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  1. T

    Oven grill

    My zanussi free standing ovens grill trips the main fuse after use when switching off. It most likely an element issue?
  2. C

    How to get off Bosch oven element which does not have screws

    Hi, I need to change the element on my Bosch HBN2350GB oven and all the guides online show elements screwed to the back of the oven with normal screws. Mine though just had weird sticks as far as I can see. Does anyone know how to detach this/what tool is needed? Thanks in advance!
  3. U

    Neff Oven tripping MCB

    My Neff double oven is tripping the MCB on the mains. This occurs when I switch on any function of the top oven. The model is U1744N (around 15 years old). The top oven has a double element at the top (grill and oven) with a second element under the casing at the bottom of the top oven. The...
  4. J

    Hi, I have noticed the grill element in the top of the oven has completely warped and hangs down. Is this dangerous? Should I not use it. Thanks

    Hi, I have noticed the grill element is warped in the oven and hanging down. Is this dangerous and should I not use it
  5. K

    Replacing oven element help

    Hi just wanted some advice on replacing oven element . I've ordered one of ebay that stated it was for my oven but when i got it , it is 2100w 230v and my old one is 2800w 240v. Would this be ok to use? Ive connected it all up and it fits fine but as the voltage is higher on my old one but my...
  6. R

    Broken Immersion heater Element or electrical wiring problem?

    Hi there, DIY'er here I have an immersion heater that is not heating up water during the night on the cheap rate. The booster switch "top element" still works fine, but I can't work out if the bottom element is broken or there is something wrong with the supply of electricity to the element...
  7. M

    Hot Element Wiring in Oven

    Hi. How to wire the hot element in a fan forced Westinghouse POL662W oven. The one at the back not top. A photo would be great . There are 2 connections on top and one below on each side. I attached a photo of current wiring which started a short circuit. Thanks a lot
  8. M

    UK Kettle Element Keeps Blowing

    Hi, I'm the landlord of a rented property. I recently had the fuse box (dcu) changed from the old "wire type" to the newer mcb/rcd type. It has been 5 months since it was replaced by a qualified electrician. My tenant has informed me that he has replaced 4 kettles since then. 1. All kettles...
  9. jj2005

    Neff Oven Overheating after replacing fan element which initially tripped

    I have a 12 year old Neff Oven b1442n0gb who's fan element stopped working. I bought a generic element from amazon (NEFF Fan Oven COOKER ELEMENT 2400w eq2 499003 spares: Amazon.co.uk: Large Appliances -...
  10. S

    cost to replace an immerser element

    have been asked to quote to replace an element. ive done a few back a while back and i dont want to short change myself. probably fit an 11in screwfix 17 pounds odd. lower element with good access, drain tank maybe 20min or so. travel 30min there and 30min back. many thanks.
  11. M

    Heating element connection

    Hi have been asked to fix connection on 3 phase printing machine the cable has disconnected for poor connection where cable grab been pressed obviously its not soldered, are there some high temp solder kits available?
  12. P

    Domestic Replacement Singer oven element

    Hi there, I am trying to find a replacement element for a built in Singer oven. This is the bottom element to the oven as per the details in the picture. I would appreciate someones help on this.kind regards Pippa
  13. J

    Wiring Ceramic heater element or bulb to IEC plug. Help needed!

    Hi all, My name is Josh & I'm just starting to get into electronics and working on some projects to further develop my skills however have reached and impasse so seeking your assistance. Nice to meet you all :) I have some basic electronics skills from messing around with breadboards etc to...
  14. R

    heating element problems with economy 7

    I have an economy 7 boiler which has two temperature controlled heating elements. After 15 years they were replaced as they had started to heat inefficiently. Unsurprisingly they were covered in limescale. I replaced them with new elements. The off peak element was placed on just over 50...
  15. wsoppitt

    Immersion heater element replacement.

    Evening guys and girls, just a quick question. When asked to look at a faulty immersion heater , do you suggest a plumber ( likely to be faulty element) or do you take a look, test then advise that they need a plumber when it is a faulty element and charge a call out for testing or do you take...
  16. C

    Oven Element faulty.....or is it?

    Hi guys. Oven Element was knackered-open circuit. Just fitted new one last night-started to heat up the tripped rcd..... Did IR to find between LN to earth was 0.45Mohms. Managed to get it back on again and thought might be able to blast out any moisture. It strangely heated up and the did...
  17. Gavin John Hyde

    When a stubborn immersion element wont budge!

    I have had to admit defeat today on a dodgy immersion element, tested it and found its cause of rcd tripping, so try to get the element out... easier said than done, I tried usual box spanner, taps with hammer, plenty of wd40, still not come loose... its been in since 2002 according to the...
  18. D

    Domestic Immersion tank, element fault, hot lives, heating 13A fuse

    Hi, I have a fault somewhere on my immersion heater circuit, the 13A fused spur switch is getting hot & there is visible insulation damage to the live conductors only, the fuse in the spur is where the heats being generated, I disconnected everything & tested the resistance of the element...
  19. AceRimmer

    Siemens microwave oven element help

    Hi everyone having troble finding a element for microwave oven the appliance has no part or model no. and i have striped it and looked everywhere And tech where not much help without that info here are pics if anyone of you could help thanks again
  20. H

    Adding an electric element

    never done any plumbing, so wondering how straight forward it is to whack an element in my towel radiator ready for the summer. Here's a couple photos of the radiator. I've tried asking a couple local plumbers to come do it but still waiting, so thinking I'm gonna have a go myself (with your help)
  21. T

    Clear stuff exuding from neutral terminal on Immersion element

    Hi, got this request to look at immersion heater. Customer says there was a burning plastic smell coming from immersion element head, he looked and saw clear "stuff" coming from the blue terminal. I asked if the cable looked burnt and he said no. So I was thinking of going with some butyl and...
  22. J

    Double oven thermostat problem?

    Hi all, hopefully someone can help. I have a 2 year old Neff u14m62n0gb double oven. Last week it tripped the house out when using the main oven. On investigation the bottom element spade connector had become welded to the chassis, it had got free from its location tabs and come into contact...
  23. Ib≤In≤Iz

    Suicide Shower

    So I was in the office today finishing of some paperwork, after this decided to have a browse & found this video. unbelievable :fearscream:
  24. M

    Installing a new cooker - various questions

    Hi all I've got a new cooker coming next week and was considering wiring it in myself. It will be replacing our existing similar(ish) cooker and is going in the same spot as the old one. But it turns out I might have to get in an electrician to do some checks (see my other post today!) and so I...
  25. A

    Beko Condenser not heating

    hi, I have a Beko DC7110 condenser dryer that's not heating, I have cleaned out all filters etc, the heating element has been replaced(which includes thermal overload) and the front thermal overload has been resistance tested and is fine, what could potentially be the reason? Thanks
  26. H

    Oven Element Quick Question

    Neighbour having an issue with oven. Will work fine for so long and then it trips off the RCD. RCD resets but oven will not work after that for a day or two. Neighbour seems to think it's been since her husband cleaned the oven. I suggested changing the element but would be a bit of a gamble...
  27. H

    Cooker Fan

    Free standing double oven, bottom oven fan sticking - straight forward enough to fit? What length of time are we talking? I've done elements before but not fans.
  28. Pat H

    Domestic Cable size less than protective device rating

    Noted today an interesting comment on page 43 of christopher kitchers Practical guide to inspection, testing and certification of Electrical Installations ( a great book ) Under Shower curcuits he states: For this type of circuit it is possible to have a cable which has a current rating of less...
  29. polo1

    Domestic Wet pants catastrophe

    Ok, so I've been asked to check a possibly faulty lower immersion element. Sure enough, it's gubbed. Fortunately I had a spare the correct size in the van. Drain down a massive cylinder, but can't get the element shifted. Not insured for hot works, so ask the letting agents to organise a...
  30. M

    oven tripping electrics

    Hello, I have a Neff oven that today started tripping my electricity. I ran some tests to try identify where the issue might be without much success. the fan turns on fine, at 150C everything works fine, the thermostat kicks in and out without problems. If I put the temp higher to 175/200C...
  31. S

    Domestic Immersion Heater Thermostat scorching

    When I removed the cover from the immersion heater in order to adjust the thermostat I found the thermostat had very deep scorch marks and I could see sparks when I switched the power back on. However, both the thermostat and immersion heater still seemed to be functioning properly. I swapped...
  32. Soulsurfer

    IR testing storage heater elements

    Anybody IR test elements to check decent ?
  33. J

    Verifying/confirmation if Horstmann Economy7 Timeswitch needs replacing.

    Hope I've got the right section of the forum for this question (please redirect me if not). I'm looking at a Horstmann Economy 7 timeswitch which appears to need replacing. However the timer (24 section is still turning) and the boost timer winds itself down properly, so the timer parts of...
  34. J

    Domestic 2x 3kW Heating Elements Run in Same Room = Power Out?

    Hi Guys, I'm new to the forum here, and the following question is probably going to seem trivial to you, but hopefully you'll be able to help me. I use a 3kW Heating Element for a unique application. Basically, I use it to heat up a tank of 10L of water to 70C. Recently I made a second tank...
  35. J

    Domestic Advice needed: Economy 7 boiler switch

    I need advice in regards to connections to an electric boiler with two immersion heaters. At present, there is an on peak switch connected to one immersion and off peak switch connected to the second immersion. The first immersion is not working anymore. I want to connect the working immersion...
  36. L

    Domestic Zanussi ZKC6040 new bottom element in top oven tripping RCD

    Hi Peeps, Had a job where the base element in the top oven had gone on a Zanussi ZKC6040. No problem fitted a new element, swiched on, put hand on the oven base sure enough started getting warm, bosh, job done, thank you very much and see you again! The next day customer phones to say the RCD...
  37. A

    Heating element earth trip

    Hi, Can a heating elements resistance to earth depend on its temperature? As I have one here that trips the RCD but when checking the resistance cold there is around 1.5M ohm-7M ohm to earth which shouldn't trip a 30mA RCD. Putting pressure on the element doesn't change it and there aren't...
  38. K

    Indesit cooker (oven) not heating up quickly enough

    Hello there, Firstly apologies if I should have posted this in the DIY electrical section so if it needs moved fair doos. Indesit cooker KP9507EB problem is its taking about 40 mins to reach 200C....grill works fine and so does the thermostat light on control panel..oven is...
  39. dnjr

    Economy 7 water heating

    Dear all This may be a stupid question so have flame proof trousers on I'm doing a refurb at the moment No gas at the property so hot water is electric Plumber is putting in a new dual immersion tank and the property has economy 7 I was going to run two supplies to the tank . One to the...
  40. B

    3kw Immersion blowing sfcu 13a fuse about once a month...any ideas?

    On dedicated 16amp mcb Wired in 2.5t&e to sfcu (13a fuse) then 2.5mm heat resistant flex. Fuse has popped twice in last 8 weeks etc. Element R 18ohms. all seems ok? Should I just swap sfcu for 20amp double pole switch? haven't clamped to measure the draw yet as didn't have it with me. Cheers
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