1. R

    RCD and Elements

    To whom may know the current standards, if I have a element that is connected to the body of a machine, do I need an rcd in line. As the elements give a slight leakage and trip my test rcd. Do all heating elements have leakage?
  2. B

    Oven elements help!!

    Is it possible to run 2 oven elements (under 3kw total output) on the one 13amp plug?? I want to create a powder coating oven made from a small metal office cabinet, however every double oven i can find is rated way above the 3kw max rated for a 13amp supply, therefore i wanted to see if i...
  3. LisaHamilton

    Am I buying from a reliable seller of towel rail elements?

    I just purchased a towel radiator for my newly renovated bathroom last week, and I’m now interested in buying a towel rail element with thermostat from this online seller. But before I decide to avail anything, I want to ensure first that I’m buying from a good seller. Is there anyone here who...
  4. H

    Oven Element Quick Question

    Neighbour having an issue with oven. Will work fine for so long and then it trips off the RCD. RCD resets but oven will not work after that for a day or two. Neighbour seems to think it's been since her husband cleaned the oven. I suggested changing the element but would be a bit of a gamble...
  5. Soulsurfer

    Horizontal water cylinder

    Hey all, so I'm rewiring a nightmare house while girl still living in it ! Plumber gets a cylinder and says direct 1 X 3kW standard immersion. So I run a 2.5 through most of house to loft.. Comes today saying just worked out he got wrong cylinder and where he wants it there is no space for vert...
  6. G

    Change voltage?

    Hi, I have a large cooking machine with 12kw banks of elements that heat a water tank. The machine is wired three phase but is not english, so the elements have a range of 210v to 280v so was wondering if I could some how put them onto our 240v? If I leave as it is our 400v three phase will burn...
  7. Soulsurfer

    IR testing storage heater elements

    Anybody IR test elements to check decent ?
  8. J

    Domestic 2x 3kW Heating Elements Run in Same Room = Power Out?

    Hi Guys, I'm new to the forum here, and the following question is probably going to seem trivial to you, but hopefully you'll be able to help me. I use a 3kW Heating Element for a unique application. Basically, I use it to heat up a tank of 10L of water to 70C. Recently I made a second tank...
  9. A

    Heating element earth trip

    Hi, Can a heating elements resistance to earth depend on its temperature? As I have one here that trips the RCD but when checking the resistance cold there is around 1.5M ohm-7M ohm to earth which shouldn't trip a 30mA RCD. Putting pressure on the element doesn't change it and there aren't...
  10. S

    Faulty storage heaters

    Hi folks Was called to three storage heaters which have stopped working (all storage heaters in property). Two of the connection units into which the heaters are wired have neons, and the customer says these light up when the storage supply is on over night (so problem is not with supply or...
  11. J

    generator to power drier ovens

    Hi. please advice on the following. My generator is Stamford /Newage 125 KVA, 415/240 Volts, 174 Amps, 1500 rpm, pf 0.8. I want to build a load bank comprising heating elements each of which is rated at 6 Amps. I have a total of 36 such elements. I have divided them into three groups. My...
  12. J

    Domestic Washing machine tripping RCD

    Hi, I have just had installed a new RCD consumer unit and the washing machine keeps tripping it, what should I do? the washing machine is only a few years old. Could it be an issue with the plug socket? Also would installing a plug socket RCD as well stop it from tripping the main one or is...
  13. P

    Industrial Safety circuits safe or not??

    Hi, Recently whilst investigating a fault on some equipment at work I noticed something I was unsure of about two different safety circuits. Machine 1. (Elevator control panel) All the safety elements (2x Door Switches, 1 Estop button and 3x Pull cords) are connected in series to the coil of a...
  14. G

    Domestic Underfloor Heating Repair or repair kit?

    Hi Folks, I've had a quick search for a thread on this but there are so many queries on UFH. I've been asked to repair some UFH where a carpenter has sliced through it with his stanley knife. I've never worked with UFH before but what i have been told is that this stuff is called elements e...
  15. Rockingit

    Fault driving me mad!!

    Evening gents & gentesses, PLEASE if anyone has any ideas on the following it will save me either from madness or an extreme night of drunkeness down the pub... :hanged: Perfectly ordinary two up/down, MK sentry split board, slightly dodgy rewire done a while back by another that I've already...
  16. S

    RCD minimum times...

    Hi, I'm investigating an intermittent problem in a flat. Every once in a while the RCD trips. The tenants have narrowed it down to one circuit, the electric hob. However, it never trips whilst I'm there, even after pouring water on the hob. I've carried out 500v insulation resistance tests, and...
  17. D

    higher voltage needed

    Just received a new lab oven that calls for 415V 60HZ 3 phase @ 45KW, the problem is that we only have 120/208Y available to us ( plenty of unused service). Question: Do I source a transformer or look into converting oven to run on 80A 208y?
  18. kevyn

    Storage Heater Fault......

    Just been looking at a faulty storage heater. Tested the elements and thermal link all ok. Does anyone know what else could go wrong and where to look?
  19. P

    Shower only warm

    I need some help please my daughters shower when swithed on the water is only warm not hot adjusting themostat makes no difference does this mean its the heating element or should I be looking at something else?
  20. C

    3 phase heater help needed

    There is a 12KW heater installed being controlled by a three phase thyristor control. There are 6 x 2kw heating elements and i am stuggling to understand the operation. There are two elements connected to each phase but then they are then all linked to a common bar on the opposite side of the...
  21. P

    Cables heating up

    Installed a new 4 core 50mm swa to a 3 phase db to fed a heating panel.the length is 92metres. The underfloor elements had not been used in three years and the clients got us to rewire the circuits with 4mm tri rated single cores, after connecting them up at the elements and at the contactors...
  22. B

    cooker keeps tripping rcd

    Hi Im pulling me hair out got a cooker that keeps tripping rcd not the trip it mainly happens once its had fan oven on for a while and when you want to check ya dinner ya open the door and it trips it doesnt have a light on it so it doesnt have a switch on door oven remains running when door...
  23. P

    oven not working

    Hi , looked at an oven this afternoon that had tripped its mcb 40A, on 10mm T&E, and on resetting it the oven did not work. However, fan and grill both still worked. Tested continuity across L and N at isolator - greater than 199 ohms with oven switched off and 127 ohms with dials turned on...
  24. G

    RCD on E7

    Hi can anyone tell me if we are suppose to put an RCD on night storage heaters or will damp on the elements cause probs with tripping
  25. N

    mira shower

    hello to everybody im new to this site i have a problem with the shower its mira 8.7kw when i switch it on the main tripped out i checked and found that the shower is short somewhere and i suspect its the elements i want to know can i get the new elements or i have to spend £200 thanks
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