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  1. P

    Which is Better: 15 Amp Split Circuit or 20 Amp Circuit in Kitchen?

    Hi there. I am a doing some DIY kitchen work. In Ontario Canada, code allows either a split 15 amp multi-wire circuit or a 20 amp circuit (each with two receptacles allowed on the circuit). We only need GFCI if 1.5 m from a sink, so the outlets I am installing do not need GFCI protection. Is...
  2. R

    Why does my 15 amp GFCI keep tripping?

    I’m installing a gfci outlet inline with the power that goes to my well pressure switch. The GFCI will be to power the heat tape on the well supply line. The power is a 20 amp breaker. I installed a 15 amp GFCI jumping from the power line to the line plates on the GFCI. I did this to separate...
  3. C

    Lights 15 amp circuit dims when hot tub motor kicks, 60amp circuit?

    I have an extra 200 amp panel in aux garage and only exterior lights and hot tub are on it right now. Everything my hot tub motor kicks on, the 15amp light circuit with lights dims for a second. The tub is on a 60amp circuit. How can this happen? I thought the purpose of separate circuits is...
  4. J

    Making one 12/3 wire into two 15 amp circuits

    How can I take a single 12/3 wire running 75 ft from a 20 amp circuit on the house to a couple outbuilding, each with their own 15 amp circuit?
  5. S

    Main circuit keeps blowing

    Hi, we just bought a little house and are having issues will being able to run what we need. I am looking for advise to help manage over the next couple weeks and some insite to what is going on. The circuit blows and the whole house goes out off of the switch that says 15. We need to run space...
  6. M

    Can one 15 amp lead run two 15 amp power points

    Running from house to a van home to power van there is two 15 amp points .I was hoping to run from a single power point a 15 amp lead with a double plug 15 amp extension lead..Will I need a 30 amp lead or will i require a electrician to install something at the main box from my house
  7. N

    Tamper Resistant Light Switch 15 amp Need Key

    Hello all. I recently purchased a house that has a tamper resistant light switch that controls a outdoor flood light. No one that I have shown these pictures to at Lowe’s or Menards have been to help find a key for it. Thank you for any help.
  8. B

    USA Need Advice on a 15 Amp Circuit

    I'm hoping someone can give me some advice on an existing 15 AMP circuit in my house. When I built in 2007, this circuit contained an outlet for the electronic ignition on my gas water heater, a single GFCI outlet in my basement, and it powered all the light fixtures in my basement (8 simple...
  9. arizonajak

    Outlets and lights on 15 amp breaker.

    I live in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. I bought a house. I'm mapping the electric circuits. When I got to the living room outlets I had one 20 amp breaker remaining. I turned it off, the living room outlets stayed live. Replaced the breaker, just in case, no change. I turned off each breaker, one by...
  10. D

    15 amp Three round pin double sockets.

    Hi....I have been asked by a local land owner, who lives in the local mansion!!!!!!!!!! If I could replace all the double sockets in the house....the main house....not the West wing where the kitchen is....lol The trouble is the old double round pin 15amp sockets have bigger face plates than...
  11. S

    dorman smith loadmaster 15 amp three phase mcb needed

    hi all looking for a dorman smith loadmaster 15 amp three phase mcb. cash waiting thanks
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