday I was watching a movie and TV suddenly turned of and there was a strange sound. I have decided to change the fuse(3A) and it happend again after putting a plug into a power socker - again fuse blown. I know that TV was bought around 12...
  3. Josh555

    Blowing sockets and popping RCD

    A client asked me to add two sockets in their bedroom I took power from two sockets in the lounge which is behind the bedroom wall. I ran a cable out of each socket for the new socket The problem is it now is tripping the RCD and blowing the old Existing sockets and light switches But the...
  4. S

    Star Delta Starter, Blowing Contactor

    Hi there, I got a call to a job, table saw (wood) tripping C/B straight away. 4kW motor on Star Delta Starter. So I get to the job, after some investigation I find that the main contactor is welded shut and there is a phase to phase short circuit, I find that the motor tails to the windings...
  5. G

    Honda jazz 2006 plate is blowing fuse 3 7.5amp as soon as engine is started.

    Had new battery and alternator fitted. car will start and drive when battery is charged but because the fuse contorls alternator, power steering and dash. i have no charge going to battery, no powwer steering and no dials working. Anyone know what it could be? Can't see any damage to wiring and...
  6. msteel9999

    UK Spur blowing RCD

    I'm trying to connect a spur to an existing outlet but when I use an appliance on the spur socket the rcd trips. I've tested the rcd and it has 19 amps capacity which is as expected. I've also tried connecting to a different socket on the same rcd and it also trips. What I don't understand is...
  7. S

    1970 Firebird blowing passenger side switchback bulb consistantly.

    I have a 70 firebird with a new AAW harness and running led bulbs in all locations except headlights are HID and turn signals have been converted to drl/turn switch back led. The passenger side bulb blows very consistently usually either the turn light blows while sometimes the entire bulb goes...
  8. JayKay70

    Tumble dryer blowing cold air

    Hi all, We have a Hotpoint FETV60CP and all of a sudden it's stopped blowing hot air, just cold air. Door closes fine Drum turns fine No blockages in the outlet tube All filters are clean Everthing works fine, apart from no hot air. I have attached a picture of the element, me looking at it...
  9. C

    led lights blowing out lights and cooker.

    Hello, I installed an led bedroom ceiling light and it worked ok for several weeks until i changed a bulb and now all the lights in the house don't work, and also the cooker doesn't turn on. None of the fuses have been tripped in the main fuse box. The other plug sockets in the house are working...
  10. K

    sauna blowing 4amp fuse internally on switch on after water

    infrared sauna blowing 4amp fuse on switch on, After heavy storm, water damage, The water went into the roof of the sauna were the electrics are in a black box the fuse blows every time the sauna turn on switch is pressed. Image 1 is were the fuse is, I have removed the light and stereo wires...
  11. P

    i keep blowing cooker elements, is my wiring safe?

    I need some help with the wiring to my electric oven as I keep blowing the element in the main oven.
  12. N

    LED tube starter fuses blowing

    I hope someone can help me understand this. I've just replaced both my florescent tube lights with Energizer LED tubes, and they were fine for about a week but last night the starter fuse in the kitchen light blew. This afternoon I swapped in the starter from the other light and it too...
  13. S

    Main circuit keeps blowing

    Hi, we just bought a little house and are having issues will being able to run what we need. I am looking for advise to help manage over the next couple weeks and some insite to what is going on. The circuit blows and the whole house goes out off of the switch that says 15. We need to run space...
  14. S

    Lighting keeps blowing don't think it's wired right. The Bott blue cable is a earth cable.

    What have I wired up wrong keeps blowing when switching on or off? Thanks in advance.
  15. R

    Panel blowing bulbs and Backfeeding

    The panel has started blowing bulbs and shot fire back up in panel on the load side
  16. Gavin John Hyde

    Electric car faults blowing cut out

    Seems there is a pretty major software issue on the hyundai kona eV. If charging in single phase from a three phase charger the car throws a tantrum and can blow the main dno fuse and kill the charger in the process... Wouldn't at all be surprised if there are not more examples within the kia...
  17. S

    Bulbs keep blowing

    Ever since we moved into our new home there has been a problem with certain lights blowing. At first we thought it might be cheap bulbs so we we got some fancy led bulbs. That didn't solve the problem so it was suggested that it might be the light fittings. I have replaced all of these and the...
  18. C

    Blowing breaker

    I have a very small circuit in my house. Probably 8 outlets 6 lights. The breaker for this circuit has a direct short somewhere. It didn't start this way. At first it would stay energized for a couple of minutes then trip. The more I reset it the shorter it would last. Now it trips immediately...
  19. M

    UK Kettle Element Keeps Blowing

    Hi, I'm the landlord of a rented property. I recently had the fuse box (dcu) changed from the old "wire type" to the newer mcb/rcd type. It has been 5 months since it was replaced by a qualified electrician. My tenant has informed me that he has replaced 4 kettles since then. 1. All kettles...
  20. B

    LED power supply blowing LED controller

    Hi, I bought an LED bundle online. It comprises of; LED AC to DC psu 12A 15V LED controller wifi 15m LED strip (5m x 3) 3 way splitter When ever I plug the LED controller to the psu it blows, circuit board fried on the controller. The controller input read 5-24V. I have used a multimeter...


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