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  1. S

    Compressor 3hp motor DOL starter question

    Hi, I kinda think I know the answer to this but will ask opinion anyway. I am fitting a new compressor pump and motor to my receiver and have bought; twin cylinder pump; 3hp motor (2.2kw) Although, the motor looks like this So, I upgraded the ring main that the compressor will use in my...
  2. H

    Hot SWA gland

    I have a hot SWA Gland on a 11kV cable. The cable has a SWA Gland on each end. I was under the belief that this would create a current circuit. There is 3 trefols running in parallel. Any suggestions
  3. W

    30amp air compressor wiring for garage/outbuilding

    Hi all, new on here just looking for some advice. First of all I'd like to point out that I'm not planning to do this job myself I'm just looking for some advice on what work may need to be done and if its a big job. Basically I want an air compressor with a 2x3hp motor and 270L tank...
  4. the pict

    Air compressor puzzle

    I bought a compressor and now realise its to weak for air tools anyone ever added a tank to thiers if so where did you source the bits
  5. S

    Vacuum and compressor automation

    I've been asked to design a panel for 2x 3phase comressors and 2x 3phase vacuum pumps. Non of the motors can start at the same time and between the 2, they have to run alternately. The vacuum pumps need to be wired so that if more vacuum is needed the other will start. Keep in mind that when...
  6. NDG Elecs

    Ratings plates for compressor

    Just a quick query as to what an aspect of a rating plate refers too. What is: n/1 - value 2750 Piccy:
  7. D

    Installing a 230v Single Phase Air Compressor in my home garage

    Hi gents Just joined and this is my first post. I’ve decided to upgrade my home garage compressed air setup since my current 3hp 50ltr 8cfm struggles to run the air tools I’m using to restore my old project car. All was going ok until I invested in a 20 gallon sandblaster with the result...
  8. M

    Looking for information on compressor electrical items

    Hello All, I'm currently trying to revamp a 3ph 200l compressor that has most of the electrical equipment missing. I found this site by researching 3ph to 1ph motors. Some excellent info on here so I thought I'd join. I'm a mechanical fitter by trade although I have worked on electrical devices...
  9. dlt27

    Compressor cables getting warm.

    Hi all, A maintenance friend today asked for a bit of advice. He said cabbles supplying compressor are very warm / hot to touch. (Also thought he could feel them vibrating slightly) The cable is a swa 25mm and is pulling 55A per phase. I said being a compressor it might have a VFD and might be...
  10. HVManiac

    How much current is drawn by an 18,600 BTU A/C compressor while running at atmospheric pressure

    Hi folks, I recently got a 26 year old hermetic A/C compressor. I plan to use this as a vacuum pump mostly for some of my hobby projects after adding an air filter and a moisture removal setup to it. The specs on the label on the A/C said that it power draw is 2450 Watts, 11.5Amps. Does it...
  11. B

    Permanent 12 volt socket to connect 12 volt devices to.

    I recently purchased what seems to be quite an effective tyre compressor to use on a Motor Caravan with 60/65 lbs pressure. I say, "what seems to be quite effective" because unlike a couple of other tyre compressors it does actually raise the tyre pressures. However, the wires from the...
  12. B

    Vehicle Tyre Compressor wired direct from battery to pump. Wire overheats.

    I just bought a 12 volt tyre compressor and the instructions say connect it directly from the battery. The pump worked well but when I disconnected it the wires were very hot. Does this mean that the wire is not sufficiently robust?
  13. H


    HI all First post on here so be gentle! I want to connect a pir in my garage to switch off my 1.5kw compressor. Would your average home/diy pir do the job. Many thanks Jarse
  14. P

    Generator Vs Combi Fridge/freezer

    Hi I am currently out in Africa experiencing horrendous power outages. I therefore have the need to hook up my DEFY combi fridge/freezer (model DEFY DAC512) to a small standalone backup generator from time to time. It is important to have the backup power option as the fridge houses livestock...
  15. infinity

    Fuse Blowing on small motor

    have been asked us to look at installing a different fuse as the 13A plug top keeps blowing when they try to start the Motor, its a very small bench compressor. He seems to think it requires a fuse to allow the inrush of current, but the plate of the motor states its only 1500W so should this...
  16. driverman

    Baffled. Sewage eater.

    Hi Guys. wondered if any of you guys have installed one of these or similar. It's a Marsh External compressor housing. Basically it for pumping sewage away and into an underground plastic cess- pool. Ground worker put everything in when doing drains etc. SWA supply cable there and 2 x 16 amp...
  17. F

    12v - 240v Inverter

    Hi, I dont know if this is the right place to ask, but I am sure you have more knowledge on this than myself I am looking to buy a 12v inverter so I can use the car power to get 240v What I am really looking for is a little understanding, I understand Current, but Watts im not too sure The...
  18. C

    fuse rating moulded plug

    I PAT tested a Hotpoint Iced Diamond fridge freezer RFAA52. The CE plate on the back said 150W but the moulded plug said 13Amp. I looked up the instruction book on the Hotpoint web site and it said 13amp. I left the 13 amp fuse in the plug but it just seemed to be wrong. I sent an email to...
  19. A

    Question about fuses and power cords

    hi guys, I am in no way an electrician so apologies in advance But wondering if you could help me out. I've got a little home recording studio and have just copped a new piece of kit (a compressor) for my setup. Unfortunately it didn't come with the power cord. Power cord is just the standard...
  20. S

    compressor run from socket!?

    Basically, a matenof mine has an air compressor in his garage (hes a sprayper/panel-beater). Well the compressor is 3 phase compressor but is converted to single phase, with a 13a plug running the initial motor and then a second 13a plug supplying the second running motor. Initially, the...
  21. C

    single to 3 phase

    Hi all! A friend of mine wants to install a 3 phase compressor. Only single phase supply. Can the compressor be linked out or is this not good practice?
  22. J


    Ive been asked to install a circuit which will supply a compressor. The customer states that the compressor requires a 30A fuse at the CU (according to manufacturers instructions) and ive told him that it will need a switching device for isolation and mechanical maintenance. What im a little...
  23. N

    Compressor blowing 13 amp fuse

    I am trying to find out why an air master tiger 14/60 turbo air compressor keeps blowing the 13amp fuse. MCB does not trip when this happens, always there is no sign of bad connections or a short in the cables. The compressor is a 230 volt, 10 Amp 2.2Kw motor. Anybody have any suggestions as...
  24. R

    air compressor faulty

    hi just wondering if anyone can help me i have a air compressor, the type used for spray guns, air tools etc that is no longer working. I opened the case as I could smell burning and found the capacitor was all melted and blown, it was a 25mf so I changed that and the compressor fired up again...
  25. I

    Commercial Volt Drop

    Hi, I am working on a unit with a large compressor and lighting on a single phase (bad design). When the compressor kicks in we get a volt drop noticeably dimming the lights. This is not acceptable so am trying to a work a solution. My preferred is just get everything on 3 phase, but not...
  26. L

    Industrial how to calculate and avoid the Voltage drop at starting of gas compressor

    In a gas power plant There are 2 main transformers ( st1 , st2 ) taking from the grid 380 kv and step down to 13.8 kv ,and then feeding the main bus which it is divided into 2 buses ( A Feed by st1 , B Feed by st2 ) between them bus tie st1 = 380 kv/13.8 kv st2= st1 Bus A feeding gas...
  27. J

    4mm 4 core SWA feeding 32amp 5 pin TPN socket

    Hi, Just carried out a job today and it's been playing on my mind ever since. Basically I installed a 5 pin TPN socket to supply a compressor. The compressor load is 7.5kw, star delta starter. I decided to go for plug and socket arrangement because the board is close to full capacity and they...
  28. J

    pressure switch

    Guys I am looking for a 3 phase pressure switch with unloader and half inch female inlet. Would prefer one which will take my gauge but not fussy was quoted £240 plus vat today. I think the guys at it can anyone help with where to get one in a hurry.
  29. L

    Disconnecting a 3 phase compressor

    Hi all, I've just been asked to disconnect a 3 phase compressor. Not having done this before is it just a case of power off, disconnect then power back on or is there something special I'm missing out or need to consider? Regards.
  30. N

    Compressor Trips RCD

    Hi Everyone Had to replace an old Re-wirable fuse board last week in a small industrial unit, replaced with a split load board, originally had the compressor wired into the RCD protected side and everytime the compressor started it tripped out the RCD. I have since moved it to the other non...
  31. H

    Star / Delta Compressor Diagram

    Hi all, Could anybody point me in the direction of a diagram for star / delta wiring for a compressor, obviously found them for the normal Y/D motor wiring with the stop - start but cannot find any with the pressure switch. On the compressor the pressure switch is NC but is there a diagram...
  32. P


    Hi, My RCD (B Type) in my warehouse trips every now and again and there is a small compresser and pump and a couple of washing machines along with a couple of other small bits, All on seperate circuits. Just wondering could i change the RCD to a C Type and would this sort the problem? Thanks.
  33. T

    compressor fault..

    Hey all I had a call out today to a Motorbike shop. In the village where the shop is they had had a power cut the night before, they had come into work the next day, the power had been restored so they powed up, everything seemed to be fine exept the Compressor used by the mechanics in the...
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